Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lisa Schroeder better hope I'm a safe driver!

Today I hold the life of one of my favorite writers in my hands--no, really!

The fabulously awesome Lisa Schroeder
(who I've been in contact with since December, when we organized Lisa Schroeder Week)

Is on vacation here in SoCal, and is having a signing at Vromans. Naturally I emailed her to let her know I would be there (*cue ominous music*) and offered to help with anything she might need. And Lisa--in an act of *questionable* judgment--decided she'd rather hitch a ride with a 28-year-old blonde than navigate the LA Freeway system all by herself. So today--maybe even as you're reading this--I'm picking her up at Disneyland and we're braving LA rush hour to head to Pasadena, and then at 7pm Lisa will be signing It's Raining Cupcakes:

Which has a story as delicious as its cover!

And then I get to take her back to her hotel in Anaheim. Which means I'm going to get 6-7 hours to sponge off Lisa's wisdom and experience, beg her for secrets about her books, and try to get us both there and back in one piece--and without violating any major traffic laws. It's definitely going to be an adventure!

(Oh, and I'm TOTALLY going to be a squealing fangirl for most--if not all--of that time. Lisa has NO idea what she's in for. *giggles*)

So, if you're here in SoCal and you love Lisa and/or cupcakes, join us at Vromans at 7--the more the merrier! (You can find details about the event here) And expect a full report of our shenanigans (and hopefully pictures) tomorrow. Well, assuming we make it back alive. #bewareoftheblondegirldriving ;)

Oh--and have you registered for WriteOnCon yet? You haven't? What's wrong with you? Registration is open now!! Go ye and join the masses!!!! More exclamation points!!!!!!!


  1. Hahaha, that's awesome.

    Good luck to you both!

  2. *sigh* California gets all the cool people and book signings. When will you people start coming to Louisiana where I can reach you?!?!?! *cries*

    And....good luck, Lisa! You're going to need it. *whistles and hides from Shannon*

  3. I have registered and I SO wish I could get up there tonight! But, alas, I can't. Have a blast :)

  4. If I had to visit LA I'd hitch a ride with you too! That kind of traffic scares this small town, mid-Western girl. :)

  5. Wish I could be there! Lisa is a doll and I want to meet you, too!

  6. Dude..I "would" so be there...but...I'm on vacation! Sad to miss it.

  7. You know that cover reminds me of the Pirate Duck Fiasco!

    I have SOOOO signed up for writeoncon! Can't wait.

  8. You are so nice! I already registered this morning and also I have to say the Vlog from yesterday was hysterical! I think you should be nominated for some award for your awesome acting

  9. I love Lisa Schroeder and I LOVED It's Raining Cupcakes. I even bought my niece a copy for her birthday.

    You'll have TWO of my favorite people in that car, #1, so drive carefully! Have a great time at the signing. :-)

  10. Good luck and thanks for the heads-up about WriteOnCon. I'd so be there but I don't write KidLit, sadly...

  11. I think that's what I love most about this online writing community: how we stalk--I mean connect with each other and manage to find great friends for real-life shenanigans :) Have fun!

  12. Lucky you! You're going to have the best time! :)

    Sadly even flying from here wouldn't get me there in time - but I hope it all goes well!

  13. enjoy Lisa and cupcakes!! :-)

    It's a fab book cover - how could anyone resist - brilliant!!

    and good luck with your conference! I for one am lost without !!!!!!!! (these things!).

    Take care

  14. GAH! What fun to taxi her. I'm sure you're having the best time together.

    Take pictures!

  15. That sounds like so much fun, and I loved It's Raining Cupcakes! My nieces are reading it right now. Okay, maybe not RIGHT now. Though, you never know.

    Okay, Robyn says one of them already read and loved it, and so did she.

    I hope you gals had a great time!

  16. Oh I love Vromans!! I wish I could have been there. :( Hope you traversed the traffic alright. That sucks especially in rush hour.


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