Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Comic Con and SCBWI Roll Call

So, I'm pretty sure I've told you guys about my schedule for the next couple weeks, but just in case I haven't, I thought I'd use today's post to let you know where I'll be. I'm going two of the biggest conventions So Cal has to offer: Comic Con in San Diego and SCBWI LA. And yeah...I'm a little tired just thinking about it. (And ridiculously excited, of course) :)

I'll be gone for Comic Con from Wednesday, July 21 to Sunday,July  25th (and yes, I WILL be wearing a costume on the Saturday--apparently I cave to peer pressure. Ugh. I promise to post pictures...)

Then I'm home for three days, and then I get to pack up again and head to LA for the SCBWI National Conference, which is July 30th through August 2nd. I'll be there from Thursday to Monday. 

So...I'm going to try to blog while I'm gone with quick updates and pictures of all the excitement--but since I have no idea about the hotel WiFi situation, or how late I'll be getting back to my room each day, my posts may be a little spotty the next couple weeks. Apologies in advance.  

But what I really want to know is: are any of you guys going to either of these events? Let me know in the comments, so I know who to keep an eye out for when I'm there. And if you want to try to meet up, drop me an email and we'll see what we can work out. I'd love to meet some of the people behind the smiling faces in my sidebar. :)


  1. Sorry, I 'm not going to either. But it sounds great. Please post what you can about the SCBWI conference. There is always so many great talks and workshops.

  2. I'm not going, but I hope you have a fabulous time!!! Can't wait to see the pics!


  3. Nope. East coaster here. But sounds exciting! Have fun.

  4. Lucky you! Wish I could afford to. Have fun for all of us Shannon, and don't worry about blogging, we'll be here when you and if you do, or when you return.

  5. Oh you must must must post a pic of your in COSTUME!!!! :-)

    enjoy your conventions!!! They sound like a blast!

    take care

  6. I went to comic con a few years ago. It was AMAZING. Geek heaven. Go see the sneak previews of movies, lots of times they give you swag.
    Wends. is a preview day, hit up the Toyko Pop booth (if it's still around) they have the BEST bags and you'll need that for the rest of your trip. Hit up swag on Thursday, buy stuff closer to the end of the con, retailers want to unload the most merch and are willing to cut deals.

    Have LOTS of fun.
    Go see Tron.

  7. I wish I was going! Have fun it sounds like an amazinly good time!

  8. My daughters tried to get comic con tickets this year but they waited too long and it was sold out. Bummer. They had a blast when they went the year Twilight premiered.

    Have fun!

    (Not sure about SCBWI.....)


  9. I will be at both events also!

    I will be wearing my Nerd Herd (from the show Chuck) costume on Friday/Saturday. What are you dressing up as?

    I did a roundup of all the book related panels at comic con here:

  10. Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it. Wish I could be there with bells... or horns... or a cape on!

  11. Hi Shannon. I'll be at SCBWI. Hope to see you there. :)

  12. Have fun! Maybe I can go to the national conference next year. I really want to join SCBWI, but I keep putting it off.

  13. I definitely would love to meet up in LA! I'll be there from the 29th-4th. Wish I could go to Comic Con as well, but looking forward to your pictures!

  14. You are going to have such a great time! I wish I could say I'm going to SCBWI, but alas, I am not. :-)

  15. I'm not sure that I'd ever be brave enough to try Comic Con, but it always sounds like fun in news stories. Have a great time!

  16. I wish I was! But I can't wait to see the pics of the costume. :) Enjoy yourself!

  17. I want to go to the SCBWI conference!!!! But I can't. It is too far away and I can't take off from work right now, not to mention the fact that my family might actually starve to death without me.

    Have fun and definitely take pictures!!!

  18. What are you dressing up as for Comic Con? Vampirella? Lady Death? Psylocke? What? Inquiring minds, and all that.

    *patiently awaits answer*



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