Monday, July 5, 2010

Are you missing out?

OMG--I can not believe how many people have already registered for WriteOnCon! It's amazing!

I've had so much fun meeting new writers in the forums (I'm trying to get to every introduction, but if you've said hi and I've missed you, I'm sorry. I'll try to track you down, I promise) and hearing everyone's enthusiasm seriously makes me so happy, you have no idea. So thank you guys. This conference is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!

And since I'm the one who fields the emails, I've noticed a few questions/comments keep popping up over and over, so I thought I'd take a second to clarify a couple of things.

For one thing, you do not have to write kidlit to attend WriteOnCon. Yes, we're shaping the conference for those writers (we needed to set some limits to stay organized) but let's face it--most writing advice applies to everyone, regardless of what they write. As does advice about the publishing industry. So yeah, there may be certain things that fit better for kidlit writers, but that shouldn't stop you from checking out the rest of the conference if you write something else.

Especially conference is free. It won't cost you a penny. (And no--all you silly skeptics--there will be no hidden fees to post in the forums. I promise.) So please, join us. I think you'll find that there's plenty to enjoy, and we'd love to have you.

The conference is also designed for people at all different stages in their careers. Whether you're still brainstorming, in the process of writing, querying, agented, published, or anywhere in between, we'd love to have you. Come hang out with us.

I hope that clears a few things up, but if you have questions feel free to email me. I'll try to reply as soon as I can. And if you've already registered, YAY! Let me know, so I know to look for you in the forums.

Okay, I think that's enough for today. But I have to leave you with this hilarious lolcat I found:

Happy Monday! Oh, and if you missed it on Friday, I'm giving away a signed copy of It's Raining Cupcakes. Contest details here.


  1. I'm with Fluffy! :-)

    GOOD LUCK with your conference!!

    Take care

  2. Cute picture! I'm so excited for the conference. I'm all signed up and a little nervous but excited.

  3. I can't wait!!!! I've signed up, but I haven't visited the forums yet. :D

  4. I can't wait! Thank you all for organizing this. :)

  5. Love the kitty!! Thanks for the info, #1. You guys are fantastic! :-)

  6. I am so psyched for the conference! No that's not my giant mug o coffee talking. And I LOVE the kitty poster. Too cool.

  7. Thanks for organizing this. I'll have to attend at night. Because I have to work during the day and they don't like us to download things on the computer. I saw when I registered that you have to download a program. I'm still excited to attend what I can. You might want to hold at least some of it on the weekend next year if you do it again because of this reason. I think a lot of employers frown on people downloading programs onto their work computers. Plus those of us who work can only attend a bit in the day even if we can download at work.

  8. Fluffy is so cute!

    Thanks for all the info - especially that it's not just for KidLit!

    Hope you have a great long weekend.

  9. I just realized the other day that I will be out of town without internet contact for most of the conference. I've registered anyway and will check through as much as I can... but I'm so sad! Even though I'm going to see a tennis tournament I am SOOOOO excited about!

  10. Ya'll are doing such a fabulous job with this conference!! Seriously, it looks awesome!!!

    PS I've loved all your posts this week =) I just read them all but didn't want to be annoying and leave like 6 separate comments!


  11. Best LOLcat ever.

    I missed reading your blog this week. I joined the forums (breaking my self-imposed solitude) because I was so excited! I'll have to pop over later today and catch up myself.

    I'm so excited for WriteOnCon.

  12. The poor kittehs with no thumbs! :) I'm hopping over to register for WriteOnCon NOW! :)

  13. I need to head over and sign up for WriteOnCon!
    I gave you two blog awards on my blog!

  14. Super cool of you to be doing this conference, just can't thank you and the other peeps enough. And thanks for answering questions!

    Poor Fluffy ... I hope she doesn't take it too hard.

  15. oh yeah, the forums (slaps forehead) I knew I was forgetting something.

  16. I registered early and introduced myself, then haven't had a chance to get back there! Holidays are so busy!

  17. I was SOOOO happy to read that you've opened the conference up to all writers. I have to admit I was a little bummed when I first read it was structured for kidlit only. As a mystery/suspense writer I've hung out here in this blogosphere, filled primarily with YA writers, and still learned so much. I'm glad the opportunity now exists for me to learn more! :)


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