Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yep--I vlogged again. Ugh!

You all seemed very excited about this in the comments yesterday (you guys really love the Shannon Shame, don't you?). I REALLY don't want to post this--but has to be done. So, as promised, here is the horrible and humiliating vlog my husband forced me to make in order to avoid even greater humiliation.

All I can say is...I'm sorry. (And yes, I realize I'm a nerd.) :)

Feel free to laugh at me. I totally deserve it.

(Oh, and my husband totally picked the opening song--so it's HIS fault if Miley Cyrus is stuck in your head all day!)


  1. The truth? I am 26 years old and I cannot sleep without my bear that I've had since I was 3. True story. So true, in fact, that I have to take him with me whenever I go on trips too! As for shame - what MALE bear do you know named Harmony? I SWEAR he's a boy! I cannot sleep without hugging him. My husband will actually hand me my bear if I get too clingy in the middle of the night. Yeah. Shame. I think I've got a corner of the shame market with you. Don't worry! You're not alone!



    Ella, SWEET Ella
    - You're NOT a FELLA?
    Why NOT so blue?
    You've lost all your hue!

    Too many hugs?
    At least there's NO bugs
    Shannon washes you, true
    She SOOOO adores YOU!

    What does hubby then do
    When there's NO room for you?
    HUH? Shannon kicks HIM out?
    HEY - she's sometimes a lout!

    Hubby puts up with shame
    -wifey's SOMETIMES a PAIN!
    He really LOOVES her
    - THANK GOSH you DON'T have FUR!

    * for non-Brits - FELLA is slang for man.

    LOVED this vloggy. Love and respect you even more now I know your secret...your hubby REALLY loves you!!!

  3. Can't watch your vlog at work, but from what I see in the comments you sleep with a bear.

    From what I DO know of you that pretty much just makes you more adorable!

    Thanks for sharing Shannon!

  4. Did you tell Laura the truth about Ella? LOL. I think she is adorable! I imagine going through security is a little need to borrow someone's kid so they assume it's theirs!

  5. I think you did a great job on your vlog. And I loved the seeing Ella before and after - how great!!

  6. I still have my Puffalump. He's a tocan that my daughter now has.:D

  7. Now would be about the time for more *manic laughter.* Yup.

    And yes, I do believe I'd get along with your husband just fine. :)

  8. I love it! I have a giant, very well-worn dog named Henry. I still cuddle with him whenever I'm sad. I bet there are far more of us still in love with our stuffed animals than you would have imagined! :-)

  9. I love Ella! Just call her your muse. What writer doesn't want to spend every night with their muse present?

  10. LOL, I slept with my bear Cocoa until I was 22. Then I traded her in for my hubby. She still sits in the top of my closet though. I restuffed her several times over the years and had to sew her ears back on many times.

    She's in the closet to stay safe from my kiddos. My hubby gave in and let them use his Star Wars blanket and never got it back. I'm not that nice. ;)

    Ella and Cocoa should get together for a playdate.

  11. Yay to your husband for encouraging you to vlog. YAY!!! to you for doing it so well.
    Oh, and I want an Ella.

  12. AWWW, this is so sweet! AND way better than wearing one of those horrifying costumes, I'm sure! I have a zebra stuffed animal my husband gave me when we were in high school that I sleep with whenever he's away for work. So you're not alone in your shame, Shannon, lol!

  13. I love it! And I think most of us knew about Ella, so it's not really that shameful.

    I also sleep with a stuffed animal, and I'm 25. A dog named Oscar, who used to be called Jenny (yes, he underwent a sex-change when I was in 7th grade). I don't have to bring him on vacation with me, but that's mostly because once we left him at a hotel in Atlanta (sound familiar?) and ever since I've been paranoid that it will happen again but this time we won't be able to get him back. My husband also has a bear, and he's 26....and a boy. His bear is dressed up like Spiderman. We call it Spiderbear. (I'm pretty sure I just embarrassed my husband to a bunch of Internet strangers who will read this comment and laugh at him, but I hope it made you feel better!)

  14. OMG! You guys are FUNNY *lol* And I cannot believe you have a "back up" there :P I love this! Off to go watch it again.

  15. No worries Darl'n!! We think you are precious!

    I have an elephant as well (Ellie actually) she is with me everywhere I go. She is smaller than Ella so that does make traveling & check points slightly easier, but she is there all the same.

    I love Ella. I remember those stuffed animals! so cute.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  16. Sooo cute!!!! I love it. I actually have a Puffalump elephant from when I was a baby. It's white and also rather deflated looking! I don't sleep with it but I have been known to sleep with the occasional stuffed animal in my adult years. : )

  17. Nah, you're adorable. And just for the record, you could totally pull off that Wonder Woman outfit. I also see that Huffalumps are not immune to time either. I wish I lost more of my stuffing as I got older. It seems to be working in reverse fashion for me.

  18. Hey Shannon! I think that's awesome that you are brave enough to share about Ella. Welcome Ella! I still have a Puffalump Bear somewhere in my keepsake boxes. (I fear my sons will fight over him) If Ella ever wants a long-distance romance with a CA born, Montana-livin' apricot bear, send me a line and I'll get him to the keyboard. (by the way, my 67 yr old mom still brings her bear in her luggage!)

  19. I still have my childhood Teddy Ruxpins! (Yes, as in TWO). The one is all beat up and broken cuz I took him everywhere with me. My parents tried buying me a new one to replace him but he wasn't "my Teddy" so he only existed to play the TR tapes.

    However, I don't still sleep with him or take him on vacation, so I can giggle at you for that.

    ;) XO

  20. First of all thanks for your comment on my blog today and should feel horrible for your ridiculously easy query quest.

    Not really, obviously your awesomeness is apparent to everyone!!!

    As for your vlog and stuffed animals...your husband IS an evil genius. My husband made me move mine out of the bedroom when we married, he said it made him feel like a creepy old

    Loved the Vlog!

  21. Hey! I just realized I had not returned the follow favor! That has been remedied :)

    Can't watch the vlog at work but I'm guessing from the comments you still sleep with a bear? There's nothing wrong with that. Not one bit :)


  22. If your husband is an evil genius, his genius is in your favor. He knows you're adorable with your elephant. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  23. So funny! Thanks for sharing. Honesty among friends is laughter for all.


    And you might reconsider the costumes... that is if you could get any of those bodies to go with them. LOL!

  24. Ha! - Cutest vlog ever!! LOL. Thanks for sharing! (and I LURVE your photoshopping in the prior post).

  25. I love Ella!!! She's lovely and there's no shame with having Ella as your sleepbuddy! Oh yes!!

    And she's got character and depth and history too.

    Ella ROCKS!

    Take care

  26. Epic! Ella is adorable. I don't have any stuffed toys from my childhood because, um, I was terrified of stuffed toys. (I know, some deep psychological issues waiting to be unraveled there, clearly ;)
    The older I get, the more I appreciate stuffed toys. Like fine cheese. Or Twizzlers.

  27. No shame - everyone loves Puffalumps! Ella is gorgeous - in both versions :)

  28. Aw, now that's just too cute! And I love the fact that you gave your MC the same trait. My 12-year-old daughter still sleeps with a blanket she had as a baby, so I don't see anything wrong with it:)

  29. Awww! You are all kinds of sweet! Ella is definitely a girl because she has PINK feet! And how cool are you to buy Ella a boyfriend? I'm sure Ella has needs too. Can't wait to read your books. =) BTW, I thought your vlog was awesome! Your husband has to work much harder to embarrass you. (Just don't tell him ;)

  30. awww... that was so sweet and personal. thanks for sharing. i too still have a stuffed animal i still sleep next to (i'm 23). woggy doggy came with me to 4 years of college dorming and i had to explain him a few times LOL.

  31. LOL! Now I feel like the evil agent. I LOVE ELLA AND YOU ... so adorable, and now I'm afraid you're inextricably linked in my mind with your character Sophie. I want to see a twelve year old Shannon, so I can have the right picture in my head.

  32. I love this vlog! And the old Ella is way better than the new one!

  33. What I can't understand is how Ella could still be sleeping with you after all these years??!! I mean...really! :)

  34. She's lovely and there's no shame with having Ella as your sleepbuddy! Oh yes!!
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  35. Haha... I used to sleep with this Cow forever (weirdly enough, I never named her), and only recently stopped because... Oh. Wow. I actually don't know where she is. That's disturbing. I brought her with me to Las Vegas and everything (fortunately she was able to stay in the bag)

    Don't worry, I feel no need to laugh at you.

  36. I was good. I was smiling and chuckling. I was good. And then you pulled out a back up and I completely and utterly lost all self control. To the point of tears. You rock, as does your husband!

  37. This was adorable in the best way! Thanks for sharing :)

  38. Oh my gosh, I want Ella now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm only 13 so I think that I got closer to Sophie and you( Yes I know that sounds kinda creepy but I want to be just like you. on a side note Please You Have To Adopt ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I don't love my own parents I'm sooo torn! )but that's what makes all this funner you know? Okay, now that I see that I'm crazy and awkward, Bye.


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