Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Husband is Evil (aka: Why I have to vlog!)

So, as most of you guys know, I've been a little stressed these last few months. Between finishing my ending re-write, prepping for the writer's conference I attended, querying, signing with an agent, and Laura's revisions, well, I've not been myself. Okay, I've been a bit of a nightmare. Whatever. It happens. :)

Enter my wonderful husband, who stood by my side, helped me with whatever I needed, and--most importantly--didn't leave me or kill me for being a giant walking ball of stress. He's helped around the house. Lived on a steady diet of take-in or Ramen. And mastered the art of knowing when it's time to disappear because I'm NOT in the mood for distractions. Basically, he's been a Prince.

Until this weekend.

See, a couple months ago I started to feel bad for everything I was putting him through, so I made him a deal. I would do the one thing I've been avoiding for years. I would go with him to Comic Con.


I don't think I can begin to describe my dread as I booked our four day passes (plus preview night--ugh!)  I mean...that's four-and-a-half days in a crowded, stuffy, auditorium with comic book fans--SO not my scene. Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your feet and back (we did one day last year and I thought I was going to DIE by the end of it). But it was my sacrifice for him. He deserved it.

Then I started looking into it and well...Comic Con is actually going to be pretty stinking awesome. I mean, not only are TONS of celebrities going to be there, but tons of writers too--including a writer I've been hoping to meet for years. (I'm not going to say his name for fear it might jinx things) I'll be able to get tons of signed books, meet tons of cool people, pick up swag. Sure, it'll still be crowded and smelly and I'll still be exhausted. But I'm actually looking forward to it.

And I made the mistake of mentioning this to my wonderful husband, and he did something I wasn't expecting. He turned on me!

He wanted to know how can this be my big sacrifice for him if I'm looking forward to it? And, well, I didn't have an answer.

So he proposed an alternate punishment. Comic Con is pretty famous for the fact that lots of people go there in costume. He decided I should be one of them. And he decided these were my options:
(hehe--thanks to the magic of Photoshop)

Lara Croft



And of course--Princess Leia in slave gear.

Le Sigh.

Not only would I need to do about 10,000 lunges and sit-ups a day between now and July to be able to pull something like that off (and probably not eat either), but um, there's NO WAY I'm meeting fellow writers dressed in ANY of those outfits. Simply out of the question.

So he proposed another option--equally horrifying. I could vlog again. He would pick the topic. And he would make sure it was humiliating. 

You all know how much I HATE vlogging. But...

*scrolls up to examine the horror show of costumes*

Um...yeah, it's DEFINITELY the lesser of two evils. So get ready for it. I'm going to try to record it today and, barring any technical difficulties (or 'life happens' situations), it should be available for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. And he's already told me the topic. It's...bad.

So yeah. He's an evil genius. But he's also been pretty stinking wonderful so I guess I deserve it. And you guys never seem to mind a serving of Shannon Shame, so get ready for it. It's definitely coming your way. *Sigh*  


  1. You are too funny! Where did you find that She-Ra outfit picture? Hilarious.

    Anyway sorry to hear of your punishment but it does sound better than the cosplay alternative. Comic con sounds awesome though. Enjoy!

  2. Too funny. I had to look up what exactly Comic Con was. After reading about it, I think you deserve some serious perks--especially considering you did 4 days as one would have been plenty for most.

  3. Hah, sister...you are the woman. Comic con. Tough gig. But I love the fact that you'd do that (hee...and your husband would hold you to it.) Mine so would too.

    Your HEAD shots are AMAZING as princess or superhero. ";-)

  4. But if everyone else is in costume, you'd blend right in....

    ...of course we wouldn't get to share in that fun (can I talk to your husband and ask that he require you to post pics?)

    ...the vlog works too. You're such a good sport. Tell your hubs we appreciate his evil assistance in keeping us entertained!

  5. Too funny!!! (I would chose the vlog option for myself as well :)

    Comic Con is a lot of fun. I'm just sad Twilight probably won't be there since Eclipse is coming out in June before the event! I was able to go to the press conference below.

    I'll be going this year as Press again, we should definitely connect :)

  6. *manic laughter*

    (That's my only response.)

  7. You could easily pull off any of those outfits!!

    Thank goodness for supportive partners. Looking forward to the vlog :)

  8. Comic Con is pretty awesome. My daughters went two years ago...wanted to go this year but it sold out too fast.

    Have a great time! (And I think the Lara Craft outfit isn't too bad....)


    (I might have expected Xena Warrior Princess in there, too...)

  9. I can't wait to see your vlog!

    The worst my husband would be able to come up with is attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual conference and listen to Warren Buffett talk. That I could handle. :D

  10. Have to say the Lara Croft & She-Ra - nice on you. ;o)

    oh husbands what would we do if we could... never mind. anyway - glad to hear you are going to Comic Con with him (awfully sweet Shannon)

    As for his evil...yep he definitely gets to wear the eye patch and bald cap from Austin Powers... ;o)

    you'll have fun - at least he hasn't said you have to wear one of those outfits while you VLOG...has he????

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  11. Love the pictures, and of the options, I think the Lara Croft would have been my vote, but I do look forward to your vlog.

    THanks for posting. I enjoyed the read and am a new follower. :)

  12. I've been a similar con before, and it was FULL of writers that I've admired for years! Easy to not see the hordes of teenagers dressed like anime characters when you've got stars in your eyes. :-)

  13. Hey, you make a kick-ass Lara Croft. Love the Shannon superhero lineup. Have a great time at Comic Con and I hope you meet the secret writer star. *sigh*

  14. Sounds like a great guy! Love it.

    Personally, I would have voted for the She-ra costume. ;)

  15. OMG, I would love to go to Comic Con. And I would love to dress up. You will have a blast. Maybe vlog from Comic Con.

  16. lol, great pics! I like She-Ra. Although Lara Croft is pretty cool too.

  17. HAHAHA!!! I could so see you as Wonder Woman. And when you meet writers, you have a cape you can sort of wrap around yourself as a stylish shawl!

  18. Are you sure you don't want to wear that Princess Leia costume? Haha!

    Have an awesome time at Comic Con!!! Looking forward to your vlog! :)

  19. I'd love to go to Comic Con, but not in one of those outfits. I hope you have a great time.

    And *waves to husband reading over your shoulder* I'm looking forward to tomorrow's vlog!

  20. LOL, if I'm going to go to Comic-con (doesn't that sound so sinister when you say it fast?), I'm going as Tank Girl.

    Because pink hair and a bra made of bomb casings never goes out of style. Plus I'm always bruising myself, so I got that going for me. ;)

    Love the She-Ra outfit!

  21. Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site =) I've been here couple of times before and *was* sure that I've been a follower until I re-checked it again today *lol*

    Anyways, I cannot wait for your "super awesome" vlog ;) Your husband sure sounds like a very funny person to be with so I am looking forward to see what he makes you do tomorrow! Will be staying tune!

    And oh, you look super nice as Lara Croft :P

  22. This is hilarious. I personally would have gone as Laura Croft (strangely the least-revealing costume). But I'll still enjoy your vlog! And Comic Con does sound fun.

  23. Dang! I was rooting for the She-Ra costume as soon as I saw it. I freaking LOVED her when I was a kid! LOL Although, I can't wait for Shannon Vlogging Shame either. :) Don't worry, my dear, this too shall pass. Although, with the internet, just because it passes, doesn't mean it isn't still out there for all eternity. ;)

  24. Costumes are so fun!!! But yeah....not if you'll be meeting some fellow authors! Have a fun time!! In my opinion, anything away from home and involves zero cleaning and meals made for me, is an awesome time!

  25. The wonders of Photoshop. Now if only we could Photoshop our actual bodies . . . le sigh.

  26. Oh no. I'm sorry. It is funny, though. I'm just sorry you have to vlog. BUT I'd rather do that then dress in any of those costumes. I'd love to know I COULD dress in them, but..alas.
    Good luck!

  27. OMG!!! I love those pics.lol
    I saw the first one before I read the post and I wondered what the heck you were doing.

    Your husband has an evil creative mind.hahah Can't wait for the vlog!

  28. I'll totally vlog if I can go to ComiCon with you!!!

  29. I still say you should rock the She-ra costume. :)

  30. Wonder if he's going to make you vlog in one of those costumes.

  31. HA HA!!!

    Didn't give us too much time to send you NASTY things to do for your secret little vloggy huh?


    ...and PLEEEASE! Shannon - do you really expect us to believe these piccies were done using photo shop?

    Sorry - I bet you've even got a HEIDI outfit stuffed back there in your wardrobe which you wear when listening to the SOUND OF MUSIC...???

    HA HA!!! Can't WAIT to see your latest vLOGGY!!!

    Very nice post!

  32. Yikes - evil genius for sure! But anything is better than those costumes!! :)

  33. This is wicked awesome! Can't wait for the blog -- and I'd really like to see that Princess Lea costume in real life. Ha!

    And I don't think I can express my terror of the vlog enough. I may be chatting you in tears VERY soon.

  34. LOL - OMG I loved She-Ra she was my hero ;o) Vlogging's not so bad! You're so likable!! Trust. We'll gobble it up ;o) Have fun at Comic Con ;o)

    BTW your hubs sounds awesome, ya got a good one there ;o)

  35. You should do book signings dressed like this. Bet you'd sell a lot of copies.

    Stephen Tremp

  36. LOL. she-ra is funny. am off to check out vlog :)

  37. Aw... I vote for the She-Ra costume. She was my favorite as a kid.


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