Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Email on the Brain

I've had a bit of a learning curve (all right, fine, I've totally screwed things up a few times!) as I've waded through the elventy bazillion emails flooding my various email addresses this week. (And yes, you read that right--email ADDRESSES--as in plural. I'm now manning three separate email accounts, all equally inundated for different reasons.) And I've learned a few things along the way that I thought I'd share:

- When copying and pasting form replies, make sure you change the name before you hit send.

- Equally helpful--make sure you're using the right response in the first place.

- Sadly I have had to send a couple Emails of Shame, apologizing.

- It was not fun.

- Even though the people were nice about it.

- The faster I type, the more I suck at it.

- I also tend to say, "Thanks you very much."

- And misspell my own name. #awesome

- My fellow WriteOnCon planners could set a record for most emails sent in a single day.

- Most of our chains have 50 or more replies.

- At least a third of those are from me.

- I keep waiting for google to cancel our accounts. :)

- I'm jealous of our WriteOnCon Twitter account.

- It has the coolest. followers. ever.

- I'm thinking about hijacking it when the conference is over--Mwahahaha.

- Getting fanmail is surreal.

- It's also impossible to respond to.

- I keep wanting to ask them if they're sure they emailed the right place.

- But I realize how uncool that would be.

- So I'm stalling.

- I'm also catching up.

- I might reach an inbox of zero tomorrow.

- Which makes me feel like a superhero.

- A really lame one--but still.

- I may have also listened to Email My Heart at some point.

- All right, fine. I DID!

- Yes, that's a real song.

- By Britney Spears

- And yes, it's on my iPod.

- It's also the worst. song. ever. written.

- You're welcome. :)

What about you guys--anyone learn anything new this week? (It doesn't even have to be email related)


  1. OMGosh...I do that with the word thank. I pretty much always have to backspace once to delete the 's'.

    I wish I had words of wisdom for you. I'm still learning how to handle the email thing. A few months ago, I decided to get a 'family' email for all the kids' sports related, school related, etc... info.

    Not so good. That address now has over a thousand emails...almost as bad as my writing email addy. *sigh*

    I need a new plan. *smiling*

  2. I have only one blog email address, but use a couple of others for family, online shopping, etc.

    I try to keep the email inboxs updated--if I let it go for a few days it really becomes unmanageable.

  3. There's an award for you at my blog. Just so you know. I realize your super busy and may not have time to do it or anything, I just wanted you to know it was there.

    I only have one email address and I check it several times a day so it never gets too out of control.

    at least your catching up. Personally, I like the picture.

  4. Now you know how agents feel when their inboxes are filled with queries. And why they send form rejections . . . or no responses at all. ;)

    I've misspelled my name too. For some reason, my fingers want to type u instead of i in my first name. :(

    I have 3 inboxes, but I never check my gmail (I've used it once) or Yahoo ones. I like the idea of having my inbox filled with love (comments from my blog) when it comes time to query. :)

  5. Yay! I'm at work so can't listen to Britney! LOL!

    Phew!! I am in AWE at your email replying awesomeness! Wow! And you got fanmail - that;s just brill.

    Good luck!!!

    Take care

  6. You're a busy bee! That sounds like the worst song ever written, so uhh....I'd lose it!!!

    I haven't learned a thing (yet) this week...

  7. I made it 1:23 seconds in. I just couldn't keep going. It's hard to get me to not like a song but MAN she did it.

    YAY for possible catching up for emails! AW for misspelling own name. (I've done that a few times myself.)

    It's only Wednesday. I give myself til at LEAST Thursday before I try and discover if I've learned anything from the week. ;)

  8. People really, really, really love to try and win gift certificates. They really, really do.

  9. I just sent a "Thank!" to someone. Urrf!

    I learned that even I, Miss Homebody, herself, do not like being confined in close quarters for too long with my darling munchkins. *sigh*

  10. I LOVE THIS POST! So well *written* !!!!

    I also learned a lot this week about email.

    Creating folders like "To Be Read," or "Yesterday's Emails" does not help. They sit there, staring at me. Daring me to do something about them. And before you know it you have "Yesterday 1" and "Yesterday 2" (that's the day before yesterday and the day before that...)

    I spent Monday going through all those useless folders, reading, acting upon and then deleting the stupid folder. In my case anyway, those folders presented a beckoning opportunity to procrastinate.

    As for email accounts – I won't even confess to how many I have. It's obscene.

  11. I can imagine the emails for WriteOnCon. You guys are amazing for doing it, but the organization and to-do list must be like some pet monster you must keep feeding. You are forgiven email meltdown of any kind. Dare I say, 'write on.' :D

  12. I always write Thanks You, BAH. I can't even imagine responding to that many emails. You are a rockstar, my brain would have sizzled a long time ago. Something new? I don't if it's learned, but I found out when hubs is coming home! It was new information so I guess it counts...?

  13. I write "thanks you very much" all the time. At work, no less. And I've definitely done the forgot to change the name of the person/association/business in my form reply before. It's embarrassing.

    That song is AWESOME.

  14. I've learned that I need to somehow alter the time space continuum to create more hours for me to write. Otherwise, I'm never going to finish these manuscripts! Arrgghhhh! :)

  15. Lol, sounds like you're going to be busy with e-mails for quite a while!

    I learned this week that I can write close to 1000 words in an hour with the right motivation;) But I have to wait until the kiddos are in bed.

  16. Fan mail! Ack! I want to be you! And yes, I have three emails I tend to as well. Are we twins separated at birth? Do you have unnatural tendencies towards chocolate and can't spell to save your life?

  17. I feel your pain. I have two personal email accounts, one professional, Facebook (which you have to admit includes email), my blog, and even a Twitter account I don't really maintain. On any given day, there's no such thing as: "Oh let me just quickly check my email."

  18. Email can be dangerous. I once hit reply all when sending an email to my boss about how this lady was crazy. She was one of the reply all recipients. So. Not. Cool.

    I hope you get caught up with yours!

  19. The emails of shame are the worst to have to send. Never again.
    And you are as cool as the WriteOnCon twitter account. Really.

  20. This song hurts my brain. On sooooooo many levels. WriteOnCon looks le awesome!

  21. Great advice. I’ve sent out email as Holy instead of Holly before, you can imagine the replies I get to that faux pas.

  22. I think you've achieved super-hero status. Maybe you should re-consider the wonder woman outfit your hubby wanted you to wear to his conference - or maybe you could fins a She-Ra outfit. Ha ha ha! :-)

  23. I've misspelled my own name on a query before! Humiliating! It's not like it's hard to spell either. :(

  24. DUDE, Email My Heart was the best song ever (okay, one of...nothing beats Don't Go Knockin' On My Door...and Stronger...and Girl in My Mirror...and Lucky).

    Um, I'm dating/humiliating myself.


    But go you, for defeating the great Monster of Email! Hopefully, you won't have any cause to say Oops I Did It Again before you're finally done. And those Lucky recipients of your emails. I bet they're sitting there Anticipatin'. While writing journal entries that start with Dear Diary.

    OMG, this has gotten out of hand. Or Crazy, as one Britney Spears would say.



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