Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't believe her lies!!!

When will I ever learn?

See...I asked Sara (my usually awesome CP) to help me with a guest post during Lisa Mantchev week--since we're both huge Lisa fans. And look what I get in return!!!!!! (You'll see my rebuttal in blue, btw.) :)

The Day Shannon and I Almost Stopped Being Friends—and How Lisa Mantchev Saved Us!

Yeah. So, um, Shannon definitely should have known better than to ask me to guest post during her week about Lisa. Seriously.

Because now that I’m hijacking her blog with FULL permission, I get to tell you the truth about the day Shannon almost ruined our friendship. And I mean the whole truth, which is something you wouldn’t get otherwise. (Dude, she is about to fill your head with lies, guys. LIES!) Here’s how it went down:

I was just hanging around, minding my own, when my dear friend Karen Amanda Hooper* told me about Lisa’s auction on Do the Write Thing for Nashville. Clearly, I was excited to bid—because I LOVE LISA MANTCHEV. Not only do I absolutely adore her books, but I always hear about how cool SHE is. Shannon raved and raved about her, and Derek Molata frequently tells me how made of awesome she is.

So, um, hello? Part of the auction was a phone call with her. One step closer to fulfill my goal of moving up from stalker to friend? Yes, please—sign me up! (Okay, and plus I loved donating to such an amazing cause.)

I was mucho excited—and thinking she’d be happy for me--I told Shannon about the auction and how cised I was to go bid. I told her I was gonna bid $200, to win both the phone call AND the flash fiction Lisa said she’d write starring the auction winner and her fairies!  But was Shannon happy for me? NO. She snuck over and bid before I had a chance to. And guess what she bid?

$201. Are you kidding me? (um, that was because the auction specifically said if the bidding goes OVER $200 you win both prizes--clearly only one of us could read! :P )

So I kindly reminded Shannon about how much I love Lisa—I mean, I made this vlog for her to win an ARC of Perchance to Dream (which is amazing btw), obviously nobody loves Mantchev’s books more than I do! (uh, hello--I do!)

I went on to bid $210, thinking easy peasy—the auction was MINE. Yeah, no.  I got a call from Shannon, who pulled out all the stops. Would you believe she actually threatened me? (Now, does that really sound like me? *bats eyelashes innocently* *straightens halo*) Yep. She told me that if I don’t let her win the auction, she wouldn’t let me continue reading her work before anyone else. Talk about a low blow. When she went back and outbid me, I cried myself to sleep—I vowed that although I would still read her work (I mean, I’d be an idiot not to take advantage of getting such an awesome preview) that we would no longer be friends. Shannon didn’t even care when I told her!

You’re probably feeling pretty sorry for me right now—and I don’t blame you. I woke up the next morning with my eyes basically swollen shut from all the sobbing. (um...Karen and I know the real reason they were swollen, and it had more to do with amaretto than the auction!)  But I was strong and I knew I needed to check twitter and see what my real friends were up to. And guess what I found????!!!! A message from Lisa saying we could BOTH be winners!! As if the girl could get any cooler—she singlehandedly saved my friendship with Shannon. (gotta admit, Lisa was sincerely awesome for that!)

(and btw, for those of you who are newer followers to this blog, we are totally kidding. Well...about most of this) ;-)

Shannon, dear, I’m not done with you though. I can’t believe you didn’t learn after this little experiment that I can’t post on your blog without daring you to do something. So, in retaliation for the whole “trying to steal the auction from me” debacle, you must: VLOG yourself baking a cupcake created to look like one of the pirate rubber ducks that Lisa’s giving away!

See, it’s like I’m forcing you to be Team Nate—so I get Ariel alllllll to myself =)

Happy Lisa Mantchev Week!

♥ Sara

*If anyone has the right to really be mad? It’s Karen—Shannon and I BOTH totally stole the auction from her… Sorry K! xoxo

You have GOT to be kidding me. No she is NOT daring me to vlog--on my own blog--again! 
*scrolls up to reread* 
Um...apparently she is. 
And...I let her do it.

So...yeah. I guess I have to vlog again. And display my cupcake decorating skills which--not gonna lie--leave MUCH to be desired. But it's Lisa Mantchev week and I will not back down on my own blog. So I will vlog. Again. And it will be posted either tomorrow or Friday--depending on how huge of a disaster it is. *sigh*

In the meantime, remember, all week I'm giving away extra entries in the contest to anyone who comments on the post. So feel free to leave a comment. And be sure to tell me how *I* was obviously the one in the right. I mean, clearly. ;)

**Update** If you want some writing related advice (instead of just this silliness) I have a new guest post up on the Query Tracker Blog, where I talk about pitching to agents. Feel free to check it out! :)


  1. LOL- that is quite a vlogging challenge. Good luck with the frosting! great guest post! I gotta go check out this Sarah:)

  2. You girls are too funny!

    Shannon, I have something for you on my blog. (Do I get the prize now???) :D

  3. You guys are hilarious, though, I'm sorry to say Shannon...I'm not quite sure who is in the right in this case! But does it matter? In the end you both won. Which is pretty maybe my sympathies lie with Karen.

    Ummmm, I have no idea how you are going to frost one of those bad boys.

    Good luck!

  4. You people are strange - in a very entertaining way. That was fun, even if it wasn't all true.

  5. Phew that was close!!

    Glad you're all friends again!!! :-)

    Take care

  6. Ladies, ladies, no need to fight. There, there. It'll be all right.

    Now kiss and make up, okay?

  7. hahahahaha! I loved this post *giggles* And I can't wait to see the vlog. Thanks for the coffee-snarf :D

  8. Ha ha ha! I loved this! You two crack me up.

    I have an award for you today, #1. :-)

  9. I'd agree with you, but then that means I wouldn't get to see a rubber ducky inspired cupcake. So...CLEARLY you were wrong.

  10. You are crack-ups. I want to see that cupcake--argh matey!!

  11. It's hard when seemingly good friends stab you in the back, isn't it Shannon? The new addition of the Hello Cupcake book has a rubber duck that looks just like that on the cover. *you can do it!* Don't worry I've got your back. Fight on!

  12. OmGosh, that was entirely too funny!! (And I'm thinking somewhere in the realm of half-truth and total-make-uppery. LOL)

    And OBVIOUSLY, Sara made the huge mistake of telling Shannon about the auction in the first place. *nods* Shouldn't have done that. ;)

  13. Hahaha! Hilarious!


  14. Well, all's fair in love and war, emphasis on the war. Thank goodness Lisa saved your friendship! Good luck with the cupcakes :)

  15. Y'all were worth sneaking away from my family (we're on vacation) to peek at my computer for, like, 60 seconds. Dueling cuteness and humor, gauntlet throwing and pirate duckies all in one post. Good times.

    Shannon, I'll say whatever you want ("you are TOTALLY in the right..." How's that?) to get extra entries!.
    You guys are making me really want to read her books.

    Lola OUT--->

  16. you guys are funny :)
    How cool that Lisa let you both win though!

  17. hahaha, you guys are so funny. I want those ducks though! Those are adorable. I have a soft spot for all things piratey. :) Off to read query tracker blog.

  18. Um, for the record the things in blue are ERRONEOUS. Shannon, shame on you for blaming the amaretto! The ONLY reason amaretto MIGHT have been involved was because you drove me to it ;-)

  19. Too funny, and I can't wait to see this pirate duck cupcake vlog ;) And how cool is Lisa for having you both as winners!

  20. Cannot stop laughing at Simon's comment...

    Sara - I must side with Shannon (she's giving stuff away...good stuff...wonderful prizes...she's a Disney girl...and like blue... ;o) )

    Shannon - are you really surprised about the VLOG? yeah...we could see it coming...*sigh*

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  21. I WANT A DUCKY!!!!
    *ahem* I'm good now.
    Good luck with your cupcakes!


    Seriously, it sounds really weird when you say it out loud.

  23. You were totally in the right!!! I mean clearly...except for that whole stealing

    I want to see you bake a cupcake that looks like a ducky though.

  24. I love this silliness though! :)

    And even if your cupcake baking skillz aren't amazing, I'd still like to see you bake because you always make the cutest vlogs!

  25. Nice donations to the charity ladies! Awesome :) And you're both so lucky!

  26. LMAO! You guys are too funny. Clearly you were both right and should have staged an ultimate cupcake death match - winner takes all! :)

  27. Shannon, I'm sure your cupcake would've looked better had she sent the "How to Make a Duck Video" to you first. Either way, it was a good effort - hilarious to watch AND now I know how to make duck cupcakes. Yaah!!! (I have a thing for cupcakes.)


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