Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are You A Pusher?

Okay, I know Mean Girls isn't the kind of movie where you expect to find wisdom--but go with me for a second. If you've seen the movie, you know that Tina Fey's character--the hilarious Ms Norbury--gives the following speech to Cady about failing her math quizzes:

I'm a pusher.
I push people.
I pushed my husband into law school--that was a bust.
I pushed myself into working three jobs.
And now I'm gonna push you, because I know you're smarter than this

And no, she didn't mean a drug pusher. :) 
(That joke makes a WHOLE lot more sense if you've seen the movie)

Anyway I was thinking about what she says there and I realized something: I'm a pusher too.

I pushed myself into graduating High School at 16, and then into starting college the same year. I pushed myself to get into USC--even though the odds were horrible--and pushed even harder to survive their intense film program. Now, I push myself to be the best writer, blogger, and wife I can be. And I don't think that's a bad thing.

Sure, I probably need to learn how to give myself a break every now and then (wow, I can actually HEAR my CPs shouting their agreement from here). But at the same time, that drive is what keeps me going when things get hard. And let's face it--getting published is not an easy dream to follow. It's a long, slow, often frustrating path littered with criticism and rejection and heartbreak. But I'm pressing forward. Because I'm a pusher.

So what about you guys. Any other pushers out there? How do you keep yourself going when you feel like giving up? (And feel free to fill the comments section with Mean Girls quotes. I <3 them!)


  1. *grins* didn't see Mean Girls...went to high school with enough of those. LOL. 16-you rock, and were way more mature than I was.

    A pusher, yes I am. But as I've grown older, I think I've evolved into a more subtle pusher. I made my first born a neurotic freak, worrying about being the best at everything and having to do everything. So now down to kid #4, I'm taking the more relaxed approach. Well, at least I'm trying.

  2. I don't know if I'm quite a pusher. I'm actually pretty lazy about most things. When it comes to writing though I am kind of gently determined. I've realized it's a long journey, but I don't intend to ever give up.

    Thanks for being here to inspire us all Shannon!

  3. "She's the queen bee - the star, those other two are just her little workers."

    LOVE that movie!

    I'm a pusher! A pusher, I say! And proud of it. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have done 1/2 of the things I've done. I wouldn't have finished anything, I don't think. The only problem with pusher is pushing others who don't want to be pushed.


  4. BAHAHAHA I saw this in my blog reader and started laughing immediately! I couldn't help but stop by!! I'm a pusher!

    I'm a pusher as well... also not a drug pusher! I pushed myself a lot but I think it makes you stronger. I often have to remind myself that it's okay to fail, it's okay to not get it all done, that too makes you stronger!

    Great post!

  5. Kudos to you for finishing school so early!
    I push forward when I want to quite because I'm a stubborn redhead who doesn't know when to quit.

  6. When I have a specific goal in mind I work my tail off toward it. BUT I also know how to relax... I'm constantly looking for the right balance. But I do think, for health purposes, a balance IS necessary ;-)

  7. Oh, and I definitely was shouting my agreement, lol

  8. With certain (most) things I am definitely a pusher.

    With other things, I'm a total procrastinator (but then push at the last minute, because I work well under pressure, and refuse to fail at anything.)

    I did enjoy Mean Girls, about I go old school on you, and quote an old mean girl movie....
    "What's your damage, Heather?!"


  9. It's funny, I'm a pusher but I HATE being pushed by others. I drive myself like mad, but when others push me too hard, I shut down and rebel and purposely do the opposite of what I'm told to do. I think it's because my mom and sister were always so bossy!

  10. I'd say I'm half pusher and half too stubborn to not get what I want.

    No quotes from me, unfortunately, I've never seen this movie.

  11. Ok so I THOUGHT I was a pusher...but wow, you made me look like the girl who sat back in the chair and just waited for life. Sigh...

    Back to my chair...maybe I'll do something today ;)

    You are too awesome for words!

  12. I think I know when to push and when to go with the flow. I've always been incredibly stubborn, though, so it doesn't hurt. :-)

    I love Mean Girls!
    "That's why her hair is so big--it's full of secrets."

  13. Mean girls is an awesome movie!

    I'm a pusher too, for sure. And without that, I probably wouldn't have made it as far as I have.

  14. Nope, can't say I'm a pusher. And that hasn't held me back in doing what I want to do in life. I was a pusher for a while, and it just didn't suit my personality I guess is the best way to describe it. After living in Hawaii, during my push years, I learned that (for me) I could push or relax and just enjoy the mystery of the ride. And I love/hate the mystery of what life hands me. Surfing taught me that, sometimes waiting is the only way to catch the wave. Can't force the ocean to do anything. Did I just go a little deep. Wierd, I rarely do that lol. So no, although sometimes I wish I was a pusher, I'm just not.

  15. I'm definitely a pusher. It's what keeps me writing, even those days when everything I write just comes out awful.

    Oh, I have to re-watch Mean Girls now! Such a great movie.

  16. I adore that movie--and I think there's lots of wisdom spouted throughout it!!

    You're exactly right. You've gotta be a pusher in this biz . . . and also someone who can wait patiently (which is where I am now).

    I can't think of any good MEAN GIRL quotes which means I need to rent it. Now!!


  17. Being a single mom and only support to one terrific teenage boy, does not make giving up an option for me. Failure is not an option here. ;) I push through every day. I don't generally have to push myself to write because it's something that I love to do.

  18. Pushers are necessary in order to keep the world moving forward. I am NOT a pusher, but my hubby is, and he keeps our family on track. I need to make sure I have plenty of pushers in my life - otherwise, I'd be stuck running in place way too often! :-)

  19. Can't really say I'm a pusher. More of a go-with-the-flow kinda gal. Though when it's something I really want and/or believe in, there's no stopping me!

    (Just bought Mean Girls the other day, now my girls can quit renting the dang thing!)

  20. Oh yeah, that's me. I'm a Pusher for sure. I push myself beyond reason in all ways and when I inevitably fall short somewhere - even for a minute - I can be pretty hard on myself. I try not to do that to my kids though, just to encourage them to always strive to do their best. Hopefully without being too pushy!

  21. What does that even mean? Like a drug pusher?

    Probably, she works all of these extra jobs to pay for her pathetic divorce.

    :-) Hehe, LOVE that movie!

  22. High school at 16! I'm in awe.

    I am definitely a pusher. For myself, anyway. I used to be an athlete and I think that definitely set the pushing mentality! It's good, but I do need to remind myself to relax and breathe every once in awhile!

  23. Hello, my name is Marsha and I too am a pusher. And I have totally watched Mean Girls about 10 times. Love Tina Fey and I believe this shows how great Lindsay Lohan can be sober.

    As for maintaining being a pusher...caffeine a lot.

  24. That is the best show ever! lol..
    I wish I was a pusher..I need to motivate myself to get outta bed in the morning!
    I think just the thought of failure of something I want makes me keep going.

  25. Hmmm...your definition of "pusher" sounds suspiciously like the definition of "stubborn" that my hubs often applies to me. LOL.

  26. Love Tina Fey and love Mean Girls! :o)

    I am definitely a pusher--but I can't say that I graduated at 16! Ha, ha. (Though if I'm honest, I DID have a whole year's worth of college credit by the time I graduated high school.)

  27. I'm definitely a pusher. I pushed to put myself through law school (hope your husband is glad you pushed him to do it), push to work full time as an attorney, write, hopefully soon have a blog, take care of a family, etc. But I love the writing so it's worth the extra pushing.

  28. Love Mean Girls! As far as being a pusher, I'd say yes and no. I push myself in pocket and let up in others.

  29. i love mean girls and tina fey's character is one of my favorites. and i think it does have lots of wisdom. i can be a pusher sometimes but people get annoyed when i push too much lol.

  30. Yep....Pusher! Or otherwise known as Nagger. I warn my friends before asking for my help(support) that they'd better be serious or our friendship will hit a rough patch!


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