Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shannon Sharing

*Note: You *might* wanna keep reading. I'm giving something away at the end. :)

So, I've been tagged. I knew it was bound to happen--these blog tagging wars are kind of inescapable. This time it was by the lovely T. J. Carson, and I have to say, I liked her thought process behind it. She tagged bloggers that she didn't know very well, that way she'd get to know us better. And since I have accumulated quite a few new followers over these last few months--and have been so busy with revision--I really haven't had time to get to know you all very well. So this is a perfect opportunity.

So imagine this us, chatting over coffee, and you've asked me to give five answers to each of the following five questions:

Question #1: Where were you five years ago?
Hm... *tries to remember--feels like a really long time ago*
- Coming up on my one year wedding anniversary, and trying to figure out what I wanted my husband to buy me as a present (of course I went with jewelry)
- Writing a sub-par chick-lit novel (which I've never bothered to finish, given the fact that it was sub-par)
- Surrounded by so many catty girls it was like a real life version of Mean Girls. (Thankfully I've managed to remove every single one of them from my life)
- Worried that leaving LA was the biggest mistake my husband and I could have made
- Selling black and white charcoal portraits (usually of celebrities) to make some extra spending money

Question #2: Where would you like to be five years from now?
- Still happily married to my husband
- Living in a house with a bit more closet space and a LOT more bookshelves
- On a book tour promoting the next book in my series (which will of course be a huge success--dream big, right?) :)
- Living somewhere other than suburbia--though my husband and I have yet to agree upon where that would be
- Still writing. Still loving to write.

Question #3: What is (was) your to do list today?
- Finally catch up on my email backlog
- Finally catch up on my blog hopping
- Go to the post office
- Go to Target (and leave WITHOUT spending $100.00 on wants, not needs)
- Remember to eat lunch--so the Sara(h)s don't yell at me. 
(I know, my life is SO glamorous)

Question #4: What are five snacks you enjoy?
- Chips and salsa
- m&m's (of all kinds, though the almond are my favorite right now)
- Twizzlers (no surprise there, right?)
- Gummi bears
- Cupcakes

Question #5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
- Buy a house with a big library, so I'd finally have room for my books
- Start my own publishing house with a focus on debut novelists
- Take my family to Europe
- Put enough money to live comfortably--not lavishly--in the bank
- Donate the rest to different charities and organizations so I don't get lazy or selfish

Phew! That was harder than I thought. I hope I didn't bore you guys to death. 

Now, this is the point where I'm SUPPOSED to tag other people--but since this is my blog and I do what I want here (muahahahaha) I'm going to do things a little different. I'd rather get to know as many of you guys as possible, so...I'm tagging all of you! 

Well, sort of. 

Anyone who wants to participate can answer as many or as few of the questions as they want in the comments (you do not even have to give five answers to each one) and at the end of the day today I'll let choose three lucky winners. All you have to do is leave a comment (and make sure I have a way to contact you if you win) and if your number is chosen I'll send you a $5.00 Starbucks giftcard. 

Hopefully we'll all get to know each other a little bit better this way. I know I can't wait to read all of your answers. :) So have fun. Share away. And have a great rest of the day! 


  1. I just did these yesterday on my blog. Hah! I almost tagged you. *Dribbling lip*

    Me, 5 years ago: Multi-tasking while driving: spoon feeding the baby, yelling at the cell phone on speaker, adjusting the DVD player so two of the four kids could watch a movie, and praying the Rosary. (I'm serious.)

    You can check out the others on my blog. ";-)

    I'll pray for you today--email overload. Wretched. (Serious, do you have a method for weeding? Do you save some for later and NEVER get to them?)

  2. I love reading these on blogs. Such a fun way to get to know you better.
    If I had a billion?
    1.go snorkelling in Australia with whale sharks
    2. kayak around Newfoundland
    3. run the Iditarod (but not racing, just travel it with dogteam)
    4. hike to Machuu Pichu
    5. may have to quit my job if I also want to fit writing in

  3. Mmm Starbucks. Snacks? I'll take your cupcakes and see you Nutella on graham crackers.

  4. thanks for sharing sharon:) This is a fun game (I think chips and salsa was one of my tops too)

  5. I am SO with you on each of the snacks. (I recently started eating the Almond M&Ms, but I *love* them. And I don't like nuts.) (*Shut up dirty mind*)

    In five years I hope to be:

    1: At the very least, agented.
    2: Graduated from college with my own place in Montana
    3: Maybe starting a family (I'll be 23, dude. O.O)
    4: Have visited Ireland, Scotland, and Australia at least once each. (Ireland for myself, Scotland for a bloggy friend, and Australia for my very best friend.)
    5: Okay, so, I'm easy and I couldn't think of a 5th thingie.

  6. Really enjoyed hearing your answers to these questions. It really is fun to learn more about others this way. It's also fun to do, which I did on my blog awhile back.

  7. I'm off the hook since I've already been tagged. Loved your answers.

  8. This is an awesome way to get to know people better. I think if I were a billionaire, I want the world's largest private library. And, in five years, I would like to be making enough money between working as a librarian and writing to afford a house. The almond m&m's are great. Have you tried the pretzel ones yet?

  9. My brain cannot work that hard this early in the morning. But I loved learning more about you. :)

  10. Very cool!

    I love your five snacks! I'm more of a salt freak myself, but I do partake in the m&m's and gummi bears. I prefer red vines to twizzlers ;o)

    Where would I like to be five years from now?

    - Somewhere warmer (San Diego hopefully)

    - A mom

    - Published author ;o)

    - Married, of course

    - Volunteering, freelancing

    Thanks lady ;o)

  11. Mmmmm...I love M&M's, especially the peanut kind. Nom, nom, nom!!! :-)

  12. 1. getting my license and 1st car... I was 19 :(

    2. Living in Canada, nice job, husband and kid

    3. go to the post office to send some packages out

    4. CUPCAKES! oh, and kiwi, fig newtons, lemon ice cream, and chips/dip

    5. Buy a big house, Buy my parents and sister a big house, travel around the world, buy a nice car, buy nice cars for my family. lol.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  13. Ok, well, I won't answer all of them. It is a pleasure to get to know you better through reading yours. I will answer the one for the to do list today.
    Catch up on blog reading.
    Finish editing MS.
    Write 1500 more words in sequel.
    Work on Query *EEEKKK*

    Thanks for the post and the tag. It was fun to read.

  14. Question #1: Where were you five years ago?
    - Just ending my junior year in high school
    - Working at my high school’s theatre
    - Spending time with my entourage of friends
    - Getting ready to go to Tahoe, California
    - Dreaming about my future

    Question #2: Where would you like to be five years from now?
    - In graduate school
    - Still writing
    - Living in another state or country
    - Getting married
    - Having kids

    Question #3: What is (was) your to do list today?
    - Finish sanding my bedroom walls
    - Go to the hairdressers
    - Get the rest of my stuff for the wedding
    - Write 2,000 words for my new story
    - Walk for an hour outside (even though you start sweating just by sticking your finger out the door)

    Question #4: What are five snacks you enjoy?
    - Cookies
    - Crackers
    - Chips and salsa
    - Chips and guacamole
    - Cake

    Question #5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
    - Pay off all my student loans
    - Buy an old Victorian home
    - Give my parents some money for all the money they’ve spent on me
    - Put some money into the bank
    - Give money to charities and organizations

  15. Waaaait a second. They have almond M&M's?! Where have I been?! I must get some immediately.

  16. What a fun idea! I was tagged earlier this month. Here is the link to where I posted all my answers.

    Tagged post. The biggest hit seemed to be my Where would you like to be in 5 years? answers. Check it out. :)

  17. These questions and answers are so fun to read and even were cool to do when I did my own.

    Great to get to know you better!

  18. I loved getting to know more about you, Shannon! Okay, because food is like my favorite thing in the world, I'm going to give you my 5 favorite snacks/desserts, in no particular order (becuz I can't show favoritism - I'll hurt their feelings!):

    ~ Tiramasu
    ~ Soft, chocolate ice cream with a high butter fat content
    ~ Starbucks Mochas, especially their Dark Cherry Mocha they have right now
    ~ Creme Brulee
    ~ Moist chocolate lava cake

    Holy shite, now I'm jonesing for a serious sugar intake!!

  19. OK I'll take one! In five years I hope to be contracted with a top publisher and have had a bevy of my novels already in print. Hey, I can dream right?

  20. Question #1: Where were you five years ago?
    --Graduating from High School

    Question #2: Where would you like to be five years from now?
    - Sitting in a cafe somewhere in Europe, reading a fabulous book

    Question #3: What is (was) your to do list today?
    - Buy Dog Food

    Question #4: What are five snacks you enjoy?
    - Hummus

    Question #5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
    - Buy a house. Open a bookstore.

  21. Question 1: Well, 5 years ago I was getting ready for my baby shower for my 1st child. I was working full time and getting ready to move to a new apartment. (no wonder i went into labor 8 weeks early!! i was a busy girl!) was enjoying life and looking forward to being a new mom!

    Question 2: I want to have a good job, would like to see my girls doing well in school, participate in more community events, loving life and doing better off then i am now!

    Question 3: Get oldest to Grandma's so she can get her to school, get my self to school, take a test, volunteer in my daughter's class, help a friend with her blog, get the kids home make dinner and SLEEP ;)

    Question 4: oh man, had to ask about the food lol! anything sweet, ritz crackers, apples, bananas, chips and salad

    Question 5: buy a house, buy new cars, put away money for my girls for college, pursue a phd, help my husband further his education, donate to charity and save some for a rainy day!


  22. Five years ago I was working in a company that drove me insane. I left it for another company that drove me insane.

    Where I see myself in five years? Published and making a career in some form or writing or another and still madly in love with my Better Half.

  23. I hope to be more sane in five years - my son will be in school by then so I'll have some time ALONE at the house. Although, that is the perfect set up for insanity to GROW, so maybe not.

    Oh and by the way. I thought I should tell you that I broke my vow and am doing a Vlog of Doom - in honor of YOU - well sort of. Figured I wouldn't let you be alone in the Vlog o Doom Hall of Check it Out!

  24. I already did this a while back...but now I'm thinking I want to live in your house with the big library in 5

  25. Where was I 5 years ago?
    *living in Atlanta in my same condo
    *starting my last year of a 30 year teaching career

    Where will I be in 5 years?
    *still living in my condo!
    *still enjoying my retirement
    *hopefully agented and maybe (fingers crossed) even published
    *hopefully with the same amount of vision (I am losing my sight)

    Favorite snacks?
    *chocolate, especially almond M&Ms
    *peanut butter
    *fresh strawberries and blueberries
    * cookies with nuts
    *dry roasted almonds, cashews, peanuts

    My to do list?
    *more blog hopping
    *work on my MG WIP
    (have done all except work on my WIP- just a procrastinator!

    What would I do if a billionnaire?
    *pay off mortages for mom and sister
    *give at least a million dollars to Foundation Fighting Blindness for more research/clinical trials to prevent blindness for many (maybe even me)
    *travel back to Australia to see what I missed the first time
    *travel to Scandinavia

  26. Thank you for sharing these tidbits with us. Buying a house with a large library (I'm dreaming of the one in Beauty and the Beast :)) is definitely on my list if I were a billionaire as well.

  27. 1.A stay a home mom with 4 boys running the show.
    2.halfway through with my degree
    3.Watch my son's recorder recital in am,housework,baseball,night shift work.(not on my list was "waking up at 6am to the smoke detectors-need batteries!)
    4.salt&pepper chips,fruit,nuts,chocolate,ice cream for all my families homes,start a soap making company for mom's who want to work from home,travel the world, fund charities that help impoverished families

  28. This seems interesting...
    1) in school; dreading school; hating school; loving animals; reading Boxcar Children.
    2)in UPenn college, or a top writing college; being a top author; finishing my series; touring; visiting Australia/Europe.
    3) eat; library; do some blogging; homework; write
    4) chocolate; twizzlers; pringles; ice cream; coke
    5)donate; travel; invest; put in the bank; buy stuff, especially books, swords, horses, and a bow & arrows
    Email: rivkarno1(at)hotmail(dot)com

  29. Great answers Shannon - I particularly love and agree with the last one. Having to work for stuff makes it all worthwhile!

  30. It was fun to get to know you a little better.

    Me? Five years ago we had just moved back from the US. :)

  31. I loved reading your "tags" - I won't share here, because I've already been tagged and will share shortly on my own blog! :)

    p.s. I am so glad I'm not the only adult that loves gummi bears! :)

  32. Hi Shannon,

    I answered this a few weeks ago, so I'll pass this time. But I did want to chime in on your Target comment. So glad I'm not the only one that does that.

    I can't count the times I've walked out of there with $100.00 in crap that I don't need and then wonder a week later what the heck I bought.

    Thanks for answering. I enjoyed getting to know you better.

  33. Insightful responses. I think if I had chips and salsa and a cupcake for breakfast I would be just peachy for the day.

  34. It was nice learning more about you!!! haha. It's easier to tag people than ask them 21 questions about stuff (they tend to avoid you and call you a creeper if you do that) haha.

    Jewlery is a girl's BIFFLE!!!
    Wow you live in LA? That is pretty SWEET!
    Ha you are a shopaholic too??? Honestly I can't go into a store without buying anything that catches my eye. I need to get those peripheral blockers (you know the kind horses wear?) haha
    Wow your fav snacks are candy, but I must say the chips and salsa kinda stand out. lol
    Living comfortably, not lavishly is the IDEAL!!!!!!

    Nice to meet you!!!!!!! :) I hope to visit your blog more when I return from my BLACKOUT!!!!!!

  35. Oh yay! I love these. I also love, love, love gummi bears!

    There is a post on my blog, in which I was tagged and did the same thing you did and tagged everyone who read it, called Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

    Consider yourself tagged. Heee

    I'll do this one SOON!


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