Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Reasons to Celebrate!

In case you weren't on Twitter last night (or you're one of those brave hold-outs who doesn't Tweet--seriously give in to the addiction!) there was some serious awesomeness going around. Two of my favorite people had some mega-huge-epic happy news to share, and I had to take a minute to spread the word.

First, the adorable and talented Stephanie Perkins not only made her first foreign sale for her debut novel, Anna and the French Kiss (December, 2010), but she landed two amazing blurbs from Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle!

You can read all the details on her blog (which you really should be following anyway--she's hilarious!) and you can find out more about Anna and the French Kiss here.

Congrats Stephanie! I'm SO excited for you, and I can't WAIT to read your book. I'll resist the urge to beg for an ARC (even though I WANT one) and wait somewhat patiently for my pre-order to ship instead. :)

And then, as if Stephanie's news wasn't already more than enough joy and happiness for one night, the incredible and unstoppable Elana Johnson had an EPIC announcement of her own!

I have been waiting WEEKS to be able to SQUEE publicly about this and now I finally can! ELANA SOLD HER FIRST BOOK! SHE'S GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the details from Publisher's Marketplace: Elana Johnson's CONTROL ISSUES, set in a brainwashed society where those gifted with mind control best join the powers that be, but one rebel girl tries to beat them at their own game, to Anica Rissi at Simon Pulse, by Michelle Andelman at Lynn Franklin Associates (NA). 

She gives all the details of her inspiring journey to publication here--make sure you stop by and tell her congrats! (And if you aren't already following her blog--which I don't see how that's possible, she has a bazillion followers--click that follow button. She's definitely going to be a force in the publishing industry--you want to know her!)

So HUGE congrats to Elana and Stephanie. I love watching fantastic things happen to awesome people! I hope you guys are out celebrating today--you deserve it!

Oh, and one quick reminder: Today is the last day to enter to win Meg Cabot's airhead trilogy, so if you haven't already entered, you better fill out the form by 11:59 PST tonight. Winner will be posted tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm SOOOOO HAPPY for Elana!!!!!! It's such wonderful news and it couldn't happen to a more wonderful person! :-)

  2. I'm SQUEEEEING with excitment (is that even a word -- well, it is now) over Elana's news. And Stephanie's too. I like the new stripe. Although the pink was nice too.

  3. I love happy news! I was peeped up about Elana's news too! I am glad it wasn't my own, I could never go that long without telling EVERYONE.

    Something random, I just realized, last night, that Brandon Mull wrote FABLEHAVEN too! I have had a billion ppl tell me to read that series and then I was romping around Goodreads last night and stumbled upon FABLEHAVEN and saw Mull's photo and was like, "Hmm, why is her pictured here?" Then, i clicked around my to read pile for a while and it hit me then, "DUH! He's the author of that too!" So, good story, huh? I intend to read THE CANDY SHOP WAR this week. Cannot wait to share my feedback!

  4. I am so thrilled for both!!

    Yay!! It is wonderful news & well deserved ;o)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  5. I was so excited when I heard such great things were happening for two of my favorite people too! They totally deserve it! It's so awesome!!

  6. Aw, thank you Shannon and everyone! I'm honored to be grouped with Stephanie. :O)

  7. I'm uber-excited for Elana. And wonderful news for Stephanie Perkins too. :)

  8. Oh, heavens! Thank you, Shannon!! This was so generous of you!

    HUUUUUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Elana!!!!!! Your book sounds fabulous!

  9. Such great news lately! I LOVE IT!

  10. Wow. Great news! Congrats to both of your friends.

  11. I read about Elana Johnson, but didn't know about Stephanie Perkins. It's good to hear news from writers who've been in the trenches. I'm so happy for Elana!

    And Elana is so sweet. Last week, I guest blogged on Guide to Literary Agents and she linked it on Query Tracker.

  12. Wow!! Awesome!!! Congrats to both Elana and Stephanie, whose blogs I follow, but I've been slow in the following lately because the Real Job has been so busy. Both seem so sweet and talented and genuine. Great news, thanks for sharing!


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