Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Downloaders Anonymous

I have a problem.

A SERIOUS problem.

(No really. It might actually be a sickness.)

See...yesterday I did something SO shameful, I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it. But confessing is the first step to recovery so...

*deep breath*

I downloaded Party in the USA

I know. I KNOW!

But...but...it'd been stuck in my head for THREE DAYS. It HAD to be done. 

*Hangs Head in Shame*

The worst part, though? 

I started scrolling through my purchased history from all the years I've been using the fabulous iTunes Store, and I noticed a SHOCKING number of 'Downloads of Shame'

You know how it goes. You hear a song, and you kinda like it. Or maybe, it's an older song, and it triggers a moment of nostalgia. And it's only 99 cents (ah...the good old days). So you think, 'yes, I MUST own this'

And that's how you end up with songs like this on your ipod.
Or this.

Sadly, ALL of those really are on my iPod. I...plead temporary insanity.
(And to those of you brave enough to click the links...I'm SORRY!)

And the worst part is...I paid for them. So I feel bad deleting them. It's like, 'no, if shuffle pulls them up I should have to suffer through them, because I'm the big stupidhead who wasted money on them in the first place.' 

So...yeah. It's a problem.
And I'm not sure how to solve it because...well...downloading a song is just so easy. Two clicks and it's on your iPod...and then you have to live with it FOREVER.

Which is why I'm taking the first step today and admitting I have a problem.
My name is Shannon, and I'm a Downloading-aholic. 
And I'm wondering if I'm not alone. 
Anyone else suffer from downloader's remorse?
PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one. 


  1. I always blame those downloads on my kids! :)

  2. I was just going to say that Kelly! Having kids is a great excuse for this kind of thing.

  3. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't realize that Party in the USA song was Miley until just recently.

    No need to gimme "that look". My daughter already did.

    I use Pandora. I plug in a song I know and like then write down all the *new* ones they play that I kinda like and will wait until I have a dozen or so and download them...except I apparently have weird taste because I can usually only find about 50% of this list online.

    I agree with Kelly and Matt...when all else fails, blame the kids!

  4. I'm so guilty of this and yet I continue to go back and do it anyway!!! Shame on me! I do like that song so I can't say much at this point, because I too have downloaded it, LOL

  5. Kelly is right on! And in my house--four kids, one who's 16yrs old and downloads wwwaaaayyyy to much @$%^!!!



  6. Okay, maybe that's why I don't have an ipod. :)

  7. hahahahaha I will admit to singing loudly along to it--does that help?

  8. So... I have no one else to blame. Just me and my love of songs that are dance-worthy :). I do try not to pay for them, which makes me feel a little less guilty. But not much. ahem.

  9. You are not alone! (And, yeah, thanks for putting Miley Cyrus in my head...)

    Then again, everyone needs a few guilty pleasures, right?? ;)

  10. OMG I have that Ricky Martin CD! Lol lol lol!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    I downloaded Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton after hearing it on the radio. She has no musical talent, but I admit I like that song!

    You're definitely not alone in your shame!!!

  11. Nope, I don't have that problem, but I do love to download old songs that I can't find in store anymore. :)

  12. hehehe... that girl is po-o-oison

    Never trust a big butt and a smile...

    (PS I actually really like Party in the USA--AND I own it as well... Though I'm not a Miley fan.)

  13. Oooh, everything I download is super cool. just like me. It's that attitude that keeps me going.

    Hope the revisions are coming along GREAT!

  14. It's ok Shannon, it happens to the best of us. I do not have download shame but I do have a bookshelf of shame. Books that are completely trashy but I love anyway...
    Thanks again for having dinner on Sat. You rock! All my friends agreed


  15. Guilty! But I have to admit that I'm not exactly embarrassed of liking Party in the USA. It's a good song! Many have fallen because of it...people you'd never guess would succumb to bubblegum teen pop.

    You're definitely not alone.

  16. Shannon, how can Poison be on this list? How? Classic song, I refuse to be shamed!

    The others...eh. I still love Shake Your Bon Bon. Let's not be judgy judgersons here.

  17. I'm an obsessive downloader and I'm proud to say it. :)

  18. AHAHHAHAAH!!! (*whispers* I kind of like that song too) Okay, okay, and I may or may not still have my Backstreet Boys CD and MAY or MAY NOT listen to it from time to time. For purely nostalgic reasons, of course.

  19. Well Shannon you have nothing to be ashamed of with me because I'm not sure I even know that song. Ack!! I better go look it up on youtube now!!

  20. I'd actually been listening to a lot of old Ricky Martin cds yesterday - - cds that I then proceeded to upload to my iTunes library - - now I can't turn on shuffle w/o having any of those songs or that one Lou Bega song ( Mambo #5 ) showing up in the mix. But at least I don't have any ancient stuff *cough--She's a Lady by Tom Jones & Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd don't count. >..> *coughs*

  21. I tend to download something (Pay for it) and then go buy the whole cd....DUH...

  22. LOOK Shannon - the only thing I can say to make you feel better is that I am often caught...IN PUBLIC ....singing songs from the Sound of Music and reciting huge bits of MARY POPPINS....

    Hey - shouldn't you be working or giving hubby a massage or somethin?

  23. Hee! That was funny. :) I think of some of the songs I've bought (or albums, back in the day) and I cringe.

  24. HAH! This is too, too funny. I, erm, have alot of playlists for wips. I think I need Party in the USA for one of them. Hmm, maybe on the playlist that I have Garry Glitter on.....


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