Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does Google Say You're a Writer?

Okay, that title may be deceptive, because really, most of us with blogs can probably google our name and the word 'writer' and turn up quite a few things that say that we're writers--hopefully things beyond our own blogger profile. *coughs*

What I mean is, if you look at your google search history, do you see verifiable proof that you're a writer? Because let's face it--writers tend to google some crazy stuff. For instance, over the last few months I have googled the following things:
  • Prehistoric bugs
  • Light travel
  • Giant spiders
  • Mythological plants
  • Types of flame
  • The emotional center of the brain
  • Alchemy
  • Metal melting points
  • Pulled sugar art
  • The sound a pterodactyl makes
  • Will green grass burn?
  • Migraines
  • Golden hour
  • British slang for currency
  • Ancient sports
  • Stone henge theories
  • Sasquatch sightings
  • San Diego trolley map
  • Herbal medicine
  • Crystal pendants
  • The visible spectrum
Sadly that's not even a comprehensive list. (And I bet you can't guess what my book is about based on those searches--and those of you who know, shhhhh!) :)

So how about you guys? Does your google history say you're a writer? And what crazy things have you googled in the name of research?


  1. Yup. Weird stuff:

    Mythical creatures
    Pig Latin
    magick shop
    And, of course, a ton of helpful writing sites.

    Any clues???

  2. My Google search has always been filled with strange things. Even before I started writing novels. What's that say about me? ;)

  3. Wow, that's a fun new way to procrastinate.

    - What parks in Paris are safe?
    - Welsh mythology.
    - Famous ghost stories.
    - Lord Byron.
    - White Horse of Kilburn.

    And that's just a few...

  4. Very cool. I don't know how to find my google search history. But it'll be full of research about stars, and the sun, and golf etiquette. :)

  5. Oh boy, what a fun topic! I use several different computers so the history is not all in one place but it is lots of fun to go back and look!

  6. Oh, how I love Google! My history is a combo of book-related stuff and questions my 6-year-old asks me. In case you were wondering, an octopus has three hearts and yes, there are purple snakes. Who knew?

  7. oooooo like Karen I googled weird stuff when google was still a word that made me giggle. (why does that sentence feel like a MadLib???)

    The last 18 hours on google:

    Time dilation
    Energy Boundaries
    the effects of heating and cooling on the strength of glass

    That is a snippet of my history...


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  8. If you were to look at my history it would be apparent that not only does a writer use my google account, but a musician.

    Strewn among my search topics you'll find amps, guitars, and numerous lyric searches.

    It's kind of cool if you think of it. If you didn't know I shared my account you might think I'm extremely talented *winks*. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. LOL, just this morning I was looking up Papa Legba, a good calas recipe, and the magical properties of stones. Yes, all for one book.

    I'm definitely a researcher, which helps me with my writing in ways I never could have planned.

  10. Oh, my dear girl. I don't research. :)

  11. LOL @Elana :D I don't do a whole lot of research, but my recent searches involve web analytics (boring - I'm a freelance copywriter, sigh), projectile cat vomit (thanks, Stormie! I don't think she's sick, for the record, just ate too quickly, lol) and empaths, demons and salt poisoning :D Great post! (and thanks for the follow!)

  12. "I still can't believe people follow my silly little blog". What???? You have 580 followers! Wow! Saw your comment in Zoe's contest comments and wanted to see why you thought it was silly.

    I think you need to regard yourself a little more highly. Listen to me rant and I don't even know you ;) Nice to meet you! I'm now a follower.

    Um, I've never looked at my search history before. How do you do that? I'm a little technically behind ... :(

  13. I just spent three hours researching dodgeball. Yeah.

  14. Weirdness abounds in my history. Between teaching, parenting, and writing, I am all about weirdness! :-)

  15. Haha I love your list. I think one of my recent searches was "value of the dollar in 1808". My life is crazy exciting.

  16. I worry if my computer ever gets stolen or confiscated. Whoever got hold of it would seriously wonder what in the world I was up to with my search terms.

  17. Love your list! My ms is Steampunk so I've been looking up all things Victorian and all kinds of inventions and history of words and phrases and lasers and guns. Yup - I'm a writer :)

  18. I Google questions. Most recently, how do you treat a heat rash.

    Yeah. Owie. Or itchie, as the case may be.

  19. Ugh, yes, that and that I'm a high school student, but I prefer the writer bit WAY better.

  20. Funny! I was Googling guns and other violent things and my husband turns to me after finding the list asking if he should be worried.

    I have Googled my name before and it turns up a collection of things I did at an old job...sounds more impressive than it actually was, but I'm okay with that! hahahaha

  21. I never thought of doing this! But I've only been revising yet so the google search wouldn't have shown more about 9 months ago...
    great post!

  22. Hahaha, I am definitely a writer... my Google search engine is forever getting weird requests from me!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today AND BECOMING MY 100th FOLLOWER!! Sorry to shout, but hey, I'm excited. ;) I'll be announcing a contest... you started this in motion, YOU! Thank you!!

    And I'm a follower of yours now too! Looking forward to reading your blog. :)

  23. My Google history says a lot about me... mainly, that I'm a deranged psychopath bent on world domination who is trying to find effective ways to use weapons, kill people, and hide bodies. All of it is research for my novels, of course. :D

    My mom tells me all the time to try to "water down" my phrases so I don't set off some alarm and have FBI agents at my door, but, man, wouldn't that make an awesome story.

  24. I've Googled some great things:

    types of metal
    cutting yourself open
    Greek leaders
    obsessive compulsive disorder

    But fortunately I get to make a lot of stuff up, too.

  25. I am nothing more than a blog writer, but I have recently googled everything from shamanism to inverted rainbows so I can relate to your list.


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