Monday, April 5, 2010

The Vlog of Doom is Here!


So...I vlogged--and it was SOOOOOOOOOO much worse than I ever imagined it could be!

But I had to.

I promised I would when I signed with an agent, and I signed with Laura Rennert last week so....yeah. (I'm a big stupid head who will hopefully never make another ridiculous deal again!)'s done. And fair warning--it's LONG. 

Over six minutes long--which I personally feel is WAY too much Shannon exposure for anyone to have to endure, so really, I WON'T be offended if you decide not to watch. No need to scroll down and click play.

BUT...for those of you who insist on having a heaping helping of Shannon Shame, here you go...


(BTW, if you were wondering, I believe I said the word "okay" 18 times total...but it *may* be more)


If you need me, I'll be dying my hair and fleeing to Mexico...


  1. I counted 19 okay's and 1 all right. Yea. I'm sad.

    Anyway, that was great! I did watch the entire thing and it was a great way to start my morning to say the least!

    I vow here and now that I will never do a vlog. Maybe.

  2. Firstly - I hear INDEED that Mexico is really great for fleeing criminals....right Laura and Lisa??

    Secondly, are you ALREADY there or are you still packing your very impressive award trophy?

    Thirdly,you need a bit of pracitice on the Brit. accent...I'm allowed to comment 'cause I'm a Brit!

    Fourthly - you look STUNNING in that black outfit so just hope that everyone watching has a problem with the voice control!!! If you just look and DON'T listen you look FAB!

    Finally - I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YOU that you actually DID that - I'm in AWE of you!!!
    ...Oh and thanks for reading my poem!!!

  3. Just as funny this time around =) Though, I would have liked a little more pig latin...

  4. Loved your vlog, Shannon! You're a gorgeous girl and it was lots of fun watching you. Congrats again on your representation, and kudos for keeping your promises with your (evil!) followers!

    Can't wait to buy your book!

  5. Your vlog was brilliant Shannon!!! Everyone has that one word they repeat a gazillion times so I just learn to ignore that word... yours just happened to be okay :)

    You are so pretty! I loved watching the vlog, they are so much fun! I might have to try it one of these days!!

    Congratulations on signing with an agent! That's super exciting! Way to keep your promise!

  6. Aw, see, you did a good job even though it may have been humiliating. You did look Fabulous all dressed up and did pretty well with the pig latin. lol. All in all it was a rousing acceptance speech. :-P

  7. I'm pretty sure none of those suggestions were mine (unless I mentioned the thing about a kiddie pool of chocolate putting... don't think I did--jello would be more my style), and I seem to recall making suggestions. I'm too lazy to go find out what I said, though, so I can't give you a hard time about it.

    Still, you may as well stop worrying about this Shannon Shame stuff. Like I said before, you think it's embarrassing (and it is, certainly, make no mistake), but you usually come out of it looking cuter'n a lolcat, so I think you win in the end.

    *rolls eyes*

    Yay for vlogs of doom!

  8. You should totally vlog more often! Loved it. Congrats again. So awesome that you have an agent!!!

  9. You're a brave girl :) Love the dress!

  10. VLOG more often!! Love it. You look gorgeous!

    Have to say I love the tinkerbell bookends... ;o)

    Oh and you sound so California! lol love it! ;o)

    Trust me there is no Shannon Shame - you looked great, it was for a wonderful reason, you nailed the requests & well we enjoyed it! ;o)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  11. LOL...I loved the vlog! Really no reason to move to Mexico just yet. :)

  12. ha ha ha cute vlog! Congrats on getting an agent!

  13. Harley: Hehe. I figured there were probably more--I just couldn't stand the idea of watching it again to count. And wow, you made it through the whole thing? That takes guts. :) Oh, and yes--don't vow to make vlogs. I don't recommend it.

    Ann: *Dies* I know, my British accent should be a crime. And ooo--I should've muted the video, that's genius! Why didn't I think of that before. :)

    Sara: LOL-you have NO idea how hard that sentence was for me. I had to practice it so many times--be glad it made it in there at all!

    Nicole: Aw. *blushes* Thanks. You are WAY too kind, but thanks so much.

    Jen: LOL. Yeah, it's funny. I think I only say "okay" when I vlog, but either way it has to stop. But thanks for being so sweet about it. Personally I find vlogging horrifying, but if you're braver than me I would LOVE to see your vlog. :)

    Hannah: Lol, yeah...I'm sure it moved everyone to tears. But thanks. The pig latin was worse in the other take. I am SOOOO bad at pig latin. And accents. And talking in front of the camera. And...hides!

    Simon: Hehe-you missed the post. I posted last week that since so much time had passed (and the things everyone gave me were all inside jokes that had since run their course) I was wiping the slate clean and everyone had a fresh chance to make suggestions. I was VERY sad when you didn't comment. =D

    Marybeth: Yay-you're back! {{Hugs}} Missed you girl! And I can't guarantee I'll be vlogging more often--that was pretty horrible. But I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Jemi: There's a VERY fine line between brave and stupid and I'm not sure where I fall. But thanks for the compliment.

    Southern Princess: Hehe, I chose that location so I'd have some Disney stuff in the background for you. And,, not sure I'll be vlogging more often, but thanks for the compliments.

    Rhonda:, thanks. But I dunno, I feel a VERY strong need for tequila today.

    Bethany: Aw, thanks. And thanks for the congrats. This was the downside of that accomplishment. :)

  14. Love it! And that dress is seriously awesome!

  15. I hate to say I told you so, but the vlog of doom is officially the vlog of cool. Love it.

    No need to flee to Mexico after all. Although, you should totally come to Canada! Now *there's* an idea.

    Seriously...awesome. :)

  16. You were so brave! I'm proud of you, Shannon! You were great, not at all embarrassing or flee-worthy.

  17. For the record, I did NOT contribute to the evilness. But, I do think you looked gorgeous and handled yourself very well. Numerous okays and all! ;)

  18. You are so cute! You looked amazing and you handled all of that very well, even if you were nervous. Please don't flee to Mexico - at least not before you get published. I don't think anyone would have put up with their followers so well. You = awesome.

  19. You look GREAT. Truly.

    But, "I have a great propinquity for the shrubs"?! I knew I should have told you to look up my word. :P

  20. PJ: Aw, thanks. I think your vlog is WAY better, but I'm just happy I survived. And thanks for the compliment, you're so sweet.

    Sarah: Oh please, you LOVE to say I told you so and you know it. :) But thanks and ooo--Canada. Now there's an EXCELLENT idea. Break out the extra blankets, I'm coming to visit. :)

    Mariah: Aw, thanks. I was SO scared. Glad everyone else is enjoying.

    Karen: This is true, you weren't part of the evil ness--something I am VERY grateful for. So thank you. And yes, there was NO shortage of the word "okay." Now I'm checking my draft to make sure I don't do it there.

    Heather: Aw, thanks Heather. You are so sweet. All right, I'll stay out of Mexico today. But I *might* still have some tequila. Ole!

    Q: LOL. I'm sure no one will believe this, but I actually did that on purpose, thinking it might be funnier if I mis-used it (I figured people wanted as MUCH Shannon Shame as they could get) Plus it was used in the poem.'s fine if they think I'm a dumb blonde too. Sometimes I am. :)

  21. Okay, first? Okay, you were adorable. Okay? Okay. And it was hysterical. Okay, I was laughing so hard when you totally called me out. Okay. As my name was the only one you actually mentioned, okay, I think that means you rank my particular brand of, okay, evil as somehow evil-er than the rest. Which is okay with me, okay? Because I can own it.


    And you really should vlog every now and then because you are adorable on camera and this was cool.


    Playtpus Power!!

    *is evil*

  22. Yay its here!!!! Hehe, you were adorable!!! Don't hide, do another! Does this mean you'll make a cameo in the USC seduction video? You're still doing it right, right? Because if you don't then you will have to publicly declare me the Blog Wars champion AND send me a crown--yes a crown and no silly stinking tiaras, I want a queen's crown, with gems and bling and...unless you do your seduction video...then you know, but...seriously made of awesome, do more! You go girl, you've got an agent now:-)

  23. Shannon this was awesome! I bow down to your absolute bravery:)

    But seriously, you looked fantastic in the vlog - very poised and elegant. I could never pull of doing something like this!

    So did you ever make a deal for when you sell your book?

  24. As an habitual lurker, this Vlog was so funny it drew me out into the open. I just had to offer my kudo's for bowing down to your followers!

  25. Thank you! You are awesomesauce. We love you, even if we are a teensy bit evil.

  26. Okay, first "Shannon Shame" should be your new tag line. It's awesome.

    Also, you have a Dundee??? So jealous!!

    And yes, the shrubs deserve your undying devotion. ;)

  27. This is hilarious, adorable, charming, etc. all at the same time. You don't give yourself nearly enough credit. Vlog daily dammit.

    We are SO excited for you! And proud even though we have absolutely nothing to do with your awesomeness.

  28. Seriously, the captions were priceless.

    But I think my favorite part was when you broke character (?!) during the acceptance speech to say that you "officially hated" one of the followers.

    I could not stop laughing. I watched the entire vid. It kind of makes me want to tempt fate and work out the same kind of deal with my own followers. (I'm a little massochistic.)

    Oh, girly. You are brave!

  29. Oh, okay. If it was on purpose, you're quite excused. :)

  30. lol! Aw, it wasn't bad. You are brave and cute! :) Yea for vlogs and deals with the universe!

  31. It was so good I had to watch it again. ;)

  32. That's so funny because when I'm nervous I say okay A LOT. But you so beautiful I think no one cares. besides you are pretty good on camera. Plus I wish I was your age or you my age so we could be best friends, yeah I'm kinda lonely. ( I always say that I WILL die alone, someone come be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyway I love this site and with my lonely life you make me happy and totally make my day.
    With Much Love and Admiration,
    A Loyal Fan and Wannabe Friend


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