Friday, April 2, 2010

The Truth is Out There

Hehe, so...apparently I'm a better liar than I thought, because not a lot of people guessed the right answer. Maybe it helped that there were shades of truth in every lie.

Here's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:

#1: I used to live in an apartment just off Hollywood Blvd, and one of my neighbors was actually Brendan Fraser's dad. No--his son never came to visit, and no--I had no proof that he really was who he said he was. But there was a definite family resemblance, and his last name was Fraser so I'm fairly certain he was telling the truth. 

LIE: The area around Hollywood Blvd is actually pretty shady/scary, so there's no WAY I ever would've lived over there. I lived in an apartment off Los Feliz Blvd, and I did have a neighbor who claimed to have a famous son, but he said he was Christian Slater's father. I have no idea if he was telling the truth, but his last name was Slater and he did look a LOT like an older version of his son, so I'm inclined to believe it was true. But in Hollywood you never know. Plenty of crazies out there...

#2: My classes at USC were mostly filled with people like me--nobodies who had good portfolios and somehow got accepted--but there were a few people with famous parents who got them in. We also had some former child stars. Our biggest 'celebrity' was Elijah Wood, but it was before Lord of the Rings revitalized his career so it wasn't *that* big of a deal.

LIE: I did have a child star in my class, but it wasn't Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings was on the 2nd movie when I was in college.) But he did know Elijah Wood. He worked with him in Radio Flyer. His name was Joseph Mazzello, but you probably know him better as Tim in Jurassic Park.

#3: During the summer between my Junior and Senior year, I took a job as a PA for The Amazing Race. I didn't stay very long because I didn't want to have to travel with the show, but I worked through some of the preliminary preparations, and there's even an early episode where I'm listed (under my maiden name, of course) in the credits.

LIE: I did work as a PA for reality television, but I actually worked for Big Brother. (I wanna say it was Big Brother 4, but it might've been 3.) I still didn't work there very long because the workdays were like 18 hour shifts and I just didn't care enough about the annoying house guests to want to put in those kind of hours. There is one episode with my name in the credits though. 

#4: I interned for a TV Production company during my Senior year, and every Friday (filming day) we'd head to the studio lots for the tapings. Most of the celebrities were really nice--or too busy to notice me--but there was one who was surprisingly rude. David Spade. Despite being such a funny guy on screen, he was a total jerk when I met him, and spent the whole time yelling at my boss because they'd changed his lines again and he was getting sick of all the rewrites. 

LIE: David Spade was awesome when I met him. My boss and I hung out with him in the greenroom and he was cracking jokes about how many lines he had to relearn (apparently his character was one of the only ones with new lines and he had some funny theories about why). Side note: he has awesome hair. Not a split end in sight. I was totally jealous. 

#5: My boss also had really weird friends--and part of my job was to answer all his calls--so I talked to Bob Saget (Danny Tanner on Full House) and Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell) on a pretty regular basis. Their voices are instantly recognizable over the phone, so I usually spent the entire call reminding myself to call them by their real names, not their character names. 

TRUE: My boss had very weird friends. I used to tease him about it. I mean, really, how many people can say they're friends with Mr. Belding? Side note: Bob Saget has a TOTAL pottymouth. If you've ever seen him do stand-up you probably aren't surprised by this, but I'd only seen him as Danny Tanner--twerpiest dad in the world--so I was more than a little stunned by the "F-Bombs'. I was like, "what would DJ and Stephanie think? And poor little Michelle..." :)

#6: During my Senior Film Production class, Stephen Spielberg was on campus to meet with the Dean, and for some reason he decided to sit in on our pitch session. At first we didn't even notice him back there, but once we did, we all got so nervous most of us botched our pitches. He was really nice about it, and when we were done he said they sounded like great projects and left, and we all just sat there like, 'dude, WHAT just happened?'

LIE: This did happen, but to my friend's class, not mine--a fact I was SUPREMELY relieved about. By Senior year I'd already realized what a wrong fit I was for Hollywood, so I think I would have died if I'd had to pitch one of my silly ideas (most of which were things like 'lonely tumbleweeds finding true love') with Stephen Spielberg in the room. The class it happened to was pretty stoked about it though. And in case you're wondering, yes, at USC it was not all that uncommon for someone like Spielberg or Lucas to be on campus. It certainly wasn't an every day thing, but since they donate HUGE sums of money to the program, they would occasionally stop by to meet with the Dean. USC Film School was definitely its own little world. 

#7: Probably my favorite celebrity that I met was Judd Nelson. I'm a HUGE Brat Pack fan--even though it was before my time--so I totally had to bite my cheek to keep from giggling and saying "I LOVED YOU IN THE BREAKFAST CLUB" when I met him--especially because I was working at the time and it would have been horribly unprofessional. He was really nice though, and even remembered my name when we said goodbye. I think the memory of him saying, "Goodbye Shannon" will stay with me forever. :)

LIE: Though it is true if you swap in the name Rob Lowe and switch it to "I LOVED YOU IN ST. ELMO'S FIRE!" I met him when he was working on a very short lived legal drama and the day I was there he was practicing for a fight scene, so he was in work out clothes--which was AWESOME. He was very nice and did remember my name when he said goodbye and OMG he is VERY good looking in real life. 

So there you go. The truth is out there...
*cue X Files music*
(MAN I'm a nerd today!)

Thanks to everyone who guessed, I have awarded your extra entries. And for those of you who guessed right, you definitely got your five entries. Well done you!


  1. Very nice. I wasn't even going to guess but it was fun to see the post and some other people making guesses.

    OMG I was surprised when I heard Saget do standup by the language too. It seems weird when you see an actor/tess/etc in a certain role and then see something opposite the character.

    I have one up on my blog with a find the truth statement. Only one guess so far and it's wrong. lol

    Good times.

  2. CONGRATS to those who guessed correctly - mine was blatantly wrong...BUT it was really fun trying to guess.

    Thanks for the teaser!!

  3. I'm thinking a lot of people lie about having famous relatives in Hollywood. The chances of being called out are minimal I'm guessing.

  4. Go me with the David Spade thing!

  5. Yay! I guessed correctly. I knew you'd never mention anything about Bob Saget unless it was true.

  6. Wrong again - I never get these things right! Fun truth though :)

  7. Wow girl! All those things are awesome! It's good to know that David Spade and Rob Lowe are so nice ;o) He was great in St Elmo's Fire, wasn't he? *sigh*

    Congrats to the correct guessers!!

  8. Dawn: Yeah, it's SO weird. I mean, you know they're actors, so you know they're different in real life. But it's still bizarre when you learn HOW different they are.

    Ann: LOL, well, you're a new follower. How could you really do anything other than stab in the dark? Good try. :)

    Alex: Whoo Hoo--well done you. Hope the extra entries help!

    PJ: Oh, I'm sure. Hollywood is FULL of people lying and overhyping themselves. I always wondered if he was lying. But there was a DEFINITE resemblance, so who knows? :)

    Bossy Betty: LOL. I only met him once, so that's hardly an accurate representation of his personality. But he was nice when I met him. :)

    Karen: Heh, that actually was why I went with that one as the truth. I figured people would wonder how I even knew that Dennis Haskins was the guy who played Mr. Belding unless it was true. :)

    Jemi: Aw, these are hard. If I had read them in a vlog you TOTALLY would've known I was lying. Poker face I do not have. :)

    Erica: LOVED him in St. Elmo's Fire. And lol, good try. I guess I made this harder than I realized. :)

  9. Never would have guessed it so awesome job! You were so descriptive it was hard! That was fun though!!

  10. Oh, man! You got me! Darn. LOL! :-)

  11. I'm late to congratulate you on signing with an agent, but better late than never. Congrats!!! You definitely have to write a "how I got my agent" column for Guide to Literary Agents. That story is priceless.

  12. You spin a great story! All of these were entertaining.

  13. Great lies and truth! Enjoyed reading them!

  14. Man you're good! Haha, thanks for sharing. :)

    Also, I gave you a blog award!

  15. Damn...too late. These are awesome! You are a fabulous liar...should we be worried?


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