Saturday, April 10, 2010

Several Things on a Saturday

I'm still in Arizona, but our hotel has free WiFi (LOVE the free WiFi!) so I still had time to put together a post--which is good because I have some seriously cool things to tell you about.

First of WAS AMAZING!!!! I mean, I knew that already, but OMG, wow. Best. Concert. Ever. Even my husband--who's not really a fan (he claims they're too artsy *rolls eyes*)--had to admit they put on an awesome show. I could go on and on with all the details, but...I think these pictures say it way better than I can:

Yes, those are giant eyeball balloons filled with red confetti. They launched them over the floor section during Plug-in Baby. 

In case you're wondering, YES, they played all my favorite songs. No, I didn't die (the crowd was actually completely tame--NOTHING on the Paramore concert I went to a few months ago where I seriously almost died. Twice.) And yes, I already want to go see them again. I dare anyone to go to a Muse concert and not walk away a fan.

Oh, and no--I didn't see Stephenie Meyer (nor did I try to track her down. I'm sure she was in some elite backstage only-for-VIPs kind of place). But she was definitely there. When they played Supermassive Black Hole they said, "This one's for you, Stephenie." So yeah. Weird.

Anyway, enough about Muse (because I could go on endlessly about them).

I also HAVE to remind everyone that today is the LAST DAY TO ENTER MY AGENT SIGNING CELEBRATION. I'll close the contest to entries at Midnight (PST) tonight and post the winners tomorrow. So if you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for? Go! 

And while you're gone, make sure you also stop by my amazing, awesome, adorable CP Sarah Wylie's blog today. Not only has she posted a picture of herself--FINALLY--but um, rumor has it she might have her Publisher's Marketplace listing posted (and if it's not there yet check back, it'll be up soon! In fact, click the follow button because she has some HUGE things coming up--and no, I'm not referring to my upcoming guest blog.) I already knew her book and book deal were amazing...but there's just something about seeing it in PM that gets me a little choked up.  Congratulations Sarah! *sends more virtual Twizzlers to celebrate* :)

And--last but not least--I'm actually making progress on my revisions! Still a long way to go of course, but I think I'm past the biggest hurdle: the OMG-I-Can't-Do-This-I-Suck-And-I-Should-Just-Give-Up-Now hurdle.  I sent some chapters to my CPs yesterday, and while I did get some notes--of course--they both think I'm really close to nailing them. So that's three chapters almost down and...well...let's not think about how many more there are to go. The point is, I'm moving right along. So yay!

Okay, I think that pretty much covers it. Have a great day everyone and stop by tomorrow when I announce the contest winners. I can't wait to see who wins!!!!! :)


  1. You got to see Muse?! Aaaaah! I freaking love Muse! You got som really good pictures. :)

  2. Did the play Invincible? I heart that song. Glad you had a smashing time. Post more pics! :)

    (Twizzlers. Yuck. *cringes*)

  3. So glad you are having some great "shannon time" ;o) (and see you can do that AND work on the revisions...)

    Oh & Karen - Yuck to Twizzlers?? Girl - you must be crazy! lol)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  4. Don;t know Muse but the colors on the stage are dazzling! Glad you had fun. Congrats on the signing.

  5. Glad you had fun!! I really want some Twizzlers right now... I call them breakfast food!

  6. Sounds like you are having way too much fun, girl! Did Sara approve this? Ha ha ha. :-) I'm glad to hear your revisions are coming along. Keep swimming...just keep swimming...

  7. Great photos. I saw them at Christmas and they threw out the confetti balls too, but I was too far away to see that they were eyeballs. Next time I need to be closer!

  8. See - you can combine a splash of fun with that mountain of work you have! You give us inspiration Shannon. Glad to see you feel in a better psychological frame of mind!

    THANKS for finding time to post.

  9. Love free internet!

    It's been ages since I've been to a concert. Years. Far too long. I'm thinking the shows have come a long way.

    I'm so glad you've having fun!

  10. Aww, thank you!!! You are awesome! And I'll stop saying that when it stops being true, so....never? Virtual Twizzlers back at you!

    The concert looks ah-mazing! And see, we *all* knew you'd own revisions! GO Shannon!

  11. I am so jealous. If I had a babysitter I would have been there.

  12. I missed the Muse show here. Partially due to lack of funds.

    I love Paramore shows! They're coming here in May!

  13. So glad your concert turned out to be fabulous! Awesome :)

  14. I am so seriously jealous. I love Muse.


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