Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extra Contest Entires--No lie!

Okay, there will be lies. 
Six of them. 
And one truth. 

But there will also be extra contest entries!!!!!

See, I figured that--given the date--no one would take today's post seriously, no matter what I wrote about. And I've been meaning to fulfill this award for weeks:
So it seemed like the perfect time. 

I also know a lot of you are REALLY hoping to win the amazing books I'm giving away, so I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of passing this award on to people who've probably already won it, I'm just going to post the seven things and everyone who guesses which one is true will get five--yes FIVE--extra entries in the contest!!!!! And, because I love comments, I'll also give ONE extra entry to everyone who guesses wrong. 

Okay, so without further ado, here are six lies and one truth about my years spent pursuing a career in Hollywood. 
(We'll see how bad I am at lying...)

#1: I used to live in an apartment just off Hollywood Blvd, and one of my neighbors was actually Brendan Fraser's dad. No--his son never came to visit, and no--I had no proof that he really was who he said he was. But there was a definite family resemblance, and his last name was Fraser so I'm fairly certain he was telling the truth. 

#2: My classes at USC were mostly filled with people like me--nobodies who had good portfolios and somehow got accepted--but there were a few people with famous parents who got them in. We also had some former child stars. Our biggest 'celebrity' was Elijah Wood, but it was before Lord of the Rings revitalized his career so it wasn't *that* big of a deal.

#3: During the summer between my Junior and Senior year, I took a job as a PA for The Amazing Race. I didn't stay very long because I didn't want to have to travel with the show, but I worked through some of the preliminary preparations, and there's even an early episode where I'm listed (under my maiden name, of course) in the credits.

#4: I interned for a TV Production company during my Senior year, and every Friday (filming day) we'd head to the studio lots for the tapings. Most of the celebrities were really nice--or too busy to notice me--but there was one who was surprisingly rude. David Spade. Despite being such a funny guy on screen, he was a total jerk when I met him, and spent the whole time yelling at my boss because they'd changed his lines again and he was getting sick of all the rewrites. 

#5: My boss also had really weird friends--and part of my job was to answer all his calls--so I talked to Bob Saget (Danny Tanner on Full House) and Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell) on a pretty regular basis. Their voices are instantly recognizable over the phone, so I usually spent the entire call reminding myself to call them by their real names, not their character names. 

#6: During my Senior Film Production class, Stephen Spielberg was on campus to meet with the Dean, and for some reason he decided to sit in on our pitch session. At first we didn't even notice him back there, but once we did, we all got so nervous most of us botched our pitches. He was really nice about it, and when we were done he said they sounded like great projects and left, and we all just sat there like, 'dude, WHAT just happened?'

#7: Probably my favorite celebrity that I met was Judd Nelson. I'm a HUGE Brat Pack fan--even though it was before my time--so I totally had to bite my cheek to keep from giggling and saying "I LOVED YOU IN THE BREAKFAST CLUB" when I met him--especially because I was working at the time and it would have been horribly unprofessional. He was really nice though, and even remembered my name when we said goodbye. I think the memory of him saying, "Goodbye Shannon" will stay with me forever. :)

Okay, there you go. Leave your guesses in the comments (and make sure you let me know what name you entered the contest under) and I'll reveal the lies and truths tomorrow. And if you haven't entered the contest yet, make sure you fill out the form before April 10th.

Can't wait to see who gets this right!


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  2. I'm guessing the truth is the one about Brendan Fraser's dad. Not sure why that feels true to me... I entered the contest under Kris Asselin. BTW, I'm totally stealing your contest idea WHEN I sign with an agent...really cool idea. ;)

  3. My guess would #6, not sure why but is a total wow, moments and just feels right lol.

    Cool idea on this one..

  4. I'm with Kris on this. I think that
    NUMBER 1
    is the correct one. I deleted my first reply as I realised (horror!) that I'd misread the question!
    YEP - #1.

  5. I'm going to guess #2. I've yet to be right on this award, but hey...gotta try!

  6. I think 7 is the truth, or it might be that would be the one I would want to be true if it was me.

  7. Wow, they all sounded really good. You must be a better liar than you think. ;)

    I'm going to guess #6 because celebrities have normal lives to and I've seen a couple in every day situations. (For instance, MC Hammer and his wife and kids were on my flight back in my college days. And that was the 90's.) So, I can imagine Spielberg dropping into a class like that.

  8. I'm going to guess number 5

    pirate_pony2 at yahoo dot com

  9. I'm absolutely horrible at guessing lies with no body language clues (and I'm not always so good then), so let me start by saying, I have no idea! : )

    But I'll guess #2.

    : )

  10. Ooh difficult. I'm going to say #1 purely because i went to highschool with a girl who's dad was business partners with Matt Damon's dad.
    She got all the cool autographed pics...

  11. Oh Number Four. It's Number Four.

  12. I'd go with #4 because I actually have heard David Spade isn't the nicest person in the world.

  13. That was amazingly hard, because I believed any of them was possible, even probable. But I've picked #3 and crossed my fingers and toes.

  14. I can never figure these out, but I'll guess number five. It's always fun to play.

  15. what a weird & wacky collection of 'truths'.

    Okay I totally want it to be #3 because I <3 the Amazing Race, but I am going to guess #5 just for the sheer weirdness of the two people you

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  16. Oh, those are so hard! I'm going to go with #3. :-)

  17. Tough one. I am going to go with #2 though.

    Donna S

  18. See, I just can't believe #1 because poor college student living right off of Hollywood Blvd? I don't care how many roommates you might've had, I've heard that place is insanely expensive. So nope.

    I WANT to pick #6 because that just sounds so so cool, but... almost too cool (I hope Spielberg is a nice guy in real life). So for the sake of being too cool, I'm going to nix it (I hope I'm not wrong on that one).

    I'm gonna have to say #5 because it has just enough of the weird and obscure to be plausible. Funny thing is, I remember Bob Saget more from America's Funniest Home videos than from Full House. And plus, you trying to remember to call them by their real names instead of their character names sounds just like you. :)

    Although, that Amazing Race one sounds good too (any hint on a season so I can verify you in the credits?) :)

  19. I'm picking #6 just because I want Steven Spielberg to be that nice although I could also see others being true too. I'm not really good at these games but it's worth a shot!

    I can't remember if I entered as Stephanie or Bookworm1858.

  20. I started out reading everyone elses comments and then decided to go with my gut....

    number 3!! No reason as to why, but there it is.

    great stories to tell though.

  21. I think the David Spade one is true. I can imagine him being a jerk.

  22. Well, considering I had a TRUE Amazing Race story, I think that one is a lie.

    It's a tough call but I think ummm, #5 is the truth. ;)

  23. I'm going to say Elijah Wood - I do love LotR :)

  24. Okay, I'm guessing...#5, just because your life is WAY more interesting than mine, so of course you'd be bffs with Danny from Full House.

  25. 6 seems like its the truth.

    (This is the same account I used to enter, the giveaway.)

  26. Okay, I know I'm a day late - but I haven't looked at the post for today, so I'm going to take a guess. The last one #7 the one about Judd Nelson, I think that one's the truth. *off to check and see what the answer is*

    Nice stuff there ;o)


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