Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Several Awesome Things...

Wow--there's so many amazing things going on right now I don't know where to start. So I guess I'll start with this:

Deep Freeze
In another major YA acquisition before the Bologna Book Fair, Ben Schrank at Razorbill pre-empted North American rights to the debut novel by high school teacher Beth RevisAcross the UniverseMerrilee Heifetz at Writers House brokered the deal, which is for three books, and Universe is scheduled for spring 2011. In the novel, set in the near future, a teenager is cryogenically frozen only to thaw too soon, before arriving at the new planet that's her destination. Set to wake 300 years in the future, She rouses 50 years too early, still on a spaceship in transit. Schrank said he thinks the book will do for popular sci-fi what The Hunger Games did for postapocalyptic fiction. Rights have been pre-empted in the U.K. (by Razorbill UK, which will do a joint publication with Penguin USA) and Germany, and sales have also closed in France and Greece.

Yes, that's right, Beth Revis--an awesome blogger who I HIGHLY recommend you all immediately go follow--has an INCREDIBLE book deal! 

*Tosses Confetti*

*Happy Dances for Beth*

So huge, HUGE congratulations to Beth and...um...I REALLY want an ARC so, Beth, if you're reading this...*bats eyelashes*

ALSO...um...not sure if you know this--though you SHOULD--but, today is a day I've been counting down to because Kimberly Derting's highly anticipated debut novel THE BODY FINDER hits stores! 
I don't know about you, but I can't WAIT to pick up my copy!

Lastly--I don't know if you guys noticed...but...I HIT 400 FOLLOWERS YESTERDAY!!!! So you know what that means:

Stop by tomorrow for all the details. And stay tuned these next couple weeks. Cool things are happening and I promise there will be news and Shannon Shame and contests galore!

And now I'm off to the bookstore!


  1. At the SCBWI conference in NYC Ben Schrank talked about Beth's book and how it arrived for him to read, the chills he got reading the opening scene, how much he loved the story etc.

    Beth's deal is amazing but for me, personally, to sit in that conference room and listen to Ben talk so passionately about his love for Beth's story was so heart and soul touching.

    May we all be talented enough to have someone like Ben has such passion about our work.

    BIG congrats to Beth.

  2. Wonderful news! Congrats on the followers... ;o)

  3. WOO! (for everything) Also, you rhymed at the end, and I liked it. Lol. Congrats on 400!!

  4. Wow. You're full of good news today aren't ya?! I love it. :-)

    Hurray for Beth!

  5. All of these things are great! Congrats on your 400 followers. That's awesome.

  6. The bookstores are killing my wallet. Sooo many good books I want every week!

  7. Congrats to Beth and congrats on hitting 400 followers!

  8. Karen: Wow--that's so cool. I got chills reading that. Thanks so much for sharing and yes--HUGE congrats to Beth!

    Frankie: Yes--I'll join you in a Whoo Hoo.

    Southern Princess: Aw, thanks. It's such a nice, perfect, round number right now. I love it.

    Amanja J: LOL--I did not even NOTICE that! I guess that's what happens when I write these posts at 1am.

    Shannon: I AM. There's so much good stuff going on right now--it's crazy. And yes, Hooray for Beth!

    Kayleen: Aw, thank you. :)

    Catie: I KNOW! It's true. But I try to think of it as...supporting the publishing industry. ;)

    Kristi: Aw, thanks. And yes, Congrats to Beth.

    Myrna: Me too--when it's good. And I'm sure Beth's is amazing!

    (Again, Beth, what's a girl gotta do to get an ARC?) :)

  9. Congrats on 400! I too accomplished that this week! :)

  10. Yay for all! Go Beth! That's awesome news ;o)

  11. That is awesome news for Beth and for the rest of us YA sci/fi writers. I've always heard sci/fi was tough to sell in YA, but now who knows:)

    Congrats on reaching 400 followers!

  12. 400 followers? Very impressive. Can't wait for contest/Shannon Shame!

    *goes to check out Beth's blog*

  13. Just got my copy in the mail! hoorah!

    And, GO BETH! What a week!

  14. I can't wait to pick up my copy of The Body Finder! And I am so happy for Beth!

  15. Good books, good books to come, and 400 followers. What a week!!!


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