Monday, March 8, 2010

Query Wars!!!!

First of all, thank you so much for all the kind comments and emails last week while I was sick--I really enjoyed reading them. I'm not totally better yet, but my doctor has me on some pretty heavy antibiotics so I'm definitely on the mend. Which means...back to blogging! (*ominous music sounds*)

So, I thought I'd get back in the swing by announcing that I've officially entered Query Wars!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...actually...I entered 2 weeks ago. 


I know, I'm a horrible blogger for keeping you guys in the dark. 

But...I was a little afraid to post about it. I've heard querying can be a long and frustrating process and I was concerned the announcement would be a little anti-climactic. But it has been a VERY interesting two weeks, and some things are moving a lot quicker than I thought they would so it's time to let you guys know.

I can't tell you what response I've gotten yet--and I know that sounds coy--but I can say that I *might* have BIG news soon, and I promise to announce it the second I do. the meantime, I thought I'd share the story of how I ended up in the Query pool in the first place, since, as some of you might remember, I was more than a little reluctant to jump in.

Really, it came down to three things: 

(have you noticed how all shenanigans seem to happen there?)

(spork wielding ninja who's NOT afraid to kick my butt)


(yes that's right. THE Bree Despain!)
Amazing author of The Dark Divine

Yeah...nothing in my life is ever normal. Especially when Twitter is involved.

Here's how it all went down:

Poor C.J. has been stuck with me since I took her query workshop (which is AWESOME, btw) and sometimes I email her for advice. So I bombed her with one of my ENDLESS emails asking her opinion of my general querying readiness, and the next thing I know, she hunts me down on Twitter with a new hashtag just for me: #hitsend.

So we're tweeting back and forth (mostly me whining and stressing and panicking and C.J. threatening me with Sporks of Doom and telling me to #hitsend) and--as so often happens on Twitter--our conversation acquired some Twitter Stalkers. (C.J. has some SERIOUS Twitter minions) Pretty soon I had 4 or 5 people hounding me to #hitsend and I'm trying to fend them all off with my insecure doubts, and they're tweeting back with various toilet and excrement related metaphors (it's amazing how many different ways a group of writers can say "crap or get off the pot") Which is when Bree Despain entered the fray.

Not gonna lie--having a writer I admire use her tweets to tell me to query had QUITE an impact. And, it brought the Twitter Stalkers in FORCE.  I was flooded with so many @replies I couldn't keep up with them all and #hitsend was coming dangerously close to trending. And right when I was considering signing off Twitter, dying my hair, and fleeing to Mexico to escape the pressure, Bree dropped the ultimate bomb and announced that she would not resume her work on The Dark Divine 2 until I #hitsend (I'm sure she was kidding, but it was enough to cause the @replies to double).

So...after a few more minutes of hemming and hawing (and gawking at how many new followers I was getting because of the #hitsend fiasco--I seriously jumped like 30 Twitter followers in one hour) I did the thing I thought I'd never have the courage to do. I proofread my queries one final time, and I #hitsend. And it's been a crazy, roller coaster two weeks ever since. 

Now, I can't be sure of course, but I *think* that might be one of the strangest "how I found the courage to query stories" out there--but you tell me. How did you scrape together the courage to #hitsend (or mail those envelopes if you're going the snail mail route)? And if you haven't gotten there yet, how do you think you'll find the confidence to do it? Or will you need me to sick the Twitter minions on you?  ;)


  1. Two things:

    1. Good for you for finally sending out the damn queries and if I'd been tracking these fiascos on Twitter #hitsend would damn well have trended even if I had to enlist my worldwide botnet of zombie computers and the Cray supercomputer in my basement to get it done. Geez!

    2. Please sic the Twitter minions on me. How about a #getthedamnbookwrittenandstopscrewingaroundonTwitter hash? Let's get that trending, shall we?

    And tell Bree I said hi, and I love her work. Okay, maybe that's creepy. Don't tell her I said hi. But do tell her I love her work. 'Cause I'm sure I would if I read it, so it's not that much of a stretch, really. Is it?

  2. Yay - good for you!!! But, why leave us in such suspense?!?!? I'm on the edge of my seat.... :)

  3. You know what? I really wasn't that scared to do it. I don't know why. I guess I figured it like this: If I don't query anyone, I'll never get rejected, but I'll also never be published unless I do it myself. But if I do send out queries, I'll get rejected, but I also might NOT get rejected. So basically I decided that if I wanted to be published, I had to do it. And that was that.

  4. Haha, yeah you definitely don't want the hordes of fans of Bree Despain breathing down your neck. Especially when her new book is on the line. I'm not surprised you took the plunge after that. I would have dove in headlong to escape their wrath. :)

  5. Wow! That's awesome! I really need to get back to tweeting, I miss all the good stuff. Congrats on hitting send! I can't wait to hear your good news!

  6. I love that story so much! I'm actually excited to query...if only my book was ready. I'm sure about 10 rejections in though I'll be depressed and reaching for the ice cream and "redact the email" button!

    Congrats, good for you (you coy lady)!!

  7. Great story. Can't wait to hear the announcement of your good news. I know it will be VERY soon.;)

  8. Simon: LOL. Yes, I was VERT lucky you weren't around when that was going down. I have no doubt the shenanigans would have been exponentially worse. And I will be happy to harass you to #getthedamnbookwrittenandstopscrewingaroundonTwitter. I'll rally the minions. ;)

    Jennifer: LOL, aw, I'm sorry. I promise I will tell you as soon as I have something definite.

    Anne: Ah, what a healthy, rational approach you have. I'm sure I would have gotten there someday...but it probably would have taken months of stress and worry first. Someday I aspire to be rational like you. ;)

    Heather: I KNOW! Who knew there could be anything more scary than querying?

    Valerie: Yes, Twitter misses you. It is a huge time suck though, so I've been trying to keep it in check myself. And yes, I promise a full update as soon as I can.

    Heather: LOL, I'll admit it's definitely a roller coaster of emotions. But I'll be ready to cheer you on if you need it. (And OMG- don't you WISH they had a "redact the email" button. I seriously need one of those)

    Karen: Why thank you. It probably will be soon. But...I don't want to jinx it so that's all I'll say--for now.

  9. Wait...I get introduced as a spork wielding ninja (all true, but still) and Bree gets "THE Bree Despain"?

    *gives you the Beady Eye*

    I should get THE spork wielding ninja. Bree will agree. *runs to enlist her support* *again*

  10. Good for you finally getting the courage to #hitsend! I can't wait to read any news you have on the subject. I'm not at the query stage yet (hope to be in September)- but I'm guessing I'll need someone to kick my butt. I can only imagine how scary it must really be when you are finally at the stage. Just thinking of the rejections I'll face turns my stomach. Okay- stop talking negative, Kelly. Happy for you! So, are you able to work on new stuff while you're waiting?

  11. Congrats on entering the query wars. Can't wait to hear your mysterious news. :)

  12. I'm learning about this whole twitter thing! I'll have to make sure I'll search for you!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed my snippet!

    Sandra Bullock is amazing!!! Her speech made me love her even more! Her husband Jesse was fantastic, tearing up for her! She was amazing, I'm sure everyone was proud!

  13. CJ: Oh noes, not the beady eye! You're right, you should have been THE spork wielding ninja with masses of twitter minions and an awesome query workshop. I'll keep that in mind next time. No need to bring back your minions. ;)

    Kelly: Aw, thanks. I'll be HAPPY to kick you in the butt if you need it. I have Twitter minions too. And yes, I'm starting to work on something new, but...I might be having to think about revision again soon, so I'm brainstorming that too.

    Frankie: Hehe. Now hurry up and finish your revisions so you can be in the query pool with me!

    Jen: Aw, yes. I'm @packratx, and I'd love to have another minion--er--Twitter friend. ;)

    Myrna: Aw, thanks. You're always such a sweet support. :)

  14. Shannon #1 - you are totally awesome. I have my fingers crossed for you, big-time, and can't wait to hear more.

    I have an award for you. :-)

  15. I'm not quite there yet - and I'm more than a little terrified of the minions. :) I'm not sure I'll let anyone know what's going on either!

  16. Welcome! The water's fine see? Don't mind the sharks, once they bite you get used to the sting of rejection pretty quick. But you won't have to worry about that because YOU have talent and it shows!!! Can't wait for that "call" post. I'll be keeping my eye on you.

  17. Shannon: Aw, thanks. And you are WAY to kind. I think you've given me more awards than anyone. *tear*

    Jemi: LOL--don't hide in the shadows too long or my minions will attack. ;)

    T. Anne: Yay! A fellow swimmer. And thank you so much. That compliment just made my day. I promise, there will be a "call" post as soon as there's a "call"

    Lisa and Laura: Hoorah back! Let the battle begin!

  18. Wellwellwell! You secret-keeper, you. I can't wait to hear the news.

  19. That story is most definitely unique.

    Glad you found the courage to hit send!

    Good luck.



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