Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Have a "Serious" Problem!

So...I don't know how it happened, but somehow over the last year I picked up a very bad habit and I can't seem to kick it--no matter how hard I try. Let's see if you can guess what it is from this actual conversation I just had with my wonderful husband (MWH):

Hey--did you know Miley Cyrus is mentoring everyone on Idol tonight?


Yep. What's she going going to do, teach them how to sing pitchy and annoy everyone?

*rolls eyes* 

You're doing it again.

 I am?

Yep. Seriously.

*grits teeth* 
*Flings pillow at his head*
*misses completely*
*almost breaks picture frame*
*stomps off to write a blog post about it*

So...somehow I've started spewing out the word "seriously" 20 or 30 times a day without even realizing it. It's a noun. A verb. An adjective. An answer. A question. It's OUT. OF. CONTROL!!!! 

And the worst part is: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP IT!!!! 

I've tried to kick dude, awesome, like, super, and all from my vocabulary for years--and it's not happening. (What? I'm a Californian--that's like, our accent. Totally.)

And now I have to add another one? 

AHHH--see it's a disease!

And it's especially bad, because, yanno, I'm trying to be taken seriously as a writer (I know, I KNOW--but that was a proper usage!) and, well, it probably won't help if I sound like my vocabulary is limited to a collection of Valley Girl-esque words. 

So I am begging you guys! Anyone have any tips for weeding out word abuse? Or do any of you have any words you can't help but overuse so I won't have to feel so alone in my issues? I can't be the only one, can I?


  1. Totally and like are trying to destroy the use of my awesome vocabulary, which is quite annoying. You are not alone!

  2. lol you are NOT alone. My vocabulary is littered with the following:

    Crazzazzy (yeah I know... lol)
    Meshugana (yes I know it is yiddish..but come on SO FUN TO SAY!)

    as for weeding it out..I used to say LIKE a lot. Yep all the time. I just dropped it out of nowhere. I don't know how to help but at least it isn't a curse word..in college, while living with a few people who weren't from the South, I picked up a fairly nasty word that seemed to pop up ALL the time - my hubby put an end to that one. One night he just happened to say: You cuss like a sailor, did you know that? When I thought about it he was right - so I cut it out (though it still pops up every now and then *blushes*)

    Good luck with the weeding...I will wish you non-"Seriously" good thoughts

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  3. Ah, that reminds me of Grey's Anatomy! "Seriously?"

    The closes thing I probably have to verbal tick is, "uh, yeah."

  4. I have a problem too. When I get really excited, I still use "like." What the heck? It is 2010, right? So why does this word still come out of my mouth?

  5. I just got rid of dude...and it was HARD!

    I'll keep my seriously, thank you very much.

    Good luck!



  6. I'm aware that I write awesome a lot, but I don't think I say it too often. But hey, it's what makes you you.

  7. You are absolutely not the only one- seriously :) I use that word, I also use, "like," and I also use, "I know right?" And sometimes, I don't know, right!!! And I must say, I heard about Miley Cyrus mentoring people on American Idol tonight during my drive this morning. I was thinking the same thing...seriously?

  8. I'm actually relieved--I talk like that, too. I also say "I know, right?" about ten times a conversation if I'm agreeing with someone. I'm worried that people will think I'm sixteen (I look like I'm sixteen, to top it off, no matter how much push up bra or makeup I wear) and not buy my books :-P Who wants a sixteen year old writing adult books?

    See, and I was about to write "dude" we should have some sort of... contest thing to see if we can kick the habit. I wonder if there IS a way to make a contest out of this...

  9. Um, seriously? I blame Grey's Anatomy. We probably removed over 100 "seriouslies" from our manuscript. SERIOUSLY.

  10. I'm addicted to just, so, dude, and anything resembling an adverb. When you find the cure for seriously, let me know. Maybe it will help for my addictions too. :-)

  11. I discovered my verbal tick when my toddler came up to me and said, "What the crap!" over and over again. I didn't even realize I said it until that moment.

    The only thing that has worked for me to kick speech things is to be really, really conscious of it and substitute that word with something else. (What the crap? I mean, oh dear.) They say habits take 21 days to replace, so good luck.

  12. Um. heh. I'm no help at all. I say seriously, all the time. Its a disease.

  13. LOL, I need to strip all my anecdotes of the word "apparently"

    Apparently, when I tell people something that just happened, I'm always using the word apparently.

    Dammit, I did it again! ;)

  14. I'm bad about saying "basically" and "essentially"!

  15. You're asking the wrong person. I use "like" way too much. And "seriously" --gah, you might have picked it up from me. *blushes*

    BUT SERIOUSLY, what the heck is Miley Cyrus doing "mentoring" on American Idol? I can't even wrap my brain around it. WHY?!!! It's not April yet, it can't be April Fool's.


  16. Hah!
    I went through a stage of saying "I know, right?" for awhile, and my sister wanted to kill me every time.
    good times.

  17. Okay, so, dude, you're not the only one! Ha ha! I got all three of mine in this one sentence. And seriously, is there anything wrong with using a word all the time? Dude, no.

    Ha ha!

  18. Too funny ... I've noticed the same thing, except with a slight variation ... I always catch myself saying, "Are you serious?!" :-)

  19. Dorkvader: LOL. Glad I'm not the only one who struggles.

    Southern Princess: Meshugana? I *think* that might take the prize for strangest word to abuse. I'm not even sure how I would work that into a sentence, much less get to the point of using it almost unconsciously. I think I need an example... ;)

    Summer: Huh--I've never seen Grey's Anatomy. (I know, I KNOW!) but cool, then I'm REALLY not the only one with this problem. And "um yeah" is another vice of mine. Should've had that on the list with the others.

    Portia: I KNOW! We're all trapped in the 80's with our "like"s. It won't go away!

    Storyqueen: You got rid of DUDE? I am seriously impressed. I'm sorry, there's no other way to say that!

    TerryLynnJohnson: So I should think of it as my Trademark. Hm...what an AWESOME rationalization. ;)

    M. Hockaday: Yay, another "seriously" offender. I'm starting to think that maybe we're just the cool people. ;) And honestly, I think there really is no other reaction to the news about Miley Cyrus on idol. Seriously producers, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

    Alexandra: A contest would be good motivation, but I have NO idea how something like that would work. If you figure it out let me know, I'd be happy to get in on it and see if together we can kick the habit.

    Lisa and Laura: Wow, I'll have to watch Grey's Anatomy now and see where this "seriously" reference comes from. And wow, I haven't checked my MS for them. That is a scary, SCARY thought!

    Shannon: I definitely will--though I'm not sure there IS a cure. And "just" is another vice of mine. *Sighs* I have so many!

    Kayleen: Ah yes, kids are AWESOME for things like that. And at least it was What the Crap, and not something much, much worse. ;)

    Elegant Snobbery: Heh--well, at least I'm not alone. ;)

    Tere: Apparently you're not the only one with that problem. And dude, have you noticed how many of these abused words are adverbs. They're even evil in everyday speech!

    Anne: Ooo, basically is a good one. That one crops up into my speech a lot too. Freakin adverbs.

    Sarah: SO ITS YOUR FAULT! You know, as my CP you're supposed to make me a better writer--not bring out my Valley Girl tendencies even more. Although, if anything, I have a feeling I'm the one who gave it to you. Seriously. :) And I KNOW. I'm so annoyed about the Miley thing. PLAN on some venting whenever we debrief. Nothing good can come from this.

    Falen: Ooo..."I know right?" How Regina George! (Sorry, I think I've seen Mean Girls WAY too many times.) But you broke the habit. So there's hope for me yet.

    Elana: LOL. That was MASTERFUL language abuse. I knew I loved you for a reason!

    Kelly H-Y: Hm...I think "Are you serious?" is probably better. At least you're not abusing an adverb. :)

  20. I use it, too. Hmm. Maybe I'd better do a word find and make sure it hasn't crept into my WIP.

    I gave you an award. I thought you already had it, but when I scrolled down through your awards, it wasn't there.

  21. Ugh. You already know me so you KNOW I say that word way to much... omg--is it MY fault? Did I rub off on you?

    I also say "I mean" WAY too much.


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  23. lol okay!

    Rather than saying Ah Crap! I unconsciously say;

    Ah Meshugana! (which really translates to Ah Nuts! if you think about it..)

    or I just say Meshugana instead of S**t. Yeah. It is like how some people say Fudge...you get the idea.
    But I also use it as an insult...
    Talking to my best friend:
    What a Meshugana your (soon to be ex) husband is! Who does he think he is telling you what you can & cannot do! Him living miles away doing whatever! The nerve!
    *said in a totally exasperated tone moving my hands dramatically*

    Yes. I am not making that up. My husband just shakes his head when I get going, because some how Meshugana creeps in when I am really upset. He wonders if somewhere I had a Grandma Yeta slipped into my Czech heritage! I have said it since my first year at college. NO IDEA where it came from. ;o)

    Yes Southern girl using terms like Darl'n, honey, sugar, bless my soul & Meshugana...what can I say..We Southerners are eclectic *batslongeyelashesandgrins*

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  24. That's how I am with awesome and amazing. I've been trying to break the habit too, I hope you find it a little easier than I have.

  25. I feel ya. My reply is my phrase that I use 20 or 30 times a day as my response to everything.
    "It is what it is." ;)

  26. Oh girl! I wish I had an answer for you. I do it too ALL the time. I say all those words and more I'm sure.

    I haven't tried to lick the habit yet, too busy trying not to swear... LOL If you find out - let me know - like seriously ;o)

    Good luck to you!

  27. I have a pretty gross story about this, actually. :-\ It was a crazy trip to Vegas, and I went back to my room to pass out. My guy friend came into the room w/ a girl, didn't realize I was there, and started, um, doin' stuff w/ the girl in the other bed. Unfortunately, I woke up and kinda just sat there until they were done. The whole time he was saying "Seriously! Seriously! Seriously!"

    Now I can NOT say or hear "seriously" without thinking about this guy. Awkward.


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