Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Facing My Worst Fear

Okay...maybe it's not my WORST fear. 
That would be spiders. 
Or maybe small spaces. 
Or...*shudders*...a  small space filled with spiders...

(and now I will never sleep again!)

But aside from those terrible, horrible things--which I am now doing everything in my power NOT to think about--I would have to say that this bad boy pretty much encompasses my deepest fear:


Trust me, the camera does NOT love me. 

Think Chandler's awkward smile, with an added dash of dark circles, courtesy of my insomnia, and's not cute. has been brought to my attention quite a few times that my profile picture is not really up to par. (What--you guys don't want to see me hiding behind a coat and giant sunglasses in front of the Tower of London anymore? That's not good enough?) 

So FINE! I'm going to...*gulp*...face the camera--WITHOUT SUNGLASSES--and see if I can find something remotely salvageable to replace my profile picture with.

I make no promises that I'll be successful. For one thing, I'm still sick (yes--it's the sinus infection that won't quit) so even with extra blush I may look a little pale and pathetic. But either way, I'll post it, because frankly--I'm sick of your whining! ;)

So stop by tomorrow for the result. I have a feeling it'll be a heaping dose of Shannon Shame. 


The things I do for you guys...


  1. Haha, I hadn't really noticed before, but you ARE hiding back there! Come on out girl, don't forget we're all tortured, sleepy writers! :) The bigger the bags, the more successful you are!

  2. No way! I never would have guessed.
    I am going to look forward to your pic!

  3. Oh I know what you mean...the camera & I are much like Chandler's smile...too bad we all just can't use Joey instead..... ;o)

  4. I'm sure it will be wonderful. It took me LOTS of pics to get mine, thaks to some fancy editing and changing it to black and white helped ;o)

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  5. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much--Ive seen you take great pictures! :P

  6. I feel your pain. I avoid cameras like the plague. I am decidedly not photogenic and just refuse to have my picture taken. The last one? Passport photo. It was horrifying. I'd rather face the spiders and small spaces, and aside from balloons (don't ask) and cameras, spiders are at the top of the list of my fears, too.

    Good luck!

  7. Good luck.

    I love Chandler's awkward smile lol.

  8. I empathize completely. You just did a wonderful job of describing how I feel about having my picture taken! :-)

  9. I bet your pictures turn out fabulous. ;)

    And, dude, if you recreate Chandler's smile, you'd be a legend. Just something to think about!

  10. Kelly: LOL. Yes, I suppose tired eyes ARE a badge of honor for us writers. Well, I have them and they will be on display tomorrow. *Sighs*

    PJ: Ah--it's true. And eek, okay, but prepare yourself for disappointment.

    Southern Princess: Seriously, where's Joey when you need him! Or maybe I should hire a "stunt shannon" and just have her be the face of my career. :)

    Erica: Black and white does help. Hm...I may have to try that. :) PS-Your picture is adorable.

    Frankie: Oh you have not. You saw some horrible ones from Vegas and that's it. But I'll let you be the judge tomorrow.

    Embee: Yay--photo phobics UNITE. But, you know I HAVE to ask. Um...Balloons? Do tell.

    Steph: Thanks! I'll need it. And hehe, I LOVE that episode.

    Shannon: Hm...maybe Photo Phobia is a common Shannon trait. Course...that wouldn't explain Shannon Elizabeth or Shannon Doherty. *Ponders*

    Sarah: I almost kinda wanna TRY for the Chandler smile. But I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to post it if I achieve it. ;)

  11. This is why my kids feature prominently in my profile pic. They are so much more endearing than I am. Good luck!

  12. I hear ya with the whole picture taking thing- my girlfriend who used to model told me to never have the camera face you straight on (to it at an angle) and slightly tilt your chin downwards- it works for her like a charm. She never takes a bad, I tired that for on my profile picture. Can't wait to see the results!

  13. Oh, I'm sure it will be wonderful! I look forward to seeing your eyes!

    BY THE WAY . . .


    My adult acne is a huge fan. Maybe your raccoon eyes will like it, too? ;)

  14. I HAVE a pic of you without sunglasses and YOU are ADORABLE!!! All I can say is get used to having your pic taken because your fans will want pics with you. Plus there will be all of the event photos. Time to start thinking of the camera as your friend.

  15. lool best of luck facing the camera! i'm certain you'll be FABBBB :D

  16. Kayleen: LOL, yet another reason to have kids. I *tried* to get a cat in there, but they were not having it!

    Kelly: Yeah, I've heard that too. That and "point your nose to the light so it will look smaller" And I think you look cute in your profile pic, btw. ;)

    Stephanie: LOL. Oh yes, I intend to do a "little" tweaking. I really don't know HOW people survived without photoshop. ;)

    LK: I NEVER shoud've let you take that picture--you hold too much power over me. :) And ugh--do you know the photos are the only thing that scares me about events? Public speaking? Meh. Photos? *runs and hides*

    Tahereh: Aw, I WISH you were right. But you can decide for yourself tomorrow. :)

  17. Hehe, I feel the same way and just mustered up the courage to post a pic of myself. If I, the 17 year old who hates almost every last picture taken of her, can post a picture I have faith you can too!

  18. You are adorable...there is absolutely no way the picture will be anything less than fabulous.


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