Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So...I'm still sick--and I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise to ANYONE, since...well, when does a cold only last a day? 


And since this particular cold comes with  fairly wicked fever, I've been trying to stay away from the blogosphere, because who knows what shenanigans fever-blogging could get me into? (especially considering I get myself into PLENTY of shenanigans in my right mind. Blogwars anyone?)

But...I missed you guys. 

So I thought it might be safe to post a couple of my favorite "sick" clips to keep you entertained, and I promise I will be back to my regular blogging schedule as SOON as I kick this thing. 



  1. I hope you feel better asap Shannon!!!!

  2. aww! Two of my FAVORITES!

    So are you Fine-Duh?

    get well *hugs*

  3. Keep resting, you'll feel better soon!

  4. Hang in there! We all hope you feel better pronto! :-)

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself :)

  6. Get better soon! Sleep tends to help, and well if it helps to make you feel better there is an award for you over at my blog.

    Sleep and green tea do wonders! Really get well soon!

  7. Great pics for videos! Oh, I hope you feel better soon - we miss you too ;o) But, seriously, your health is more important ;o)

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