Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apparently It's Time to Torture Shannon

So...I have an agent--which I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now.

What you may NOT know is that a few months ago I caved into peer pressure and made a deal with the devil my followers that when I signed with my dream agent (and I still can't believe I really did sign with my DREAM agent) I would...*gulp*...VLOG.

And not just a normal vlog--cause no, that would've been too easy!
Instead, HERE'S what I agreed to do:

If/When I sign with my dream agent I will record my first vlog and post it for everyone to see. And I promise that in the vlog I will dress up and give a gooey, possibly tearful Academy Awards Style acceptance speech holding some sort of fake trophy.

AND--because I was having a SEVERE lapse in judgement, I added:

I will also let you guys have input into what I say/who I thank in the speech!



I have to VLOG
Dressed up like an idiot
Holding a stupid fake trophy of some sort

*resists the urge to jump into the bathtub with electrical objects*

Now, I made that deal about 3 months ago, and at the time everyone had a lot of fun in the comments giving me things to say. But...they were mostly inside jokes that have since run their course and really aren't funny anymore. So...


Let's try it again!

Leave a comment today and I will do my best to work it into the humiliating speech I have to give. I can only imagine what you guys are going to put me through.

BUT--I did make a few caveats, and I will reiterate them now:

1. No cussing/swearing
2. Keep it clean (I keep this blog PG rated)
3. I will not say anything controversial/political/religious/bound-to-get-me-into-heated-debates
4. I reserve the right to exclude something if I feel it falls into any of the above categories

I want you guys to have fun with this, but I also don't want this vlog to become the beginning and END of my career. And remember, I said you get to control what I SAY in the vlog--not what I do--so no singing/dancing suggestions will be taken. So there!

None-the-less, I have no doubt you evil geniuses will find PLENTY of ways to make this as humiliating as possible for me--and it's all my fault. 

I made the deal. 
I landed the dream agent. 
The time has come. 
I'll try to record the vlog this weekend...


So...have at it. 
*runs and hides*


  1. Whatever happened to that game show segment on YouTube that you were going to post? Or was that for a book deal? Or were you just hoping that those of us who were around back then would forget? ;)

    I think you should say, "Howdy, howdy, howdy" at least once.

    And congratulations again!

  2. I think you should tearfully thank the trees for their sacrifices. I believe that a lot of paper probably led to you scoring your agent, so they deserve a tribute.

    A really meaningful tribute.

    Can't wait for the results!!

  3. I think you need to do the entire thing in pig latin =)

    To go along with what Jade said:

    I would like to thank the trees translates to: Iway ouldway ikelay otay ankthay ethay eestray

    If you need a translator, you can find an easy and free one here:

    ovelay ourya itcray artnerpay araSay

  4. How very brave of you to make this promise in the first place. : )

    And it seems wise to thank family, friends, blog friends & perhaps your helpful writing/research program (unless it's Word, haha)... ; )

    But if you do it in pig latin, as suggested, please don't make it *too* long. I'm horrible at translating pig latin. : )

  5. You should stand and bow when finished, then say "Peace to ya motha" as you exit

  6. Oh Shannon! ummmm...I really hate to put any words in your mouth considering others on here are doing such a good job... ;o)

    Can we contribute to your attire suggestions? Maybe you should be dressed as Cinderella?? Or Jasmine... just an idea *winks*giggles*

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  7. I gotta say the Pig Latin thing is brilliant!

  8. I think you should include how you got started in writing. Like, when you were out back in the wading pool filled with chocolate pudding and thought to yourself "hey, I should write about how relaxing chocolate pudding is." Because we all know EVERYONE got started in writing by bathing in a vat of chocolate pudding.

  9. First, congrats again! Can't say that enough :-) It takes long enough to get there, so I hope you're still celebrating. The pig latin idea is fun. I won't torture you more, as it appears you already have some great suggestions.

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhh! It's worse than I thought! (although SOME of you are nicer than others!)

    Myrna: I have NOT forgotten. That bad boy comes out when I land a book deal. *shudders* And 'howdy howdy howdy?" Oh mans.

    Jade: LOL. You're right, the trees do deserve a tribute of sorts. I'll see what I can do.

    Sara: YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE MY CP AND FRIEND YOU EVIL EVIL GIRL! Okay, there's no way I could possibly do the whole thing in pig latin--and I have a feeling it would stop being funny after about 30 seconds, but I will work SOME pig latin in--maybe durning the part where I was PLANNING to thank my CPs!

    Christa Holland: Yay, you agree, a little pig latin goes a long way. *sticks out tongue at Sara* :)

    Southern Princess: Okay, that is SO not happening. I'll see if I can work something disney related in though--somehow. So feel free to come back and put some words in my mouth if you'd rather...

    Bossy Betty: LOL. Yes, there will be pig latin. *sigh*

    E. Elle: LOL. That's a good suggestion--though my "how I started writing story" is not nearly as interesting, so I'll keep it short and sweet

    Portia: Yay--hugs! Another nice follower! Awesome!

  11. Oops, I missed Candyland: AHHHH I am going to DIE when I say that. But it meets the criteria so I'll work it in. AHHHHH!

  12. I firmly believe you should (for a brief time) speak in a Irish/Scottish/English/Southern/Snooty French accent.

    Not all at once, of course.

    Like...a little Irish here...a little Southern here...

    *innocent grin*

    OH OH Irish Pig Latin!!!! I like this idea. *nods*

  13. I would never ask you to do anything to embarrass yourself. Plus, you already have lots of great ideas. lol. Good luck.

  14. You should definitely sing something. Or at least hum it.

    Is that too mean? You probably hate me now. You don't have to do that. You could just dance. Or snap your fingers.

  15. Oh, perfect. I want to hear you say my favorite word: shrub.

    That is all.


  16. I will join Elana Johnson in requesting that you use my favorite word: propinquity.

    I look forward to this vlog.

  17. Whatever else you say, I think we can all agree you need to raise your fist and yell "Platypus Power!" in the end.

    And you should probably wear a super hero cape, to go along with your lovely hero Wally the Were-platypus.

  18. OH, this is going to be one awesome vlog! I can't wait.

    I can't think of anything to add, but I'm with Mireyah - accent! Irish! *giggles*

    Btw, this post is why I suffer from vlogophobia. I applaud your bravery! Can't wait to see the results!!

  19. Haha! Love it! And I can't wait to see it. I'm new here so I won't suggest anything but I do so love the idea of an Irish accent.

  20. How about opening with a little thank you ditty to that Great Agency you've joined and your fans out there;

    The PROPINQUITY was shown
    When twas publicly known
    Ms. Andrea (President) Brown
    Held awide the door in TOWN!

    To 'Our Shannon Shame' alas,
    Didn't seem quite such a blast,
    When she realised what she'd done
    Promised ALL she'd share the fun!

    You GUYS out there help me make
    Such a speech the earth will shake
    Let's thank LAURA, CARYN, JEN/S
    Wow, how those Ladies wield their pens.

    Kelly Sonnack, Jamie Weiss,
    Oh gosh, how they do delight!
    Mary Kole and ALL the Team
    From their P C's all decree;

    "The shrub and trees SO bloom
    Now OUR SHANNON'S going to groom
    Her awesome talent to the FULL
    HA- now make your fans laugh with this BULL!!!"

    Elana wanted the word 'SHRUB'
    Q wanted the word 'PROPINQUITY'
    and you should do this Ditty wearing an Irish hat made out of recycled paper. Anyway-WHATEVER you do wont be worse than this so...GOOD LUCK!

  21. I can't wait to see you vlog! And once you do, you'll love it!

  22. I think you should thank Twitter & the #hitsend Mafia.

  23. Pig latin? That is genius. EVIL, but genius. I'm not creative in the evil genius ideas department (which is, in this case, VERY good for you) soooo my suggestion is rather tame. I would love if you SOMEHOW mentioned how Blue's Clues has had a huge impact in your life. xD!

    I can't wait for this vlog. It's going to be insane! >D

  24. Congrats again!! Oh yeah, the game show moment. I forgot about that... hmm. I'd love it if you incorporate an English accent in it somewhere ;o)

    Good Luck, can't wait to see it *grins*


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