Saturday, February 6, 2010

Were-Platypus Cupcake...Sorta

Brace yourselves for the biggest #shannonfail ever

Some of you may remember my campaign to force C.J. Redwine to make Wally the Were-Platypus into a cupcake--which was a HUGE success BTW. We stomped the other cupcake designs into the ground! 

But C.J. is not one to be trifled with.
And so, I just spent my Friday night--you guessed it--making a Were-Platypus cupcake. 
And--as if that weren't pathetic enough--it might just be the ugliest, most deformed, most ridiculous thing ever. I will definitely NOT be pursuing any careers in cake decorating.

Here's what I ended up with...

Gah--I can't do it--it's TOO embarrassing!

But...I have to...

But it's SO lame!

*Deep Breath*

Okay, I'm posting it.

I am! I am! I am!

Here goes...



Have I stalled enough yet?

Nope...I think I can drag it out a little more...




Okay, I'm really doing it this time--and be prepared. My husband laughed so hard when he saw it he could barely breathe. It is the #epicfail of all cupcakes.

And so, without further ado...I humbly present Wally the Were-Platypus Cupcake:


He appears to be part muppet, part penguin, part gibbon...

But I'm calling him a Were-Platypus--and my one defense is that I have yet to find a photo of a Were-Platypus, so how do you know that's not what they look like? Hm? Hmmm?

Oh, who am I kidding? It's total crap. 
But if it's any consolation, he tastes delicious--and I would know. I ate several of the failed attempts. 

So...there you go. The first Were-Platypus cupcake. 

Now I can't WAIT to see how C.J. does it--because I'm sure it's going to stomp my little blob guy into the ground. 

Were-Platypus FTW!


  1. Aww it's great! I could see the muppet thing, but come on, how hard would that be?? You did an excellent job ;o)

    I'd buy that cupcake!! Thanks for posting :o)

  2. That is absolutely adorable!! :D I'd totally buy one!

  3. Well, I actually think he's really cute!

  4. Is he part chicken as well? I thought I saw a little chicken in there. lol! Oh Shannon, you are made of awesome. That was too cute!

  5. Awesome - I think his muppet side is strongest :)

  6. I think he looks cute AND delicious!

  7. Hahahahaa!!! It's awesome!

    Now I have to make sure your awesomesauce doesn't outshine mine. *schemes*

  8. Bahahaaaa! That's made of awesome. And cute. And teh funny. :)

  9. Your were-plat would be a total hit at a kid's party. :D

  10. Oh my god, this was the best thing ever to see first thing in the morning. It's adorable.

  11. The cupcake looks awesomespice.

    Can you start an esty shoppe where you sell cupcakes?! Please?!

  12. I definitely laughed and said, "Aw, he's cute!" But I don't think a were-platypus is supposed to be cute, is he...?

  13. OMG He's ADORABLE!!!

    You should totally send me the recipe/instructions so I can eat him. (Wow that sounded so much dirtier when reading it than it did thinking it....)

  14. Erica: Aw, {{hugs}} Thanks. Methinks you are too kind...

    Amanda: LOL. Glad you liked.

    Nisa: You're right--I definitely see some chicken in there. The only thing I don't see is any platypus. *sighs* But thanks, you're sweet! *blushes*

    Frankie: Like I would tell you--so you can just copy me and win the contest and... Wait, mine sucked so why would you copy me?'s two cupcakes stuck together and I carved the top one into that blobby shape (I had to add the arms with toothpicks) His bill and feet are mini oreos I shaped and his "fur" is toasted coconut. And I used black royal icing for his eyes. Um...yeah, with all that work you'd think he'd look better. ;)

    Jemi: Yeah...I think if I tinted the coconut blue he'd make a much better cookie monster. Le sigh.

    Summer: Aw, thanks. I agree on the delicious part...

    C.J.: I have NO doubt your Wally will kick my Wally's butt. Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simon: LOL. That's high praise--glad you enjoyed. ;)

    Tricia: are SO much easier to please... But I think he might've been a tad too much work for how quickly a bunch of kids would destroy him...

    Storyqueen: I TRIED! I made a spear thingie out of toothpicks and he refused to hold it--and then his arm started to crumble so I aborted mission. Cake is not an easy artform--let me tell you!

    Amber: Um...if you really think there's a market for cake-mix cupcakes shaped like blobby creatures, then sure!!!! ;)

    Heather: No--I didn't set out for cute. I had all these plans for fangs and stuff and none of them worked. So...muppet were-platypus it was...

    Mariah: Aw, thanks. You guys are way too nice to me!

  15. Mireyah: Oops, you snuck in there while I was commenting to everyone else. LOL. Um...make cake mix into cupcakes. (Scratch? What is that nonsense?) 2 cupcakes together, carve one into a blob, cover with frosting and toasted coconut and add oreo accents. Voila--one muppet/penguin/gibbon/chicken were-platupus. :)

  16. That was totally cute, and you are totally funny. Thanks for the instructions; my kids all want were-platypus cupcakes for their birthdays now.

  17. Can you make me one of those for my birthday!!!!

  18. Adorable! Okay maybe that's not what you were going for, but don't sell yourself short.

    It definitely looks like a platypus to me. And when has anyone ever made a platypus cupcake? Great job!

  19. so adorable!
    He looks yummy...but I cannot stop giggling. His position makes me want to hug him...I have never had the desire to hug a cupcake...this is new...I need to think about this... ;o)

  20. Southern Princess nailed it -- he's totally a huggable cupcake.

    And oddly enough, my verification word was "manatial" --- like, the adjective of manatee? Can you make a were-manatee cupcake next?

  21. Mine is up!

  22. ROFL!!!!!!!!! And here I've been blaming others for making the great Captain Jack Sparrow lose. I had the wrong person!

  23. I love it so much!!! I'm gushing. Please tell me he is completely edible. :)


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