Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catching up...

So...I'm tired. Like, really, really tired. I think all those weeks of sleeping only three hours a night trying to finish my re-write and prep for the conference are catching up with me. So while I had elaborate plans for an eloquent and inspiring post filled with wisdom I acquired at the conference, I can't seem to make my brain write it. (I've actually dozed off three times while trying to work on it.)

So instead, I thought I would catch up on the awards I've won over the last couple of weeks and haven't had time to post about. First up--this bad boy:

Which was given to me by (and I hope I'm not missing anyone--if I did, let me know):

And, as I understand it, I now have to list 10 things that make me happy:

1. That I finished my major ending re-write and am *hopefully* on my last major round of revisions before query wars. That actually deserves a *happy dance*
2. My Wonderful Husband, who has been SOOOOOO patient these last few months as I've been in re-write/revision Hell. He didn't complain that we had no food in the house, or that he never saw his wife, or that the few times he did see her she was exhausted and snappish. I am very, very lucky in the husband department.
3. That I don't have to stress about the Writer's Conference anymore!!!!!!!!!!
4. Okay, I feel like a brat for mentioning it again, but MY CONFERENCE CHOICE AWARD!
5. Books and bubblebaths: the best combination ever! I've missed them these last few months--and I am taking them back, starting tonight!
6. Backrubs. Even better: massages. I really need one of those right now. In fact, I *might* treat myself to a spa day--but I'm wondering if I should save that for when I'm finally ready to query.
7. My kitties. They drive me crazy, but I missed them so much when I was gone for the conference. It was really hard to sleep without a cat hogging half my pillow. 
8. My awesome CPs who have held my hand through so many ups and downs, believed in me and my project even when I was starting to doubt myself, and who have made my draft SO much better than it would have been without them. You guys really are the best! (Oh, and don't think this means you're done. I still need you for round two revision!)
9. Twitter--and all the shenanigans that ensue.
10. You guys! Everyone who reads my blog and leaves me comments--that makes me SO happy every day. 

That was a lot of work for my tired brain!

Now, I believe I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 other blogs that make me happy, but I watched this thing go around like wildfire a couple weeks ago and I don't think there's anyone who hasn't already gotten it by now. So instead of giving it to you guys again, I'm going to try a different tactic. If you're one of my followers and you haven't won this award, well, consider yourself awarded! Snatch it from this post and add it to your blog--because all of your blogs make me happy! 

I actually have two more awards to do, but I think my brain is shutting down, so I'll have to do them later. And I promise I'll have an awesome, wisdom-filled Conference post for you tomorrow.

Thanks again for the award guys. <3 you all!


  1. Aww... I felt the same way when I had cats and I feel the same way about the husband department too. Squee away about the award. It's awesome!

    It was fun getting to know you better!

  2. I love the kitties and massages answer. Look at how many people chose you for this award - popular girl! :-)

  3. Aw that's a great ten things! Congrats on your award :o) I always miss my kitties too - and now the puppy. Just have 2 spa days ;o)

    Thanks for sharing :o)

  4. Great list! But, um, Idol is feeling neglected....
    I'm kidding, but it's the last audition episode before Hollywood Week. Can there be SOMEONE I remember tonight? *is apprehensive*

    Congrats on getting this award (from so many people!) and go get some rest! :)

  5. Nisa: Aw, thanks. And yay for cat lovers! Cat people FTW!

    Frankie: Aw. *blushes*

    Shannon: Thanks again for the award. Sorry it took me so long to get around to it.

    Erica: Ooo- 2 spa days. That's GENIUS!

    Sarah: I know! I should have put Idol on there. far I'm not excited about any contestants. I agree. Please let there be someone memorable!!!!!! I will try to get some rest!

  6. Congrats! Take care of yourself & get some well deserved rest :)

  7. Me again - I've left you award on my blog - forgot to tell you!


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