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And now...*gulp*...time for the Shannon Shame.


(You know, I think this is the most nervous I've been for one of these Shannon Shame things! Gah--what's it going to be like when I have to fulfill my deals with the Universe?!?!?!?)

Okay, so, just remember:

 I was 19.

It was 2001, so some of the songs are a little dated.

I was still learning how to use a video camera and editing software.

I came up with the idea in one night. Then shot like 12 hours of video because I had no idea what I would need. Then rewrote the voiceover trying to fit what I shot.

I recorded the voiceover while crouching in my tiny closet to block street noise.

The "body' is my friend--not me. We were required to shoot our own stuff so I couldn't be in any moving shots. The "hands" are mine though, because those were filmed while the camera was mounted on a tripod.

The weird name is my maiden name. I was NOT sad to ditch that beast.

And you may have noticed the fake "picture" and "production" companies in Earth Had a Snack. It was a film school joke. We all did it. I swear, I wasn't the only dork.

(oh, and Frankie? There are some animal food products shown--so, you know, if your Vegan self doesn't want to watch I TOTALLY wouldn't mind. In fact, no one needs to watch. Really.) guess that's it.

I should probably stop stalling.

*Deep Breath*

All right.

Here we go.

I'm doing this.

For real this time.

I mean it.


Here it is...

*runs to hide from all the mocking*


  1. Shannon! You should never have been embarrassed to post that, it's great! I love it! And what do you mean outdated music? Cranberries and Beatles are STILL on my iPod thank you very much.

    Three things:

    1-Your kid picturs are SO cute!
    2-You are not alone in your race against spoiled food. Nelson gets sooooo mad at me for that. (Even though I'm like, duh, YOU could have eaten it too...)
    3-Was Ella jealous of that stuffed bird you had in one of those pics?

    Okay I'm off to watch it again :-)

    Stop reading comments. GET TO WORK ON YOUR CHAPTERS.

  2. Weren't you just a cute little thing! Um and LOVE the Cranberries, but not as much as I love the LA chick with the pink shorts up her butt. Why haven't I moved out there yet?!?!

    Great little film! Please post more :D

  3. This was the cutest thing EVER. It didn't seem outdated to me. Definitely not bad for something thrown together last minute when you had to change your plans. And, your voice is very pleasing!

    Also, I could totally relate to the narrator (you!) Hell, nine years later I can STILL relate to the struggles with cooking... and bugs.

    The old timey looking cookbooks WERE kind of funny, though.

  4. I really enjoyed watching this. Super cute baby pics too :)

  5. That was a very nice video. Oh, I want to do a video like that. I am right there with the chicken and eggs-uncooked looks gross.

  6. I thought you did a great job! Your baby/kid pictures are super cute. I feel you on this though, it's hard taking care of everything on your own. And even harder when your doing everything for yourself and another!

  7. OMG you shouldn't be embarrassed! That video was amazing - I loved it! Great job. It was so cute.

  8. Haha, I loved that nice girl in the pink shorts...she really made the movie for me.

    I was smiling the whole time! The message still rings true, and the bug/lint thing happens to me almost daily.

  9. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for sharing :D

  10. That was awesome - loved the darling baby pics! Where was the Shannon shame in that?! I must have missed it. hahahahaha! :)

  11. So not as embarrassing as you made it out to be! Lovely ending, too -- that lint/bug thing was very giggle-making.

  12. Seriously, now. I'm beginning to think all this Shannon Shame stuff is a big front. You're all ashamed this and mortification that and running of and hiding there and stuff, when in reality all those things you're telling us are shameful and really cute and endearing. You knew this all along, good lady. It's a plot! A plot to make us like you more! How dare you manipulate us like that!

    Well, it was a cute film. It might not have felt very good at the time, but I bet it's aged better than some of the films your classmates made. This at least had an aww-how-sweet thing going for it, whereas I bet some of the others have a gah-how-retarded thing going for 'em.

    (Shannon shame. Pshaw. *grumble* conspiracy of cute *grumble* endearing *grumble* ...)

  13. I loved it! What's this Shannon Shame you keep babbling about? I don't see any.

  14. That was great! Especially for one of your first! I thought about posting my first film school film once, then I thought again! LOL

    Also, I think my first apartment was around the corner from that strip club!

  15. That was really cute! Nothing to be ashamed of :)

  16. Sooo cute and ewwwww the raw food was totally gross and all I was thinking when you were like, why is it so gross looking? is because you're not supposed to eat it.aaaaaaah!!! But you know, you can if you want:-) Hehehe! Very cute!!! I can't believe you posted this without being dared --not because its bad--it was GOOD--but because you usually act so shy. I know you're not, and I can up the dares hehehehehe!

  17. That was totally awesome, especially the lint bug! I had the milk problem too, but my kids finish it off for me now. And I loved the music!

  18. That cereal should be feel soooooo special in those bowls. So fancy. =P LOL

  19. Glass Slipper Productions. How cool is that? Love the skates and that huge teddy bear. Do you hear mocking? I hear "Film star extraordinaire!!" And this, "Bravo." :-) The crowd roared.

    And that Shannon O'D won the other day? I'll be!

    Congrats to all those that have won. Have a wonderful weekend Shannon.

  20. SO CUTE! There will be no mocking whatsoever from me - I thought your video was adorable (minus the animal products and bug killing, of course). And I'm with you - dishwashers are SO a necessity. And I haven't had one since I left home. :-(

  21. OH...the clothes of yesteryear! Took me back to when I was a kid! Especially the one with Cabbage Patch dolls:) And the "bug" was the best. I can't tell you how many times I've seen pieces of string wadded up and thought they were spiders.;)

  22. It was a good video, and you were so cute when yuo were little you shouldn't be embarassed. I liked it.

  23. Um, that was adorable. I liked it. And I totally empathize with the bug-killing bit. Because I've gone through that, too.

  24. Dude. That was DEEP. And Kid Shannon was so adorable! Congrats on that bug you killed. It takes a LOT of courage, right? Oh wait. I wouldn't know...I don't exactly kill bugs. I, er, scream, run...yup, that's it.

    That was awesome and not nearly as embarrassing as I'd hoped --er, expected. Shannon Shame rocks! ;)

  25. Thanks for the win!! It was so fun to open up your site and find my name at the top! I hadn't checked my email yet, so it was a surprise. I've now sent you my info. Thank you so much!

    Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of - that was fun!! You are such a cutie :) Love the bug killing scene.

  26. All I could pull off at 19 was being an extra in somebody else's student film. So big kudos to you for making this. Very cute.

  27. Go single life! ...not really. I liked the crazy girl walking across street. It looked like you filmed it from the car...

  28. That's so cute!!! And I'm laughing because you mention cooking and how hard it is, and that is exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow. :D (And Dreams by The Cranberries rocks).

  29. That was great! I never got that single life... I lived with 3 girls in college then moved in w/ my boyfriend who is now my hubs... so it's an interesting glimpse :o) Oh and the bug killing... LOL!

    Awesome job :o)


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