Thursday, January 7, 2010

Preparing for Shannon Shame and Desperately Seeking Poets!

Follower Appreciation Week Continues with another winner. And this time chooses....

Comment # 18
Left by Shannon O'Donnell, who has the best. name. ever!

*tosses--er--nothing. I've used up all my confetti!*
*must buy more for tomorrow*

So check your email Shannon, I need your mailing address so I can send you your prize!

And--for those of you who noticed the shenanigans going on in the comments yesterday (*cough* Frankie *cough* Marybeth *cough*)--I will say this: commenting multiple times is certainly not restricted, BUT, to be fair to everyone, you can only win off of your first comment. So if you have an addendum you want to add to your comment, by all means--leave another. (I enjoy reading them, and it makes my post look more popular than it really is) But it won't increase your chances of winning. Sheesh--you guys are like naughty children! (Which is also why I love you--you totally crack me up)

For those who didn't win, don't worry--there's still two more chances! Just remember to leave a comment for today's post to be entered in tomorrow's drawing.

Also, as you probably remember, on Tuesday--in a moment of insanity--I promised to give you a heaping helping of Shannon Shame and post one of my old student films. And not just any student film--because, nooooooooo, that would be too easy.  I promised to post the one that has baby pictures and me doing the voiceover and basically making fun of myself for five minutes.  Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! What was I thinking?

(*note to self: NEVER blog while hopped up on Pepsi after an emotional day and after reading a bunch of inspiring comments!*)

Don't get me wrong--I'm LOVING Follower Appreciation Week--I've had SO much fun giving away prizes and reading all your comments (incidentally, I'm sorry I'm not replying to comments this week. I'm trying not to throw off the count. Next week I'll be back to replying, I promise!) But why, WHY did I agree to show you this?

And I know you're probably thinking that it can't be THAT bad--after all, I did screen it at USC in front of professors who were members of things like the ASC and the DGA and won Academy Awards--not to mention a class full of other film students who had to fill out Crit Sheets as they watched it and then rip into me in front of everyone. (Okay, my palms got sweaty just remembering it.) But here's the thing: I had no choice. By some fluke of the Universe, I--a girl who'd never so much as held a video camera--was at USC Film School on Production Track. So it was either make and screen films or flunk out. And I really didn't want to flunk out.

The film you will be seeing tomorrow was basically an act of desperation. It was my fourth project, I had to make it the week after midterms, and well, there were issues.

To force us to stick to a schedule (and likely to save money) we were lumped into groups of 3. Three people sharing one camera, which was rotated through this confusing system of A, B, and C groups (I won't bother explaining because it's not important.) What is important is that my group had a party hearty frat boy who thought he was the next Tarantino. And he was the one I picked up the camera from when it was my week to use it. And the week before I shot this movie, he filmed a fight scene. And damaged the camera a little. And didn't fix it. And didn't tell me.

I picked up the camera from him on Friday evening--the night I was supposed to leave town to shoot the movie I was planning to make--only to discover that the filter he used was still on the camera, and it wouldn't come off, and it had a scratch. So I had two choices (because killing him wouldn't help anything). Go with my current plan (which was to go back to my home town and shoot a bunch of footage about small town life that I would then intercut with footage of LA to show the contrast--my pathetic attempt at documentary) and have all my footage be a little dark with a big scratch in it. Or I could stay in town, wait for the equipment center to open the next day, have them fix the camera, and then figure out a whole new idea for my project.

I chose option two. (I'd seen the way the professors responded to people whining about equipment problems and it wasn't pretty.) Which meant I had one night to write a whole new script, find locations, and somehow make it not suck. So I went with the old reliable: making fun of myself (yes, I realized long ago that Shannon Shame was a popular option. *sighs*) What can I say, I was desperate!

And now I have to share it with all 245 of you.

It doesn't matter if you like it.

It's still five minutes of humiliation you will get to witness while I search for a rock to crawl under for the rest of the year. Le Sigh.

But I promised to show it and I will. I am nothing if not a girl of my word. kind. It was scary enough letting you all hear my shrill Margo voice in Earth Had A Snack--The Movie. (*Shakes fist at Frankie*) Now you'll be hearing my real voice--or, well, what I sounded like when I was 19 (I'm not sure, do voices change?) And there's baby pictures. And jokes at my own expense. And...Gah! It's horrible! *headdesk*

So tune in tomorrow--it's going to be...torture (for me at least)

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, next week I'm participating in my first Blog Tour and posting my first author interview (Squee!) And in honor of the amazing author, I'm dedicating the whole week to her. I have tons of cool things planned (*psssst* There will be a 3-book giveaway starting Monday) BUT--because she's a verse novelist--a couple of the days will be dedicated to poetry.

Um...I don't know if you know this--but I SUCK at poetry. Like really, REALLY bad. And while I will be providing another dose of Shannon Shame (I seem to have a never-ending supply) and posting a few of the epically bad poems I wrote as a kid, I'm not sure if any of you would want to um, help me out and let me post a poem of yours so that there's also SOMETHING decent for people to read? (I can also do links if you'd rather post the poem on your own blog). So if any of you would be at all interested in that (and really, it can be ANY kind of poem, even short poems: Haiku, Limerick, couplet--whatever) let me know either in the comments or by email and I will post it or link to it next week. And I will totally love you forever. What more could you possibly want?

(Um, actually, let me correct that--since I have people like Simon following my blog: any kind of poem so long as it's PG rated. I'd really rather not have my blog get flagged for adult content. Plus my mom reads this, and my grandma, so keep it clean guys)

Okay, I think that's everything. Sorry, this may be my most rambling post yet. Hope it sorta made sense and don't forget to leave a comment if you want a chance at tomorrow's prize!


  1. Oh man I soooooooooooooo still can't wait to see this film :-) And dude, did that guy ever apologize or anything? Because that's so freaking rude if he didn't.

    And... I'm in for the poetry thing. I just have to write something, lol... Anything I have that I like is out on submission (and that's like a total of about three pieces). Though I do have my high school poetry journals... Hmmm. Can I interest you in something super angsty? hahaha

  2. Let me tell you... I hate technical difficulties.. (long boring story) I am impressed that you quickly readjusted and came up with something new. Can't wait to see the finished product. I guess that since I dont have the imagination to write like you and my sister do, I was given the rhyming gene.... I'll see if I can find one my "works" to let the blogging world see...:0

  3. I would love to share a poem! I'll be reading to find out which day to post it, and to watch Shannon Shame.

  4. Hey! Now, since when have I said anything at all inappropriate on my blog or yours or anyone else's for that matter or Twitter or... Uh. Don't answer that.

    But still, despite my inability to let a double entendre slide, I'm really quite a respectable fellow, y'know. I'm quite capable of writing poetry (well, rhyming verse, anyway) that has nothing to do with adult themes at all whatsoever in any way shape or form. I guess I'm just going to have to prove that next week. *thinks*

    Would you like a Dr. Seuss-style poem in honor of Shannon-shame? 'Cause I could totally pull that one off. :)

  5. Woo-hoo! Thanks Shannon. YOU have the best. name. ever! :-)

    You're welcome to use any of my poetry. I have two on my blog, "The Skin We're In" (shortened version) and "Witness". If you don't like those, I can send you something else. :-)

  6. I can't believe you called Shenanigans.

  7. Look at it this way. You have to suck a lot in order to be good :D I'm sure a lot of the authors you look up to will tell you that.

  8. I hope it's as hilarious as Earth Had a Snack... speaking of....

    PS- Henry Cavill? Just sayin' mega hottie still under the radar, notice now and get a chip on your shoulder for free!

  9. I would help you out with the poetry except I am terrible at it too. I still cringe thinking about the time I had to write a poem for an English class and then read it aloud to the class *shudders*

  10. Poetry isn't really my forte, unfortunately. I look forward to the film and the author!

  11. Don't Frankie's multiple comments throw off the count for everyone else? Just sayin'. ;)

    Sad to say, I don't have any poems for you, unless you want some more of those epically bad poems written during childhood that you mentioned...those I can definitely provide.

  12. I will contribute a poem since after all I did say I like to write poetry. Seems only fair. ;) Would you like me to write something original just for this week? Tell me the subject and then I'll have the weekend to work on something.

  13. Oh cool, looking forward to the film... oh man, I'm sorry, if I had to post any of my writing/films as a teenager or kid, I don't even want to think about it! There's one floating around my grandma's house with me singing to Madonna, oh and dancing too, thank goodness it's on VHS!

    Poetry can be above me at times, but I love to write it when the mood strikes...

    Can't wait to see the movie tomorrow :o)

  14. You can use one of my poems, if you'd like. And I'm looking forward to your movie.

  15. I can't wait to see it. And you should know that you are a rambler, after all this is ramblings of a wannabe scribe isn't it? Besides when you ramble it is entertaining, makes your blogs fun to read. I like your ramblings.

  16. Sounds like fun - you are one brave girl :)

  17. I know who it is! I know who it is! *jumps up and down* ...I think.

    Haha, I love that you had to comment on the multiple-commenters.

    I can't wait to see this video. I bet you're just being modest again, and it's really this masterpiece.

  18. Frankie and Marybeth ARE like naughty children. Maybe they should be in a movie.
    Love the appreciation week idea!
    My blog

  19. Hmmmm. Haiku. I've posted several of mine on my blog. But I'm also partial to some I wrote for Angela's Zombie Haiku contest. You could pick should you feel the need of haiku.

  20. I'm a really horrible poet. Really, awful. But I do have a good bad joke! Which I'll post now.

    Why should you never leave a car in front of a meat store?

    ...wait for it...'s a great punchline...

    Because a *car*-nivore might get it!

    Yes, it's all my own. I made it up when I was 13 or so. So. There you go.

  21. Oh my god. This is SO Reality Bites. I die. (That's Rachel Zoe for I love this)


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