Thursday, January 14, 2010

How Poetry SHOULD be done!

Lisa Schroeder week continues with our celebration of poetry--and today, we have the good stuff! I promise, you won't have to read more of my horrible poems. (*sigh of relief*) It's ALL you guys.

Some of you emailed me poems to post, and some of you will be linking to posts on your blogs. But first, Lisa Schroeder selected one of her favorite passages for me to include (and since it's her week, I figure she should probably go first)

This is from Far From You

autumn perfection

the air was cool
and crisp,
the way you want your sheets
when it's blistering

We walked to the park
and ran through the leaves,
picking them up
and throwing them at each other,
as if they were snowballs.

Instead of loud splats
we got quiet flutters
of crimson and amber.

He pulled me to him,
spun me around,
and we fell
into a bed of foliage
fit for a king.

I wanted to freeze
the moment
in my mind
because there's nothing better
than flutters
of the heart.

*sigh* She is one talented lady. 

Okay. Now it's your turn!

(And sorry, blogger is being weird about fonts so some of the poems that follow will be different sizes. I tried a zillion ways to fix it and it would NOT cooperate *shakes fist at technology*)

First, a beautiful contribution from the amazingly awesome Q.


To watch you
where I have not--
and anything I could say
is wrong on every level,
hollow and insincere,
even when sincerely meant--
it would only cheapen your pain.

And I cannot help but be happy,
because I have not your
to be unhappy.

With every piece,
(broken for you)
crashing to the ground
entrapped in my silence,
my heart
and cries, "Unfair!"
though my head knows
it is not so.

You refuse to speak;
I hide behind my best defense,


And from Heather Zundel--our resident Superhero and poet extraordinaire we have:


When you see the sky start to darken,
hear the low rumble of thunder rolling in
like a growling, a rising and falling of breath
that swells, charges the air until it is
tangible, prickling your skin even if you
cannot tell it for what it is;
something happens then, as you feel
the first drop of rain break and
shatter against your skin, something
unconscious and miraculous and
simple all at once, like becoming
a child again, if just for that moment,
you open your eyes and see the world
for what it truly is --- perfection.

Last up, three beautiful haikus from the lovely and talented Myrna Foster:

The Wasp

The metallic wasp
flickers blue in the sunlight
and works undisturbed.

The Storm

A herd of horses
turns their faces from the wind.
Rain pelts their behinds.

Sunset in the Desert

Roadrunner running
long and gray over the rocks.
Shadows grow longer.

Okay, those are all the poems that were emailed to me (I hope--I checked a few times to make sure, but if I missed yours let me know and I will add it A.S.A.P.)

And for the rest of you, I'm really hoping you'll post a poem on your blog today and use this lovely little Mr. Linky Widget to lead everyone to them. It can be something you're proud of or something you wrote as a kid and can't stop giggling when you reread--it's up to you! I'm sure everyone would love to read them. (And remember, everyone who participates will receive 2 extra entries in the contest  to win all three wonderful Lisa Schroeder books) Here's the Mr. Linky. I hope some of you sign up and I hope the rest of you check out the links--some amazing talent is sure to be revealed!

(And tune in tomorrow for my review of Chasing Brooklyn and one more chance for extra entires in the contest!)


  1. Aw, I enjoyed all of the poetry! Thank goodness I posted crappy younger years poems today, so I don't have to live up to these...

    I'm loving this week Shannon!

  2. Um I don't write poetry. I'm just not a big fan. ... UNLESS it's Shel Silverstein ... then I'm a HUGE fan.

    THough I love music for the does that make sense?

  3. My work is up and running, and I'm now running away from my laptop... running scared. :)

    I posted two.

    I'm admit, I've been looking forward to this all week! I can't wait to read all the posts. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Those are some great poems! :)

  5. good. So vivid. "quiet flutters of crimson and amber"..." They were all so good. And the haikus...geez, that's talent. I'm so envious. My poetry is such rubbish.

    But, if i can find any old poetry--like, you know, for the sake of laughter--(which might be difficult since we're still in boxes), I'll sign up on your little widget thingy sometime today. Otherwise, I'll just check out the other stuff you post ;)

    Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

  6. "there's nothing better than flutters of the heart" Sigh. That's a wonderful line by Lisa.

    Q's writing is so powerful, mysterious.

    I love Heather's line about the rain breaking and shattering on skin. Perfect sensation.

    Myrna captures those three moments beautifully.

    Shannon, thanks for bringing us the poetry, both the fun and the lovely.

  7. Ok going to post now, but not as myself bc I dont do poetry, but as Mindy, who only talks in rhymes.

  8. What an awesome idea! I love reading poetry but I never really do it. I need to fix that. I loved I Heart You, You Haunt Me and have been looking forward to reading her others. Love the excerpt!

    Great poems by everyone. I participated, although I'm thinking now I'm going to regret it!

  9. Some lovely work here. I've shared some of my own through Mr. Linky. (I'm Mary W. Jensen.) I envy those who do such beautiful work in a haiku. Mine usually seem so trite and empty. Thanks for hosting this fun!

  10. So lovely and heart warming. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I am so NOT a poet, otherwise I would participate...but I loved these!!

    And I have the same issues with the font in blogger when I paste from bothers me.

  12. Now I have to read FAR FROM YOU. I enjoyed reading all of the poems on here, but I haven't hit the links yet. Thanks to everyone who liked my haikus.

    Marybeth, Shel Silverstein is the best children's poet ever. In my opinion, anyway.

  13. I can't believe I wasn't following you blog until now.



  14. I have things for you!!

  15. Nice!!

    I enjoy poetry, but haven't written any in a while - long while actually. I think my fave poet is Margaret Atwood - very intriguing stuff.

  16. Just so happens I found an old, old poem that is quite ehhhhh. But I want the two extra entries ;) Haha.

  17. Sara: Aw, so glad you enjoyed. And thanks SO much for participating. Your poems were SO adorable and hilarious.

    Marybeth: I LOVE Shel Silverstein. I practically had Where the Sidewalk Ends memorized as a kid. :)

    Amber: No need to run and hide--I LOVED them. Thank you so much for participating--you really helped me out. Glad you had fun. :)

    Nisa: Aren't they? I can't take any credit for them, but I love them.

    Carolina: I loved the "quiet flutters" line too. And please, I'm sure your poems are awesome. Hope you find some.

    Tricia: Thank you for the compliment and for participating. Your contribution was awesome.

    Frankie: LOL--only you would think of that. And I love it. I knew I loved you for a reason--even though you snared me into a blog war!

    Valerie: Thanks for participating. And no need for regrets--I read yours, it was excellent.

    Feywriter: Hi! So nice to meet you (and thanks for following!) Thank you so much for participating. I really loved your poem. Can't wait to get to know you a little better through your blog.

    V.S.: Thanks-I'm glad you liked.

    Heather: You already know I'm bad at poetry so we have that in common. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who wrestles with blogger. SO annoying!

    Myrna: Thanks again for sending the Haikus--they were so good I had to post all three. And yes, you must read Far From You--it's wonderful.

    Storyqueen: Aw, thanks for following. Warms my heart to see your picture in my sidebar. :)

    Frankie: Okay, but it better not be my next dare because you haven't fulfilled mine yet. Heading there now...

    Jemi: Yeah, poetry is hard. I've only read a couple of Margaret Atwood's poems, so I'll have to check them out.

    Q: Are you kidding? Thanks for letting me! They were both so wonderful I had a hard time choosing (I finally resorted to eenie meenie minie moe)

    Carolina: Heh! I was hoping you'd be back. Can't wait to read it. Heading there now...

  18. Very nice, all. Poetry is so not my forte. Doggerel? Sure. Poetry? Not so much.

    Loved reading 'em, though.

  19. Simon: Heh. No rhyming today? (I ALMOST posted your comment from yesterday, but it didn't quite fit with all these lovely verses). And I'm with you. Can't write 'em. LOVE reading them though. :)

  20. Ooh, we're analyzing poems in class. And these are really good ones! Especially the one by Lisa Schroeder, whose novel I'm excited to read!

    By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being our 100th follower! You made our dream come true, haha. Really! We were waiting for the moment all week...and IT HAPPENED TONIGHT! We wanted to thank you so much! :)

  21. Shannon #1, thanks for today!

    I absolutely LOVED Heather's "Rain" poem. Wow...
    It was so much fun to read the variety of poems out there today - great idea. :-)

  22. I love FAR FROM YOU! Great excerpt!

  23. Those poems are great! Some real talent there :o) Thanks, I enjoyed reading these :o)

  24. Wow, too bad i missed this! would have loved to share. Great poetry. Adding you to my blog roll! keep it up!

  25. Wow, that was a lot of poetry. Good stuff.

    I suck at writing and understanding poetry :(


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