Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fashion Emergency!!!!!

Okay, I'm trying to pack for the San Diego State University Writer's Conference this weekend and OMG--I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Heh. I'm sure my male followers are going to LOVE this post!)

Here's what the Conference Website recommends for wardrobe decisions:

What should I wear?
Room temperatures vary from room to room. We suggest you dress in layers. Most people are not in suits and ties or high heels and dresses, but generally they look casually professional.

Casually professional? What does that mean??????????

I mean, this is Cali. We wear flip flops with pants. Pink Uggs are perfectly normal--even paired with a dress. And we count dark jeans as 'dressy' (no really, go to any trendy spot on a Saturday Night and dark jeans will rule supreme!)

So I'm BEGGING you for your advice.

Is a black and white sweater dress with flat boots too dressy? Are well cut, dark jeans and a blouse too casual? What about a plain black skirt and black flats with a blouse? Or must I resign myself to my "safe" clothes: Black slacks, cardigans, and conservative heels? (ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzZ)

Help me people--otherwise I'm going to pack my entire closet, and I REALLY don't want to do that.


  1. No worries!

    Wear business casual--something you look nice in, but are very comfortable in. I don't remember seeing a lot of skirts, but dress pants or super-nice jeans are in. Layers are good--like a thin shirt and a jacket.

    And for the love of Ninjadillo, wear comfortable shoes. VERY comfortable shoes.

  2. Business casual dress pants, dark jeans, cardigans, business-y jackets--this all sounds appropriate. But don't be afraid to add a huge scarf or chunky jewelry or bright shoes to the outfits you think are going to look too "safe". Purple is also a popular color right now, and great to fight the wardrobe blahs.

    I think you may be surprised at how underdressed AND overdressed some people may be, but it is a writer's conference, so there is such thing as being dressed appropriately, yet young and funky. Being a writer, you can get away with a hint of funkiness in an outfit that you think is too staid.

    Check out lucky mag's website--I get the paper mag and it gives me a lot of ideas.

    Most importantly, have fun at the conference.

  3. I second what Beth said - she is spot on!

    Why on earth would anyone wear that awful green thing?! :-)

  4. I agree with the suggestions thus far. Business casual, with a little something here and there to show your individuality. Comfortable shoes, definitely.

  5. Hehehe, dude what is wrong with the swan dress? You could rock it!

    Ok so for every conference I go...I do my Frankie Style (yeah I have a signature style)--I dress like this almost everyday.

    1) Knee high boots
    2) Skirt
    3) Shirt + Cardigan (layered for temp change)
    4) Funky Chunky Jewelry/Funky Scarf

    It's not quite bussiness casual but its close. Nothing I wear is revealing, and it's neat, but its also youthful and helps me stand out. I almost always get compliments on my jewelry. It shows that I am professional but...still young, fun and fresh. its a good mix of hey you can be my bussiness partner, but Im also very sellable in the ya market. Ya know?

    So just wear what makes you feel comfy, but make sure its neat. I think dar jeans and a nice sweater are fine.

  6. I'm thinking 5-inch stiletto heels, pencil skirt, and bustier would about do it. Yup.

    No? Why not? That could totally work!

  7. I don't see why your #2 picture wouldn't be appropriate. They would definitely not forget you. LOL.

    I have no idea what you should wear, but I wish you good luck! : )

  8. Wear an outfit you feel awesome in. It's sure to make you feel great!

  9. Go with the Kermit coat!

    When in doubt, your favorite black slacks and a cute top. But go comfy with the shoes. I'm always surprised how much "standing around" goes on at conferences.

  10. I just did an image search on Google for casual professional and found some ideas. Slacks or dark jeans with a dressier top and/or jacket and jewelry to fit your style. And, of course, comfortable shoes.

  11. I agree with everyone! (Well, except Simon--but come on, did you expect anything else from him?)

    Wear what you feel amazing in--your confidence during your pitches/meetings will be much higher.

  12. Hey! I'm following the comments on this, y'know, Sara...


  13. LOL :)

    Comfy, fun & "you". You've got (mostly) great advice here! *grin*

  14. Aw, you guys are the best! Well, everyone except Simon, who's hilarious, but not helpful. (and Simon, you left out the fishnet stockings. How could I wear stilettos, a bustier and a pencil skirt without those?????)

    Digging through my closet now... (though I KNOW I'm going to pack too much!)

  15. I don't know about CA, but I'm going through the same dilemma about what to pack for NY this weekend. EEEK! We'll have to exchange photos, or at least post them for future conference goers. ;)
    Karen’s Blog

  16. You can totally get away with dark jeans! Then add some fun accessories and you're good to go. You will rock it!

  17. Shannon, I really wanted to go to this conference! But my middle daughter is getting her wisdom teeth out (all four) and I have to be nursemaid.


    Have fun!


  18. Oh I don't know... the swan thing could make a nice little entrance at writers conference don't you think? :)

    It is one way to get any attending agents attention!

  19. Thanks again everyone, you guys are lifesavers!

    And Shelley--aw, that's too bad. It would have been SO nice to meet you. (And to actually know a single person there) Hope your daughters surgery goes well. *shudders at memories of wisdom teeth extraction*

  20. There were dresses and jeans at the conference I went to. People are more interested in your writing and what you have to say than what you're wearing. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. They're going to love you!


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