Monday, January 4, 2010

The Bright Side of Life

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed this about me yet, but I'm not necessarily an optimist. I'm a realist. Okay, FINE, I'm a pessimist. I'm not about looking on the bright side. I'm about preparing for the crap to hit the fan--because c'mon, it usually does. So today's post is going to be a bit of a stretch for me, because I'm going to try--emphasis on TRY--to look on the bright side for once. We'll see how it goes.

See, the thing is, I just had a REALLY frustrating editing weekend. I didn't get nearly as much done as I needed to and I found another huge gaping plot hole I forgot to fill during the last round of edits so I'm STILL stuck on chapter 31 and I'm running out of time and I'm SO sick of editing and--wow, there I go dwelling on the negative again. *facepalm*

Okay, let's try that again.

What I mean is, I'm having a day where it would be easy to be all negative and frustrated (and yes, I just used "be all" in a sentence. I'm from Cali. We do that here. Like, totally.) But I don't want to do that--and honestly it doesn't necessarily help my mood--so instead I'm going to focus on the positive and make a list of ten things (since it's 2010 now) that I'm grateful for. *Phew--this is harder than I thought*

Here goes...

I'm grateful....

1. ...For my wonderful husband, who not only puts up with all the insanity that comes with me.

2. ...For Twitter. It's not just a website. It's a way of life. :)

3. ...For my five (yes, FIVE) cats, three of whom live inside and keep me company when I write. (Though I am NOT grateful for them when they lay across the keyboard or attack the cursor on the screen)

4. ...For my AMAZING CP's who sort through the mess that is my draft and help me clean it up word by word, and cheer me on with compliments I totally don't deserve.

5. ...For FINALLY getting to see David Cook in Concert last Wednesday (I swear I used up ALL my texts voting for him when he was on Idol.)

6. ...For this YouTube video, which makes me laugh every time, and features Johnny Depp AND Orlando Bloom.

7. ...For the No-Kiss Blog Fest and all 48 awesome comments (well, a couple of those we me replying, but I don't feel like doing the math--subtraction is HARD!) including one from the amazing Robin Brande who was not only nice enough to let me post a scene from Fat Cat but took the time to stop by and read my scene and tell me she enjoyed it (and then tweet another compliment later, in case I missed her comment.) If there were a way to hug you guys through the computer screen, I would.

8. ...For bands like Mae, The Spill Canvas, Vedera, Jack's Mannequin, Muse, Anberlin, Paramore, Blue October, Lifehouse, Plain White T's, Placebo, Taking Back Sunday--I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop there. I could not write without their music. Really.

9. ...For each and every one of the 237 people who cared enough to click the "Follow" button on this blog and made me feel like I'm doing something right with these silly little posts I throw together. You have NO idea how much I enjoy seeing your little pictures in my sidebar or reading your comments--even when they include dares and start blog wars. Thank you for reading...I really don't think you have any idea how much it means to me. :)

10: For everyone who's taken the time to make it to the end of this uninspired list!


 I feel all warm and squishy now. Is that how it's supposed to be? Is this why people do the positivity thing--cause I could get used to this!

So how about a little more: Plot holes, deadlines, wordiness, exhaustion--I WILL CONQUER YOU ALL!!!!

Page by page. Word by word. I will polish until my draft shines so bright agents will be fighting over themselves to represent me! (or, um,  one will finally say, "eh, I'll give you a shot")

And then I will make a really embarrassing vlog and sell my book and post a humiliating YouTube clip and start this whole process over again with Book 2--which isn't a bad thing (even though it kinda sounds like one.)

Look out 2010--good things are going to happen! I can feel it!


  1. Ah, you've taken away our need to cheer you up--you've done a brilliant job of it that you're counting all the things you're grateful for. There're few better ways to make yourself feel better. Still...hang in there. It'll get done, and in the end, all will be well and you'll have a wonderful book. I'm sure it's already a wonderful book. And you're bright and very clever and will work out these kinks in no time at all. You'll see.

  2. Don't rush it dear. It will happen. Take your time with editing!!! You want to do it right the first time. Plus in all reality, you have all the time in the world!!!

    (So I'm totally an optimist on the hides the pessimist in me!)

  3. I think my favorite part about that video is the message at the end.

  4. Yay you! Way to blog yourself into a good mood. :)

    You can do eet!

    (I'll think of something funny to say later. I'll probably post it in your comments tomorrow, at which point it won't make any sense 'cause it's referring to yesterday's post (by then), and it won't seem so funny after all so maybe I should just give it a skip. Yeah. Plus, I don't think you can put parens within parens, and I just did. Dang.)

  5. Bring it on 2010! This is going to be your year Shannon!

  6. See, Silver Linings are great! ;o) Honestly, you have a way of being a pessimist/realist/comedian that makes the negativity spin around and slap itself! (yes crazy description, but for me that is how I see it) You should know that realism is definitely a good trait to have sometimes, but the spontaneity of being an optimist can also aid in accepting the realities in life. The balance can be found, I promise.
    So glad that you allowed us, 237, followers to be a part of your journey. You are awesome Shannon & all of us are rooting you on in 2010!

  7. I'm with you girl - I don't usually look on the bright side, either! But the fact that you've made it this far in the process speaks volumes. If you can write a novel, you can edit it. Keep on trucking!

  8. I wish you the best in 2010!

  9. Way to look on the positive side of things, Shannon! Now, doesn't that feel better? However, we love you whether you are evil Shannon, grumpy Shannon, weird and freaky Shannon, or positive and hilarious Shannon! You are stuck with us. :-)

    Stay positive!

  10. Great list! I'm new to twitter and I love it! It's such an instant gratification system. Perfect for networking and friends.

  11. The importance of gratitude can't be overstated; this is a great post. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Well, I'm grateful to you for this blog and for making me laugh. How could I not know Depp-Bloom Why is the Rum Gone Remix??? Hilarious!
    Good morning and good 2010 to you!

  13. Yay for being so positive--I have no doubt you can do it all and succeed like crazy! Also, don't be so glad you're not me making the webcam commercial (hahaha not to rain on your positive parade but...) I already have my next dare for you planned1

  14. Good for you with being positive! I should take some tips from this blog, that's for sure. I have a great feeling about 2010. It's gonna rock. Best to you!

  15. Yes, that is why we do it. We like being balls of squish. Welcome to our secret non-secret club. ^_^ Though I never would have pegged you as a pessimist I think you're happier than you give yourself credit for.

  16. You've got to be feeling better and stronger now! It really does take a change in attitude --sometimes a very forcible change in attitude :) to feel positive some days.

    Be happy :)

  17. I am so with you. There are times I hate editing. I hate the yammering. I want to say, Shut it! Really want to move on. Editing is definitely not the fun part. Not until it's done. Then it's a blast.

    Good luck with yours.

  18. Great post!

    Love the bands and I have 3 kitties as well and they lay across books I'm reading in addition to my keyboard. Oh and rub on the ends of the books so I lose my place. And we have a 90 lb Rottie who likes to lay with me as I type, luckily the kitties aren't on the chair at the same time!

    Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for :o)

  19. Seeeeeeeee sometimes making yourself look on your brightside just makes you happier in general! And as a CP I can tell you that you should NOT feel frustrated with your story because it is amazing. It is honestly one of the most creative things I have EVER read. You still have practically a month. You're going to make it with plenty of time! I promise :-)

  20. Oh...and Shannon, we totally borrowed, okay fine stole, your twitter hashtag as the title of our post tomorrow. I blame Lisa. I didn't even know what a hashtag was until today.

  21. Sorry--I've been hiding from the internets due to my gloomy mood--so I haven't replied to comments and wow, I'm overwhelmed! You guys are SO sweet for all your kind words. I have read each and every comment and they REALLY made me feel better. Thank you all, SO much.

    (Oh and Laura--LOL, can't wait to read the post. And you SERIOUSLY need to get more familiar with Twitter :P)

  22. Clearly I need to learn to read better, because I initially read:

    "I'm not necessarily an optimist. I'm a realist"


    "I'm not necessarily an optimist. I'm a RACIST"


    "For my five (yes, FIVE) cats, three of whom live inside and keep me company when I write."


    "... three of whom live inside me".

    Both of these mis-readings caused momentary headspins. So you should be thankful that at least, unlike me, you can read. Stay positive! You're doing great.


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