Friday, December 4, 2009

A Post I KNOW I'm going to regret!

Well, I really did myself in this time.

On Monday I shared my HUMILIATING game show story, and I made the HUGE mistake of mentioning that there's a clip of it on YouTube--which none of you would ever be able to find without me providing a link for you (despite what Simon thinks--and no Simon, that is NOT a challenge!) And, of course it opened the floodgates of peer pressure. Here's just a few samples of what I'm dealing with now:

OMG! I can't believe you're holding out on us with the clip!

If we hassle you enough, will you post the Youtube video? 

youtube! youtube!
 *chanting gets louder* 
YouTube! YouTube! 
*and louder* 

Those are just the ones in the comments! There were also tweets and emails and even a couple of phone calls, all prompting me to wonder WHY I OPENED MY BIG MOUTH AND MENTIONED THE STUPID YOUTUBE CLIP!!!!!!!!!

Now, I was totally fine with disappointing you all. But then I read this comment, from the awesome Lisa and Laura (who have an incredible blog and already sold their book, so they're kinda hard to ignore):

OK, so I'm not sure if you're familiar with Kiersten White or Natalie Whipple but they're two YA authors who make deals with the universe if (when) their book sells. For example, Kiersten promised the universe she would dye her hair a crazy color if she sold her book and now she has a streak of pink in her hair. Natalie has promised the universe that she'll bowl in skinny jeans and video tape it if her book gets published.

For the record, I think you've just found your deal with the universe. 

You get a book published and you MUST post this video on the blog! Right??? Right.

I have to admit, their logic is hard to argue with (especially since it was quickly seconded by other people).

So....*deep breath*....FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW I'm going to regret this, but I'm officially caving in to peer pressure and accepting the deal they propose. And, I will now make it official:

*clears throat*

If/when my book sells, I will post the horrifying YouTube clip on this blog and let you all bask in my personal humiliation as many times as you want. But ONLY when/if my book sells. Not a single second sooner!

There. No going back. And you're all witnesses to the deal, so I KNOW there's no way you'll let me off the hook. (Grrrr!) I hope you're all very pleased with yourselves.

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if I get published now. *Gulps* Is it wrong that a tiny part of me doesn't want to get published anymore?


  1. Okay, now I am super hoping you'll get your book published! I would LOVE to see the youtube video! Yay for getting published and doing crazy things!

  2. I knew it! Well its going to happen now. The universe LOVES humiliation!

  3. Sweeeet. Sadly for you, I will be linking this post in my blog today, because I was also trying to figure out my own personal deal with the universe...

  4. Yay!! Sell, sell, sell, sell!

  5. Poor thing! Well I hope you sell a book, but would hate for you to be embarrassed.

  6. Deals with the universe are a bad'll totally get published now!!!

  7. Ahhh peer pressure still reigns. All is right with the world ;o)

    Hilarious. Great idea though... ;o)

    It will happen & we will be so excited for you then we will quickly run to your blog and click on the YOUTUBE link - though after last night I may never scour youtube again... You & Frankie seriously have amazing YOUTUBE wars!

  8. Yes! and as I'm so sure you'll be selling SOON - we won't have long to wait! (PS I'm loving this streak of my comments being blog post worthy!)

  9. Looking forward to seeing that video soon ;)

  10. EXCELLENT. We love you Shannon! (And nothing in any video clip can change that). :)

  11. Hopefully the universe is out to embarrass you, Shannon!

    Maybe I need to make a deal...

  12. Woo hoo! We won't forget about this...just wanted to make sure you knew. ;)

  13. Hi Shannon :)
    I now have TWO things to look forward to. Your novel in my hands and the vid on my computer.
    Love & Best Wishes,

  14. Okay, wow, I think this is a new record for comments--you guy are CLEARLY evil. :)

    Brizmus:Aw, thanks. And you're right-crazy is pretty much the only way to describe this deal I'm making.

    Frankie- Yes, the Universe does. And I've always known the Universe hates me, so I have no doubt it will make SURE I have to hold up my end of the deal. I should have required the book to become a best seller.

    CKHB: Aw, thanks-er-I think. Glad for the blog love, but oh boy, now it's REALLY official. Yikes.

    Karen: Aw, thanks. I appreciate the enthusiasm.

    Kate: Heh. You're WAY sweeter than my other followers-I think I like you best. :) But the deal is made so I guess there's no going back.

    Marybeth: I know-it's kind of sad that getting published now fills me with dread. Grrrr.

    Anne: First of all, Hi! I don't think we've met. Thanks for the comment a I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Southern Princess: I think the youtube wars scare me the most. You guys can youtube war me with MY OWN CLIP. Le sigh. (But thanks, glad you enjoyed)

    Sara: Aw, thanks. And your comments are so adorable/wonderful they're always blog post worthy. :)

    Carolina: Heh. My stomach totally lurched at the word "soon"

    Heather: Aw, you're very sweet. But no matter how much you love me, you're still going to laugh, and you're going to laugh HARD.

    Tere: Think long and hard about it. There's no going back once the deal is made.

    Coffeelvnmom: Oh, I have NO doubt of that. I fully expect to be spared no mercy. But that's better, otherwise the Universe would punish me.

    RK: Aw, thank you so much. You are very sweet.

  15. Dear lady, it's a good thing that wasn't a challenge. You know what happens when people challenge me to do stuff, don'tcha? (Think: bulldog, shark that's smelled blood in the water, etc.).

    Given that it wasn't a challenge, I'll let the universe and Mr. Murphy do the work for me. And believe me, they'll know if you scuttle your MS to get out of this one! :)

  16. I really, REALLY hope your novel sells. And only partly because I want to see this game show ;)

    My most sincere good luck!

  17. HA HA! I'm proud to have played a part in this little deal you've brokered. Oh and I can't WAIT to see this video. Hurry up and revise already!

  18. Jessica: Aw, thanks! And thanks for the comment--I LOVE new followers who comment. :)

    Simon: I have no doubt of your abilities. But I also know you could put that time to SO much better use churning out amazing flash fiction--or maybe a whole novel so thanks for leaving it up to the universe. And yeah, I know, no one is going to let me cheat. Grrrr!

    Stephanie: Wow, thanks for stopping by! Is it lame that I feel like someone famous just stopped by my blog--because I TOTALLY do. You officially made my day. :)

    Lisa and Laura: See how much power you guys have? It's kinda scary. And yeah, I'm working on it. ShaNoRevisMo is in FULL effect. :)

  19. YES!!! This means we get to see this video very, very soon, right? I think it does! So excited! :)

  20. I am routing for you all the way, even more so now! I'm not going to lie, I spent about 15 minutes trying to Google search and figure out the title of the show you were on based on the little hints you gave us (the questions/you being in the audience first/it being on the GameShow was a fruitless effort for sure, but I tried HARD.)

  21. hm - maybe Ill shave lisa and laura's head if i get published. does that count?

  22. I'm going to remember this, I am and when that book sells I will remind you, I will. I have one of those obnoxious memories, selective, but obnoxious. I'm so going to remind you about this. Because your book will sell, and I know you're hoping no one will remember this deal you've made. I will though. I can't wait to watch it, and to buy your book, but now they walk hand in hand!

  23. Oh, the anticipation! Hurry! Publish. Post link!

  24. Myrna: Now I hope and don't hope you're right. :)

    Sarah: Well, I don't know about SOON. But we'll see.

    Heather- LOL. I can't believe you tried to find it. That is TOO funny! Well, then you're really going to enjoy it when/if it ever gets posted.

    Shelli: I'm not sure if it counts, but I kinda think I'd like to see it anyway. :)

    Hayley: Oh, good. There goes my hope on that front. The Universe thanks you for vowing to keep me honest. :)

    Lisa: First of all, Hi! I love new followers and thanks for the comment. And I will try. Still a lot of revising needed.

  25. Awesome. Can't wait till you get published! No, not just for that clip (however tempting) but for you too.

    That's awesome to put something on the line like that :o)

  26. Now everyone's really rooting for you to get published. All that positive energy has to help. :) Good luck! I hope to see that video someday.

  27. Erica: You're very sweet, thanks. And well..I didn't have a lot of choice. Hopefully I get a decent publishing deal to make it worthwhile. :)

    Abby: Aw, thanks. I like the rooting part. Just not so sure about the humiliation part. Hmmm...


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