Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, yesterday I posted this picture of me outside the new Louis Vuitton store at City Center (which happens to be the biggest Louis Vuitton store in all of North America--a VERY dangerous place to take me), and I promised to reveal the new member of my designer handbag family. And I will get to that, I promise.

But before I do, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the process that went into buying said handbag, which means another epic transcript into the way Shannon thinks/acts.

(Brace Yourselves)

Walking to the store:

Me: Ooo, look honey--they have a Prada--I don't have a Prada bag yet.

My Wonderful Husband: Would you rather get Prada than Louis Vuitton?

Me: No. *Shakes head* I want a Louis.

MWH: Okay, then we need to go to Louis.

Me: *Glances longingly at Prada* *Nods* Ooo--look, Tiffanys. *Grabs husband's arm* Tiffany Baby! Do you see it?

MWH: *sighs* Yes, I do. But we're going to Louis right now, remember?

Me: Right. *Follows husband into Louis Vuitton* *Eyes widen and rove around shiny store* Ooo, pretty! *Salivates*

MWH: So, do you know which bag you want?

Me: *Waves arm around store* Definitely one of these.

MWH: *Sighs* Okay, let's get a sales person. *Drags his wide eyed, drooling wife toward an available sales representative*

Chipper Sales Girl: Hi, can I help you?

Me: *Blinks*

MWH: Um...my wife is here to buy a bag to carry her laptop, but she doesn't know which one she wants.

CSG: Okay. *turns to me and smiles* Do you want a shoulder bag or a briefcase?

Me: I don't know.

CSG: Okay. Do you want Monogram Canvas or Damier Canvas?

Me: I love them both!

CSG: Okaaaaaay. Well, let's start with some of our most popular. *Leads us into the less sparkly, less crowded professional/unisex section*

Me: *Stares longingly at the pretty handbags behind me*

CSG: *Takes down a Damier Messenger Bag* This is probably our most popular because it has the most pockets and can fit more than just a laptop. *Explains a bunch of other features I'm not really listening to as I stare at the shiny, pretty gold zippers and lovely Damier print* What do you think?

Me: Pretty! *Plays with zipper* Do you have any others? I'd like to see all my options.

CSG: *Takes down a smaller Monogram Messenger Bag* This one is a little smaller, and only has one pocket, but it's another of our best sellers because... *Explains a bunch of stuff I don't hear as I play with the fancy gold, latchey thing* What do you think?

Me: Pretty Latch. Any others?

(I think you can see where this is going, so I'll just summarize the next half hour and say that I sent her all over the store, made her get ladders and tall security guards to reach bags on display so I could take a look at them and then ask to see more until I was surrounded by similar but different bags)

MWH: Any you don't like that she can take away?

Me: Umm...they're all so pretty!

CSG: Why don't you try them on?

Me: Ooo, fun! *Trys on bag* I like this one! *Tries on another* Ooo, this one's nice too!
(And repeat with all the bags without getting anywhere.)

MWH: *Starts pointing out a bunch of practical points about wear and tear and pocket organization and strap adjustability--blah blah blahbity blah*

Me: Look--they have scarves! Scarves Honey!

MWH: Shannon, don't you want to get a laptop bag?

Me: *Blinks* Yes. You're right. *Tries on each bag again* *Hems and Haws for another 20 minutes* *Drives everyone crazy* Okay, I've decided!

MWH and CSG: *Phew*

Me: I'll buy this one!

(Which, for the record was not only the most expensive--yay me--but also the first one the Chipper Sales Girl showed me. Yep. I'm AWESOME to shop with!)

Okay, so, the picture doesn't totally do it justice because you can't see all the awesome pockets and organizational elements inside, which were the reason I picked it. It wasn't *quite* as pretty as some of the others I looked at--and it's certainly not a pretty as a fancy new handbag (like the gorgeous Sistina Bag I'm STILL coveting)--but it's PERFECT for what I need (yes, NEED) it for, which is to be a professional yet fancy way to carry around the most important things I own: my laptop, notebook, iPhone, etc. at the Writer's Conference and ALL those trips I'll be making once I land my groundbreaking seven book deal and take over the publishing world Mwahahahahahaha! (Hm...I may have gotten carried away there).

Basically, I decided to be practical and get the one that was the most functional, because all Louis Vuittons are pretty so I really couldn't go wrong. (Don't you love how I can label buying a ridiculously overpriced Messenger bag as me being "practical?" *giggles*)

But I need your help now.

This is my first Louis from the professional/unisex section of the store, so it's the first Louis I own that doesn't have a fancy name. (All my others have cool names like Priscilla and Speedy and Hampstead and...well, you get my point) but I don't think this one even has a name and if it does I'm sure it's something unexciting like Damier Messenger Bag, large. So help me name him. (Yes, it's a him--he's from the unisex section of the store and my Louis girls could use studly guy to flirt with while they're stored in their dust bags between usage). So please, if you have any good ideas, post them in the comments. Right now, my editing-fried brain is drawing a blank so I just keep calling him Louis.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Oh, and PS--for those of you who are observant and noticed that I am in fact carrying a Tiffany bag in the picture above--yes, my husband also took me to Tiffanys and bought me one of the Tiffany Key's I've been coveting and a new charm for my charm bracelet. But before you think I'm spoiled (which I am, by the way) let me remind you: I bought the Louis with my cash stash (which is seriously depleted now) so it doesn't really count as a purchase because it's money I saved specifically to use on frivolous things. :)


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I'm sure the name will come to you :)

  2. You would die if you saw the bag I carry my laptop in. Lisa and Stacey laugh every time they see it. Anyways, congrats on the big purchase. I think it's really, really pretty...er handsome!

  3. I don't really have any experience with naming bags...sorrry.

    But um...Can I borrow your husband and his spoiling for a day?

    Why did I have three kids again? Oh yeah...so I could trade pretty hand bags for diaper bags and Bakugon...wait...that's not right? Hmmmmm....

  4. ahhhh. Tiffanys...love. *blinks* where was I, oh yeah commenting.

    Okay LOVE the Louis who needs to be named... will have to think of a studly name. Oh btw um, yeah y'all are as bad as we are on the Disney-Freak side... ;o)

  5. OMG I have no idea, I don't even understand Louis Vuitton...I like to buy bags made out of hemp! But I'd just name it Lulu.

  6. Um. Your husband is a patient man. I, because I'm romantic like that, would have turned my wife loose in the Louis Vuitton store and gravitated toward a nearby martini.

    I don't have a vote for the bag name, though. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around naming an accessory, or even needing more than one bag... :)

  7. Sorry, my eyes glazed over as I fantasized about stealing your new bag....so...beautiful....

    Hm, definitely looks like a Frankie to me (*nods to Frankie Mallis*), mainly because when I was a kid, I was best friends with twins named Frankie and Luis, and for some reason, when I think of Louis, I also think of Frankie (but maybe with a French accent). Luis was skinny and Frankie was...not...but he was still beautiful, even in his largeness. True story.

    Did I mention I'm green right now? A mossy shade, actually.

  8. LOL, Laura says you'd laugh at her bag...I don't even HAVE a laptop bag. Sometimes I just tuck it under my arm, sometimes it gets put in this canvas bag I have. I'm a classy lady. And also totally jealous.

    As for names...I have no idea. It maybe should have to do with his function, though. So since he's a carrier, you could name him something like Hermes (although I guess that's blasphemy since it seems like you're naming it after a rival) or Mercury or something.

    I'm not really good at this...

  9. I can vouch for the fact that Laura's laptop bag is deplorable. Really ,really ugly. She's also addicted to using her diaper bag as a purse. Personally, I think it's time for an intervention.

    For the record, I think you've got to name him Vito. It's perfect, right? A bag so masculine and gorgeous needs a really cheesy name so he doesn't get too full of himself. Got to keep those fancy bags in their place.

  10. I think, for fun and loads of blogging entertainment, you should name your bag Simon. He is, after all, one of only a few men who brave the wilds of this female-dominated blogging circle! Your bag (Simon) can comment regularly on the fun remarks of your pretty, girl bags! It'll be like a weird and wacky parallel universe. :-)

  11. Jemi: Thanks, and I hope so. Nameless Louis is SO boring. :)

    Laura: Ha! I finally know which one of you I'm talking to. And LOL, you should see the bag I currently carry mine around it--it looks SO sad next to the new one. (One of the main reasons why I realized it was time to invest in a grown-up bag) And thanks, I think I love it a little too much. I want to hug it.

    Marybeth: You'd probably name yours #windinmyhaaaiiir anyway. :) And sure, you can borrow my husband but I warn you, he comes bearing a truckload of Star Wars action figures so you may not want him.

    Southern Princess: Why am I not surprised you also love Tiffanys? And LOL-you noticed my snowglobes, huh? Um...that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have 3 cabinets of snowglobes. And...other stuff. Yeah, I <3 Disney. A lot.

    Frankie: Yeah, I figured you'd understand this about as much as I understand bellydancing. Thanks for trying, but I think he deserves better than Lulu. :)

    Simon: He is, but he's also smart. If he'd let me loose in there I would've bought the laptop bag AND a handbag and a scarf and maybe a watch. It was in his best interests to keep and eye on me. And I did buy him one of those half yard Margaritas with an extra shot afterward. He needed it. Big time. Also, what? You don't name your wallet? That's it, from now on I'm calling your wallet Billy (get it, cause it's filled with dollar BILLS? --see, this is why I need help naming things) :)

    Carolina: LOL, aw thanks. And Frankie? I'm not sure Frankie Mallis would like having a leather bag named after her (being that she's a Vegan and all) but it might be kinda funny. *Ponders*

    Heather: Hermes is a rival, but not as bad as naming him Birkin. And don't worry, this is my first NICE laptop bag. My previous one is from Target and has a Team Edward keychain hanging from it (someone bought it for me as a gag gift and I couldn't resist putting it on)

    Lisa: LOL, I love that you both commented today--that's awesome! And diaper bag as a purse-um, yeah. I'll join you in that intervention if you need support. And I like Vito, that works pretty well. Just snooty and silly enough to work.

    Shannon: LOL- Maybe I will. That could be completely hilarious, and rather appropriate given how much we girls put him through--why not name a purse after him too?

  12. Roger. The bag is Roger.

    Don't ask me where that came from; I have no idea.

  13. WOW! That is gorgeous! LOVE the story ... could just imagine! I think my laptop is carried in the bag it came with ... or is it the one my husband's came with and was handed down to me?! I want yours instead!

  14. Left a little something for you on my blog! Check it out! http://carol-in-print.blogspot.com/2009/12/have-blog-will-follow.html

  15. Lovely. He kind of looks like a King Louis, you know, as in The Sun King. Vegas is all about sun.

  16. Love the bag!
    Ooh, I like the "Vito" suggestion. Or "Roger", only spelled R-o-g-e-t. And you pronounce it "Rojay." Perfect, right?

  17. YUM. I love your new Louis!! The pictures had me giving my own Zippy a little hug and reassurance that she was still my favorite, haha.

    What about something like... hmm. I've seriously been thinking for like 15 minutes and am coming up blank! While I think on it, why don't you go check out the award for ya on my blog :-)

  18. Shannon!

    I can't wait to read your almost kiss! Thank you for posting on my blog and following me! I love it!! :)

    PS--Merry Christmas

  19. *dies laughing*

    We can never go shopping together! We'd never leave a store!

    Hmmm....a name...

    It's kind of square, but also kind of fun. So I'm going with...

    Bueller! (As in Ferris Bueller's Day Off..anyone? anyone?)

  20. Q: I kinda like Roger. Not sure how you came up with that, but it has a nice feel to it. :)

    Kelly: LOL. Yeah, my laptop is in shock right now. It's used to being in a ratty old bag from Target.

    Carolina: Aw, thank you SO much. You are WAY too sweet.

    Myrna: Ooo, if I tell him you called him a King it'll totally go to his head (especially since you're kinda right) :)

    Sarah: Ooo, I think Roget may be the winner. It's frou frou and french and manly all at the same time. Genius.

    Sara: LOL. Don't worry, I couldn't come up with anything either. That's why I put it on you guys. And thank you SO much for the award. I will post about it the first chance I get.

    Elizabeth: Aw, thanks for the follow back. I hope my almost kiss won't disappoint. Can't wait to get to know you better. :)

    Beth: Yes, if you're anything like me that could be VERY bad. (Sadly I wasn't exaggerating in the script above. I really m that indecisive/distracted). And Beuller is hilarious. Love that movie. I'm leaning towards Roget, but Beuller is definitely in the running. LOL.

  21. Mysterious old name feel: JANUS (Roman god of gates, door, beginnings and endings. Quite appropriate for a novel laptop carrying bag, no?).

    Regular: SMITH. Yes, as a first name. It will raise some eyebrows (and there are so many applications to the name smith. Basically it means a craftsman).

    Random: Templeton. Like from Charlotte's Web. No idea where that one came from, but for some reason it jives with me for your bag.

    Other names: Galen, Mason, Sam. There is a simplicity in Sam that is calm and reassuring.

  22. *chanting loudly, with pom-poms and glow sticks* Si-mon! Si-mon! Si-mon!

    ...and the crowd goes wild! :)

  23. *slinks quietly toward a fire exit hoping no one notices him...*

  24. Q: LOL. I love that you came back. :) And I will post the final verdict soon to end everyone's suspense. I know you're all DYING to know. :)

    Shannon: ROFL. Oh, poor Simon has a cheerleader working against him now. You are cracking me up.

    Simon: Nope, you were caught. How does it feel to have your own personal cheerleader running a campaign to have a purse named after you? Doubt that happens to a lot of other guys. :)

  25. Wow, totally jilted. Let's see if I ever comment here again. ;)

  26. Heather-Oh noes, how did I miss you?!?! *Drops to knees begging for forgiveness!!!!* I loved your names too--especially Janus because I love The 39 Clues series and Janus is one of the family branches and all that jazz. And I agree, Sam is calm and reassuring. Oh boy, why did I open myself up to so many wonderful suggestions? i'm totally indecisive--how will I ever pick? I think he's going to end up one of those people with like 7 names because I simply can't choose! *Sighs* :)


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