Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is there anything left to share?!?!?

I won another award!
The Picasso Award! (Well...I think that's what it's called...)
Isn't it pretty?

Thank you Frankie AND Mireyah--you guys are awesome!

Maybe I'm alone in this, but I love getting awards. It's like getting a big old Blug from the Blogging Community (by the way, I've decided that blog hugs are called blugs, in case you were wondering. What? I can make up my own words!)

But there is one tiny problem. Once again the award requires me to share truths--SEVEN truths, to be exact--and oh MAN am I running out of material here. But I'll do my best...

(Insert Jeopardy music as I search my brain for something even remotely interesting that you don't already know)

Okay! Here we go!

Seven Truths About Shannon You Haven't Already Heard

1. When I moved to LA, I lived in a section called Los Feliz--which all the lame Americans pronounce "Las FEE-liz." Since I took 5 years of Spanish, I pronounced it the correct way ("Los fe-LEEZE), and no one knew what I was talking about. After months of being misunderstood or corrected, I finally gave in and pronounced it incorrectly. *Sighs*

2. My parents insisted I live in Los Feliz because it was a "safe" area (my parents did not like the idea of their 19-year-old-blonde-daughter-who-was-looking-a-lot-better-since-she-grew-out-her-ugly-bangs living in LA by herself, so they were kinda paranoid.)

3. In my first month living in this "safe" area, the LAPD dragged me out of my apartment at 3am because a bomb threat was called in on my block. I spent several hours shivering outside in my pajamas while Telemundo (the Spanish news channel--for those who don't know) filmed me. I have no idea if any of the footage was used--and I really didn't want to know. Shannon + bed hair + sloppy PJ's - make-up = not cute.

4. I only had contact with two of my neighbors while I lived there, one next door, one across the hall.

5. The neighbor next door was a girl a couple years older than me, and she was a pretty easy neighbor to live near. My one complaint: when her boyfriends came over it was really...um...loud--and her bedroom shared a wall with my bedroom, so, um, yeah....

6. The neighbor across the hall was Christian Slater's dad. Mind you, I have no proof that he really was, but his last name was Slater, he told me that he was, and there was a definite family resemblance--so if it was a lie it was a VERY convincing lie.

7. He was really weird. He used to spend all day sitting in his car reading the newspaper, and I used to hate it when he'd accept my packages because he always talked to me forever. I only lived near him for about a year, and then another girl in the building filed a complaint against him for something (I don't know what) and had him evicted. No more Papa Slater.

Okay, hope you enjoyed. Now for the other hard part: picking seven blogs to pass the award on to (you all know how much I detest picking favorites). But since I must, here they are (in random order):

These are some amazing blogs, people. If you aren't already reading them, you should be. And I can't wait to read their 7 things (if they decide to participate).

Thanks again for the award and have a great day everyone! {{Blug}}


  1. Congratulations on another award, Shannon, and to the super-great blogs you passed it on to! ;-)

  2. Well, shucks, good lady. What am I to do with all this blog bling? (And wouldn't that abbreviate to, uh, "bling?") Many thanks, Shannon. You're awfully nice, but I know you just wanted to know what my favorite film from Kazakhstan is. (Um... Borat?)

    Now I'll have to rack my brains for 7 more things, 'cause I did, like, 15 a little while ago. I'm not sure there are 22 interesting things about me. I'll have to make some up. :)

    (Like, did you know, like, that I was, like, the 2nd man on the moon? Yah. Rly.)

  3. Thanks so much Shannon! - oh and Blugs? Okay. Blugs to you too! *cannotstopgiggling*

    I love stories about wacky neighbors & neighborhoods. We have lived in some VERY interesting ones ourselves. I may take a note from you and post about them one day. ;o)

    Well at least you were on Telemundo. I mean how many of us can say that...

    Now I have to think of seven things....hmmmmm

  4. okay Simon was posting while I was posting so I just saw his last sentence. cannot...stop...giggling...at...all...now....

  5. YAY...This is totally the perfect way to woo me. We are in love again today. (That's like 7 days in a row now. I think that means we are going steady! Where's my ring?!?!)

    7 Things...That's kinda difficult. Can I just give you a link to all the other list of things about me?

    Can't you just ask me 7 questions and I can answer them????!!!!

    Ok fine..I'll do it. BUT only because we are going steady!

  6. LOL omg you have had some life. And what have we done to Simon? First he OMGs on my blog and then he's here doing valley girl e-speak!!! I can't stop laughing!

  7. JuJu: Aw, thanks. You're such a sweet follower, and like my own personal cheerleader. :)

    Shannon: Aw, thanks. You're so sweet, and such a loyal commenter. Have I told you you're wonderful enough yet, because I can keep going.

    Simon: Oh, I SO hope I get to see a Simon post with little flowers in it. That. would. be. epic!!! And OMG, what is happening to you? You go on a couple blates with me and Frankie and suddenly you're a Valley girl? We're ruining you! But I love it. (And I did NOT know that you were the second person on the moon. But I had heard that you were originally a member of NSYNC until they cut you for Justin Timberlake. Bad luck with that guy. You would've been awesome in a boy band.) :)

    Southern Princess: Okay, now I really hope you tell those stories because I'm TOTALLY curious! And yes, I can add Telemundo to my list of "Things that could only happen to me" Oh, and LOL on the Simon comment. Totally giggled at that.

    Frankie: Hm, when a Vegan bellydancer looks at your life and thinks it's strange, then you KNOW it's weird. And I know, we're turning Simon into one of us. It's awesome!

  8. Thank you, Shannon! Blog awards do not get old! They really are like a blug.

    Love the Papa Slater story. You certainly have lived an eventful life, haven't you? Not that I'm jealous or anything. ;)

  9. Yay!! thanks Shannon! I always love reading your lists... It may take me a hot second to pass this one on since I may just be out of interesting things about me... *puts on thinking cap*

  10. But you didn't tell us if the bomb threat was real or not!

  11. Congrats on the award!Wow L.A. that is very far away. I would never be able to live that far away from my family...and my parents would also be paranoid. I think its a parent thing.

  12. Congrats :) Thanks for the new links to check out!

  13. STALK, STALK! Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. I love your blog. It amazes me that I missed YOUR blog for so long. YIKES!

    Love the word blug, btw. So avant-garde. :)

    And it appears that congrats are in order, so congrats. And congrats to all you gave the award to. Okay, I just really used that word too much.

    Man that's rough about the noisy neighbor. I probably would have been banging on the wall. I'm glad I live on a farm in NC. Happy sigh Talk to you soon. :)

  14. See, this is why I love your blog. Papa Slater? Priceless.

  15. What a pretty award ... congrats! Those truths are a riot!

  16. Honolulu Girl: Aw, thanks. You're always so sweet!

    Sarah: Aw, glad you don't mind my incessant awarding of your blog. And I suppose interesting is one way of describing it. Weird is probably better. ;)

    Sara: I am SURE you have some awesome stuff tucked away in there (if reading my pages hasn't fried your brain). Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Q: Heh. That's because I don't know. I assume no, because they towed a car away and let us back in with no hullabaloo, but there *might* have been something in that car (I doubt it though)

    Hayley: I guess they worry because they love us. In my case, I only moved about an hour and a half away but they still acted like I moved countries. They weren't happy that I picked a big city.

    Jemi: Aw, thanks. And I hope you check them out, they're awesome blogs!

    Robyn: *Giggles* I love stalkers. Thanks for the follow back. I'm so glad we'll have a chance to get to know each other a little better now.And yeah, the noisy neighbor was interesting. If I hadn't been worried about missing my alarm I totally would have bought ear plugs.

    Lisa and Laura: Aw, thanks. I bet you'll never look at Christian Slater the same way again, will you.

    Kelly: Aw, thanks. I was worried people would find them boring (I really am running dry). Thanks for the comment!


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