Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awards, Awards, Everywhere--and a Chance to Punish Me!

First of all, I can't believe I'm closing in on 200 followers. That. is. insane! Apparently I owe Stephenie Meyer a big thank you for helping me build up my blog because it is entirely her signature that is accomplishing this magical feat--but I hope you guys will stick around even after the contest is over. Your pictures look so pretty in my sidebar. (and thank you especially to those of you who comment--you have no idea how much I enjoy reading them) :)

And, as proof that you guys like me, I've won more blog awards! *Happy Dance*

First up, the Superior Scribbler, which was given to me by the amazing Anne (thank you Anne--you made my day!)

And, now I have to pass on to, as she puts it, "5 blogs I have been enjoying lately"--which is hard! Do you guys have ANY idea how many blogs I enjoy?

But I'm nothing, if not a rule follower--so I will limit myself to five. Le Sigh. Here's my nominations:

I could go on and on and on about why I love these blogs so much I have to give them an award, but instead I'll just say: go check out their blogs--they are amazing. I'm always SUPER jealous when I read their posts, like, "why didn't I think of that?" so go, follow their blogs (and please don't judge mine against it because it just doesn't hold water in comparison.)

And the second award--which I think may be the cutest award I've gotten--comes from Marybeth. The Favorite Gnome Approved Blog award.

Apparently there's no rules or requirements for the award, it's just MINE, to do with as I please. Which means of course I had to invent my own rules. So here's what I'm going to do:

I don't know if you guys know this, but I HATE picking favorites (no, hate isn't even a strong enough word. Despise? Abhor? Detest?)  It's SO hard to choose only one. I avoid it at all costs. But, since I won this lovely award and well, you guys didn't (heh!) I'm going to let you punish me by asking me to pick my favorite things, and I will force myself to limit the answer to ONE (really, you guys have no idea how hard that will be for me.)

So, ask away in comments. Favorite Color. Favorite Song. Favorite Book. Favorite...whatever--it's up to you (but try to keep it clean, *cough* Frankie, with your magnetic Kama Sutra book *cough*) And in the post where I answer the favorites I will also pick one favorite blog and pass the award on to them. So there you go, ask away. The more questions you ask, the more you'll make me suffer--and I know how much you love that! (I think my current deal with the Universe is proof enough).

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. :)


  1. Oh wow...I don't think anyone has actually passed MY award on. This is exciting for me! Maybe someday somebody will give ME MY award. That would be quite entertaining!

    Hmmmm a favorite....

    Well at first I was going to say Favorite store, BUT everyone's favorite store is Target..so that was out.

    Then I was going to say Favorite Movie, but then I decided if you didn't pick Love Actually or one of the Harry Potters I might stop reading your blog and I don't want that to happen...


    Favorite....(wait for it....here it comes...I'm still trying to think of what Favorite I'm going to ask for...almost have it...) ... (ok still thinking...) sock color!!!

    (Feel free to choose polka dots or argyle or something of the sort...twelve colors are as good as one!)

  2. Once I went on a date with a girl who wasn't very talkative. I spent the whole dinner asking her what her favorite this or that was--movie, song, vacation spot, car, book, school subject, etc. It was a quirky way to spend a first date, but it worked out well enough in the end...

    In that vein, how about your favorite:
    - kind of sky
    - ocean vista
    - modernist work of literary fiction (think from Joyce and Conrad onward)
    - documentary
    - film by a Russian director
    - character actor
    - feminist writer

    Looking forward to your answers, good lady! :)

  3. Congrats on more awards and all the fabulous followers! Well deserved!

  4. - Favorite good character from literature
    - Favorite villain from literature

    Bonus points: who would you FAVOR (hehe, see? still in the rules!) to win in an epic battle between the two?

  5. Congrats!
    I'm a chocoholic so...Favorite dessert?

  6. Oh my! Thank you, Shannon!! You are awesome, and totally deserve all your followers!

    What's your favorite.... junk food? Hollywood experience (oh yes! You know I always want more)? Johnny Depp movie? book? non-JD movie? time of day? meal of the day? piece of furniture?

  7. Ooh how fun. I am a big fan of trees. I love them. I was wondering what is your favorite tree and why?

    Mine is the Weeping Willow. I have many reasons why I love this tree.

    Congratulations on all of your awards. Woo-Hoo

  8. Congrats! AND thanks! You're too sweet :-)

    Um PS could Simon come off as MORE intelligent with his favorite questions? Makes me embarrassed to ask mine but :p IDC!

    What's your favorite Urban Decay eyeliner color??? (Mine's Graffiti, hands down!)

  9. Congrats on your awards!

    I love music so favorite song!?

  10. Sara:
    Sorry. Remember that post about being a pretentious prat sometimes? Um... case in point.

    But Shannon was requesting punishment, right? (Though it's a little masochistic of her--and here I thought she was so innocent... :)

  11. Oh, congrats on the awards! And thank you for passing on the Superior Scribbler Award to me! I feel honored. I will be sure to check out the other blogs as well. Now, fave question:

    What is your favorite spell in Harry Potter?
    Favorite Twilight character?
    Favorite paranormal creatures in fiction (well, unless you happen to know of any in, um, nonfiction)
    Favorite book of all time? (Dun dun dunnnnnn)

  12. it's really hard to think of favorites.
    there's the regulars (color, book, movie).
    and there's the weird favorites, which i will be more than happy to ask you:

    favorite color of sour patch kids.
    favorite writing utensil.
    favorite website.
    favorite video game (from now or in the past).
    && favorite disney princess(:

    i'd actually really love to hear the anwsers to those :D

  13. I've been seeing your name on blogs everywhere I go, girl! Congrats on two more awards!

    Okay, favorites - hmmm... :)

    - favorite coffee drink?
    - favorite sport? (please don't disappoint me by saying you don't like sports. It just may shatter my heart!)
    - favorite holiday song?

  14. Marybeth: Heh, you are cute. Personally I think I came up with wonderful rules. It'll be interesting to see if the person I give the award to decides to follow them. :)

    Simon: Wow. Um. Wow. I think I'm going to need goggle to help me with some of those.

    Lisa and Laura: Aw, thanks. And thanks for not punishing me with favorites questions. SO much nicer than my other followers. :)

    Heather: Hm, I'll have to put some thought into that. That's tricky.

    Sarah: Heh. How did I know a JD question would be in there?

    Honolulu Girl: Aw, thanks.

    Ninadee: Ooo, that's interesting. *puts thinking cap on*

    Sara: Lol, heh finally an easy question. I knew I loved you for a reason. :)

    Simon- Welcome back. Heh. I think I'm learning my lesson. :)

    Carolina: Wow, you are evil with the "of all time" part. There's no copping out with that one. Grrr.

    Nicoliolipoli: Ooo, those are kind of fun. Looking forward to those!

    Shannon: Heh. I feel so famous. And thanks for the questions. Some tough questions. Very, very tough.

  15. Favourite hockey team?

    Typical Canadian question here :)

  16. Hmm....

    Okay, favorite:

    Food Recipe
    Place to Sit
    Place to Write
    TV Show
    Game to play when you're procrastinating on the computer
    Christmas movie

    And that's it, congrats on the awards by the way!

  17. Congrats on more awards. Yay you! Also thank you for mine and double thank you for awarding the FNC. And now for your questions!!!

    Let's Play a Game of Shannon's Favorites! Harry Potter Edition! Yay *throws confetti* Ready?

    Here we go...

    Favorite Book?
    Favorite Chapter?
    Favorite Scene?
    Favorite Muggle?
    Favorite Teacher?
    Favorite Class?
    Favorite Gryffindor?
    Favorite Hufflepuff?
    Favorite Ravenclaw?
    Favorite Slythering?
    Favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Prof?
    Favorite Quidditch Match?
    Favorite Quidditch Player?
    Favorite Wand Ingredient?
    Favorite Wizard Band?
    Favorite Library Book?
    Favorite Text Book?
    Favorite Hogsmeade Store?
    Favorite Diagon Alley Shop?
    Favorite Weasely Twin?
    Favorite Fight?
    Favorite Couple?
    Favorite Scene in a Graveyard?
    Favorite Vilain?
    Favorite Trewlany Prophecy?
    Favorite Ron Line?
    Favorite Dumbledorism?
    Favorite Beast?
    Favorite Movie?
    Favorite Scene in the Hospital Wing?
    Favorite Method of Getting to Hogwarts?
    Favorite Patil Twin?

    OK! That's all! Can't wait for your answers:-)

  18. Hayley: Thanks, lots of good stuff

    Frankie- OMG- I take my blog awards back-YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!! Okay, I don't because you're also hilarious. But, um, wow. Definitely gonna have to split this into two posts now. No WAY anyone's going to want to read this all in one go! :)


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