Friday, November 6, 2009

Yeah, Baby. Yeah!

It's kind of funny that the week where so many of my blog posts were about thick skin and perseverance turned out to be the week I end up having my teeny tiny melt down. Well, I guess it's not so much funny as it is ironic, but I try not to use that word--not since Alanis Morissette killed it back in the nineties with that overplayed song where she didn't even use it right most of the time and drat, now it's stuck in my head and--wait, where was I going with this sentence?

Hmmm...can't remember.

Well, I think the point that I'm trying to make--very inarticulately--is that I've pulled through. (Hence the Yeah Baby-Austen Powers thing in the title. I know, it's a bit of a stretch but it's all my tired brain could come up with, okay?)

First of all, thank you all for the wonderful, encouraging comments yesterday--you guys are the best!

I also realized that a big part of the problem was that I haven't let myself have a whole lot of "me" time the last couple months--between work, and writing, and blogging, and housework, and cats, and some family stuff--and I'm getting too burned out. (I haven't even let myself read or watch more than 20 minutes of TV a day--it's been kinda hard core).

So my husband took me out for dinner (where I consumed ten million calories--but that's okay, diet can start again tomorrow) and then I came home and took a bath and read for a few minutes and *poof* the idea of writing stopped seeming so horrible. I guess that's what happens when you push yourself too hard. You kill the joy.

Now that the joy is back I spent the rest of the night in full on NaNoRevisMo mode and managed to edit three scenes. I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but they needed some pretty major changes so it was actually more work than it seems. And, most importantly, I was really happy with the changes I made.

Last week I had one of those *AHa!* moments in regards to my draft, wherein I FINALLY found an answer to a problem that's been plaguing my plot since the beginning. But, while I wrote down copious notes of the changes and was really excited about it, I've shied away from actually implementing those changes because, well, they're big and weave through tons of scenes and I know as soon as I start it'll be like, "Can open. Worms EVERYWHERE!" (Heh. Friends reference. I love that Chandler Bing.)

So I've been letting those scenes sit on my shoulders like this big load of weight and pressure, kind of like: YOU STILL HAVE TO MAKE THESE CHANGES SHANNON *EVIL LAUGH.* (By the way, that voice sounds like Gollum in my head--not Smeagol--Gollum, when he's all creepy and hissing My Precious!)

Anyway, last night I decided to silence that voice and just dive in and get started.

Funny thing? Not only was it not quite as big of a nightmare as I thought it would be, (though I'm far from done) it was FUN!

I could finally see the pieces falling into place and I really like where things are going. Piece by piece, bit by bit, I'm getting somewhere. *Happy Dance*

So I'm back on track, coming into a weekend where I have no plans except to Revise, Revise, Revise. Bring it on NaNoRevisMo--I'm ready for you.*

*Well, I think I am. See, today I'm supposed to get another batch of pages from C.J. and, well, she makes me look like a big softie when it comes to critiques. She's spot on, but she notices all kinds of mistakes you made and leaves you wondering how you could be so incompetent--so I'm fully expecting to need lots of deep breaths. *Sighs*


  1. My NaNo is rife with errors. It is starting to edge on me a bit. Writing is not for the meek (um so why am I doing it?) Really, I don't have the answer. But maybe it is because I enjoy it ;) I'll check out Frankies blog now...

    I am so glad you found your me time - oh by the way that Chandler... ahhh... how I love him. That episode is awesome! Poor Chandler he should have guessed about Joey & the silverware...
    anyway, okay - so glad that you found your groove again & that Frankie's point about mixing it up a bit to relieve the boredom worked. I am going to remember that myself in case I hit the wall at some point on my current plot.
    It is good to hear the optimism again in your post!
    Keep those Chandler moments in your head. It amazes me sometimes how FRIENDS can be used in any situation but most of all I use their moments to realize how crazy life can be and that no matter what you can smile or laugh at it.
    Have a wonderful Friday & weekend. I will see you in the Twitterverse ;o)

  3. Yay! Im glad you pulled through! It's so easy to just get overwhelmed with life! WOOT! Go Shannon!!!

  4. T Anne- We writers always have a love/hate relationship with our craft. Keep it up--we can all cheer each other on!

    Southern Princess- I can use a Friends quote pretty much any time anywhere. I bet I could even hold an entire conversation with them. And thank you for the support--I love knowing you have my back. I know you're busy NaNo-ing but stop by Twitter occasionally. The Twitterverse misses you.

    Frankie- It's sad I'm having to "pull through" on day five. Gonna be a long month. We'll just have to drag each other through.

  5. Heather- Thanks. It really is. Still work. But fun work.

  6. What is it with water and inspiration? I wish I had a waterproof marker and board in my shower as I'm always trapped and soaking when the good ideas come!

  7. Rhiannon- Ah yes, that happens to me too. Though for me it's most often those last moments before I fall asleep, when I'm SO comfortable and just about relaxed enough to drift off and WHAM-Best idea ever--and now I have to get up, scribble in the dark (which half the time isn't legible the next morning) and then go through the relaxation process all over again.

  8. Oh, how I miss Friends. (sighs) I always felt better just by watching an episide:)

    I hope the revisions continue to be more fun than work...I had a scene that I was dreading to change, but I really got into it when I just sat and started typing. I find that I'm more relaxed when I can spend some time with my MS.

  9. Melane- Thanks for the thoughts! And you're right-getting started is definitely the hard part, and the longer you go the more your brain gets into that "writer zone" I'm hoping to be in that zone a lot this weekend. :)

  10. I have those kind of weeks. Hang in there. They come and go.

  11. Jennifer- Thanks. It's nice to know it happens to others. I'm trying to power through! :)


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