Monday, November 23, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I won another blog award! Thank you so much Steph!

*Throws Confetti*
*Happy Dances*
You guys, however, may not feel so happy because now you have to learn 10--yes TEN--more things about me--and I can't even make stuff up because this is the honest scrap award. And, since I had to do 7 when I won the Kreativ Blogger and 26 when I got tagged...well...I'm running out of interesting stuff to share. But I'll do the best I can. Here goes...

#1. I absolutely cannot sleep without the bright blue stuffed elephant I've had since I was four.

Her name is Ella (I know, how DID I come up with such an original name?) and she wears a Hawaiian shirt and she's a Puffalump and I think she's supposed to be a boy but I don't care and I love her. My husband has learned to accept it.

#2. I am TERRIBLE at video games. Well...I can play the old school Nintendo style, where it's like up-down-left-right and "A" and "B". But give me one of those fancy dual joystick things they have nowadays and I will wander in circles. I can't figure out how to control where I look AND where I move. It's beyond me. And I don't even want to talk about those crazy Wiimotes.

#3. I was Valedictorian of my High School. And before you go congratulating me you should know--I didn't know a SINGLE person at the school, the other kids were NOT happy because of that, and I found out the day before graduation and thus had to scramble to put a speech together in one night. I actually wrote a post about it you can read here if you're interested.

#4. I've met/talked to some of the most random celebrities EVER, including Dennis Haskins (a.k.a. Mr. Belding) and Bob Saget (who has a very bad potty mouth--Danny Tanner he is not).

#5. I am told that I was really stubborn as a baby and would only sleep with my head facing one way which meant my head got really flat on one side. I guess my parents freaked out and took me to a doctor because they were worried it would be permanent and he told them not to worry. But they did--they even tried rigging things in my crib so I'd sleep on my other side but I just wouldn't. Sadly I have no scanned baby pics to prove it, but they do exist. My head looked really weird till I was about one year old.

#6 I got my first ticket when I was 16, and it was because I kinda sorta almost hit a cop. Okay, but the thing is, HE WAS IN MY BLIND SPOT! And I wasn't actually changing lanes, I was glancing over my shoulder to CHECK my blind spot BEFORE changing lanes--but, being such a new driver my car kinda swerved a little when I took my eyes off the road and the cop saw and didn't like it so he pulled me over and wrote me up for unsafe lane change--even though I didn't even change lanes. I still think I should have fought it.

#7 I had bangs WAY longer than anyone should have. I know bangs are back now and everyone does the whole "sideswept" thing--but when I had them they weren't cool. It wasn't the 80's. It was the 90's. But I'd been a kid in the 80's and grew up dreaming of having my own giant bangs when I became a teenager, so up until I was like 15 I had big, hair sprayed bangs. I toned them down a bit after that, but I didn't fully grow them out until I was 19. What can I say? I was lame.

#8. At my wedding I had not one but two--yes TWO bridesmaids pass out. It was a little hot, and the ceremony went about 10 minutes longer than I thought it would, and one of them didn't eat breakfast and didn't tell me, but was interesting. I could hear a commotion going on behind me but I refused to turn around and find out what was going on.

#9. At USC I used to sit next to the kid who played Timmy in Jurassic Park (his name is Joseph Mazzello in case you are wondering.)

#10. One of my favorite cartoons growing up was BEVERLY HILLS TEEN. No joke. I make no excuses. I had terrible taste. (If you don't believe me you can find horrible clips on youtube)

Okay, and now I have to pass it on to ten blogs (anyone else notice how much work these awards are? I mean...I LOVE getting them...but WOWZA they take a long time.) So I choose:


  1. Oh my! Thank you so much, Shannon! I am SO honored! *dabs at eyes* Seriously, though, did you apologize for giving me an award??! Um, I am never letting this thing (the award) out of my sight. :))

    Your first-ticket story is hilarious! I bet you get a lot of "yeah rights" on that one. ;)
    And here's your new wedding story (since, you know, I clearly have the authority to change it ;), you and your husband both looked so hot that two of your bridesmaids fainted.

  2. Thanks! I'll put it in a post as soon as I can!

    Two bridesmaids passed out at your wedding? Wow! That's probably record or something.

  3. Aw, thanks! Hm...10 interesting things...I think I'll have to dig up that note that circulated on Facebook a few months back where we all had to list 25 random facts about ourselves.

    I can't believe you had bridesmaids pass out at your wedding! I had two from up north, but I warned them to stay hydrated and eat well, and everything ended up fine. I definitely would have turned around, for sure.

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  5. Congratulations on the award!:)

    And two bridesmaids passed out at your wedding? Kudos for not turning around, I would have been way to curious as to what was going on.

    Wow, I also have a puffalump, his name is Puffy (stole it from my brother, so creative) and he is a bear. In really bad shape compared to Ella though, he's had multiple surgeries, whole limbs have been replaced the only thing that it the same is his stuffing. It's a small world.

    Congrats again Shannon you totally deserved it!

  6. Congrats on the award!! I used to have a puffalump, but my absolute fave stuffed animal growing up was my heart-to-heart bear. Oh and my pillow person. Whoa, how 80's am I>

  7. Sarah- Yes, I did apologize, because you are like, the Goddess of blogging (THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR BLOG) so I don't want to annoy (these awards are a lot of work). But I'm glad you're happy! And yes, I get nothing but "Yeah Rights" about the ticket story--so much so that I almost don't believe myself anymore. And I LIKE your version of my wedding story. That's the version I'm telling from now on. :)

    Mariah: Can't wait to read the post. And yeah, I think it might be. Yay me!

    C.J.- I know. 10 is a lot to tell. But I figure, if you can blog about having an old guy spit food into your mouth, you can share 10 facts. Heh. :)

    Sara- Can't wait to read 10 things about you.

    Heather-I TOLD them to eat and to stay hydrated. But they picked these really fitted dresses so none of them wanted to eat. I gave them all food, but the two that went down admitted they threw it away. Grrrr.

    Hayley- Aw, thanks. And it wasn't easy standing there. But the person marrying us kept going so I figured if I turned around he'd stop and then it'd be an even bigger fiasco. And wow, another Puffalump owner-awesome! Ella's hanging in okay, but she's had some major surgeries, and I get nervous every time I wash her.

    Lisa and Laura-Ooo, I remember Heart to Heart Bears AND Pillow People. Whoa, major 80's flashbacks now. :)

  8. I love your elephant, it is so funny! That cop story is ridiculous! I just got pulled over for the first time ever last week on my way to school because my back light was out... No ticket luckily, but was late for a quiz! lol.

  9. I'm just trying to imagine the bridesmaids collapsing at your wedding? Is this on video? Can you upload it to youtube? Bc um, I'd totally want to see that-seriously, you can't make stuff like that up! LOL, you're too funny.

    And way to steal some of the people I'd have given the award to, sheesh.

    Oh and thank you!!! :-)

  10. Congrats on the award! Will definitely check out your links. Is it too late to congratulate you on the Valedictorian selection? Good stuff. Will go and read your post. What a flavorful, rich life you've led.

  11. Thank you so much, Shannon! I love Ella-- I think I also had an elephant with the same name, and a unicorn named Uni. Yes, I was soooo creative, too, lol.

    And I can't see the cartoon at all because I'm at work and our firewall blocks streaming video. Damn you, firewall! So now I'm exceedingly curious.

    Thanks again!

  12. Steph- Thanks again for the award. That was SO sweet of you. And wow, you just got your first ticket--and then it wasn't even a ticket? I've had four--the rest for speeding (I have a total lead foot). Now I feel like a VERY bad driver. Grrrrr.

    Frankie-LOL. Thankfully no, I had no videographer (though there were a couple family members/friends with video cameras so I bet video exists somewhere.) I knew that after my film school training I would hate any cheap videographer's work (all I would see is the mistakes) and I just didn't feel like spending the money for a good videographer, so my wedding is old school and exists only in photos--and she didn't take any of the great fainting debacle. And since I didn't turn around, I have to imagine it just as much as you do. :) (Oh, and you're welcome!)

    Carolina- Aw, thanks. I like your perspective on my life. I just think of it as weird. And yeah, I guess being Valedictorian was kinda cool...except I was too busy panicking to enjoy it. :)

    Tere- I have a feeling there are lots of us who had Ella's as kids. I think I'm just the only one who still needs her. :) Oh, and the cartoon is horrendous. Your firewall may be doing you a favor!

  13. Shannon, wow! Am I sending boxes of Twizzlers in my sleep again??! That has to be the explanation. You're so sweet and just made my day! Thank you! :)

  14. Ok I have responded to the award-thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sarah. Nope. No Twizzlers. Just awesome blog posts that crack me up (whilst simultaneously making me loathe my own pathetic blogging skills). Glad I could make your day!

    Frankie- Heading to your blog now... (*preparing to crack up*)


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