Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the Panic Begins...

I only have two modes of operation: "stressed" and "panicking." I don't do chill. I don't do relaxed. And I certainly don't chillax.

I've been plugging through NaNoRevisMo in "stressed" mode, watching the time race by, facing critiques and criticism, hiding from terrifying armadillos--all the while not letting it push me over the edge to panicking. But yesterday I had one of those PANIC moments:

It happened at the hair salon (I know, not the kind of place that generally brings on panic attacks). But I always schedule my next appointment before I leave, and I get my hair colored every seven weeks.  Do you have any idea what the date is seven weeks from today?!?!?!?!?

January 13, 2010.

The Writer's Conference I'm attending--a.k.a. the deadline I absolutely MUST have my book done by--is January 29th. Which means I have just 9 weeks left to turn my draft--which is still very rough around the edges--into something shiny and ready to be queried.

O. M. G.

Yep. I'm officially panicking now guys. Get ready for it. It's NOT going to be pretty.

(By the way, if you're wondering why there's no USC lesson today, it's because I did it a day early. If you missed it you can find it here)


  1. Oh, I know that feeling. I have a Dec. 30th deadline for a conference submission to a closed house, and the manuscript is close but not perfect. Grrr...

  2. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
    It is okay. You will do fine. I LOVE your story & my notes are very simplistic on the plot & such - which I promise I have made the handwritten notes & will email them to you! I will have some much needed free time this week! woohoo (when I say free time I mean writing time & not worrying about 'stuff' time ;o) )
    As for your deadline. You will make it Shannon, I have faith. Plus again, I love your story.
    Oh & I read the USC post but failed to comment - "LET'S PLAY BAMBOOZLED!!" oh how I smiled when you used the word bamboozled... Ah that Monkey & his Wheel of Mayhem lol... Just get the golden banana and you will make your deadline.

  3. Karen- Nice to have someone to commiserate with. Hope you meet your deadline. :)

    Southern Princess- Aw, thanks Courtney. Thank you for the support, (and for reading through my pages). I can't WAIT to see what you have to say. Oh and yes, I use weird words. I'm totally a word nerd. :)

  4. Do not panic! You're not revising right if you don't have at least one mental breakdown in the process. This book will be ready in 9 weeks and it's going to be the best feeling EVER. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Don't worry! You will get it done, you have 9 weeks! Just take a deep deep breathe!!!

  6. You can do it! You can do it! Take a deep breath and have a bubble bath. Enjoy Thanksgiving and then HOP TO IT! Make Black Friday your "Crack Friday" and edit, revise, edit, revise, rewrite, edit. No shopping - just working on the WIP! Plus, seven weeks = a lot of time :-)

    You can do it!!!

    You're going to finish in plenty of time - don't worry! I can crack the whip if Il Primo needs a break, haha.

  7. Lisa and Laura- Aw thanks. I will try to have your positive attitude. (And good, because I'm doing a good job with the mental breakdown) :)

    Frankie- Okay. I'm breathing. It's not helping. But I'm breathing. :)

  8. Sara- LOL. I may need you to. The more people pushing me the better. :D

  9. I have a self-imposed deadline of December 31 for my WIP, and the damn book seems to be becoming 70,000 not 60,000! Is it wrong to cull characters in order to meet a deadline? Hmmm...

    Polishing, in my opinion, is the best part. Good luck, and take it a bit at a time.

  10. If anyone can do this, you can! Just take a couple of days to relax, then get back at it. Sometimes the thought of what you have to do is worse than actually doing it:)

  11. Er, that would be December 3o. As there's only 30 days in December. I knew that!

  12. Rhiannon: Heh. I think you were right the first time. It's 30 Days has September, April, June, and November, right? Or am I having a blonde moment?

    Melane- Aw thanks. The couple days to relax sounds good. Get my head back in the game. And I hope you're right, because the thought is TERRIFYING!

  13. ARGH! Yes, me back again. I was hoping to fly back here and correct myself AGAIN before anyone noticed, but alas! Brain=melted mush.

  14. 9 weeks for edits? I'm sure you can do it, good lady. The blog might lapse a bit, and Twitter updates fall off somewhat, but you'll get it done. Just keep at it.

    Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. You will be just fine, I'm sure you will! Good luck and keep on going!

  16. Rhiannon- Okay, now you're officially cracking me up. Thanks, I needed the stress release. (In fact, you could pretend that's what you were going for the whole time!) :)

    Simon- Yes, I think I'm going to do shorter blogs, Twitter restrictions, and probably sacrifice some sleep. But thanks for the support. We'll see how it goes.

    Steph- Aw, thanks. Glad you guys don't mind my whining (cause there will probably be more of it) :)

  17. It will be okay! You will make it, I promise.

  18. Heather- Aw, thanks Heather. Does this mean I can blame you if I don't? :)


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