Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time For a New Stuffed Animal

Every time I get sick my husband buys me a stuffed animal to cheer me up.  I'm not sure how this tradition started, but since I catch every cold and flu bug that goes around (I swear I have no immune system) I've accumulated quite a collection--so many that about a year ago I had to start requesting only tiny stuffed animals so that I wouldn't run out of storage space. looks like I'll be getting another one today. *coughs*

I know marriage is supposed to be all about sharing...but did my husband really have to share his cold with me? Personally I would have been just fine if he'd been stingy and kept this one to himself.

It's actually not as bad as what I normally get (no fever, no runny nose...just a cough and clogged ears) but combined with the fact that my insomnia is back I'm feeling fairly pathetic today. *coughs*

But don't worry, I'll end my whining there.

And later, when I send him out to get me some Nyquil (so I can battle my cold and my insomnia together-Ha!) I'm sure he'll be bringing home a new stuffed animal for my collection. I wonder what it will be this time....



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  1. That is sooo sweet! And the stuffed animal is cute too!


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