Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh Autumn Where Art Thou?

Psssst. Hey, California. I'd like to let you in on a little secret.


Actually, it's almost November. So why, WHY is it almost ninety degrees outside today--like it has been all week...and most of the week before that?

I mean, I'm still running my air conditioner--and that's not exactly cheap! My cats are still shedding when they should be growing their winter coats. And I'm SO sick of my summer clothes. Please, no more shorts and tank tops. I'm ready for coats and tights and boots.

Now, I know, my friends in cold states are probably furious at me for complaining, but COME ON! It's supposed to be Fall! I'm supposed to be raking leaves in the brisk, pre-winter breeze. Instead, my trees are growing new leaves. NEW LEAVES. Poor babies think it's Spring...they're so confused. Not to mention that little problem we face here in So Cal called a drought. Sure, two weeks ago we got a few clouds in the sky--which was very exciting. All the news stations went on "Storm Watch!" and the second it started drizzling they issued Flash Flood Warnings. But it never even rained enough to make me turn off my sprinklers!

So please, I am begging you--please, please find a way to turn off Summer. It was very nice and fun and we all enjoyed our time in the sun. But it's over now. We're done with it. It's time to join the rest of the country and change seasons. Do you hear me?

Good. I'm glad we had this little talk. I expect to see results immediately.


  1. Good luck. Southern California has notoriously stubborn good weather.

  2. We usually have the same problem in Georgia, but this week we enjoyed weather in the 60's and 70's. What a relief! Hope your weather cooperates soon.

  3. Q- Yes, you're right. I shouldn't complain. But I'm going to anyway. :)

    Melanie- Wow, I'm really jealous. Maybe in a couple weeks we'll get some relief here.

  4. Well, if it makes you feel any better, we plowed right through fall and straight into winter. It's supposed to snow on Wed. And winter doesn't end until May.

  5. You and me are two identical peas in a pod.
    I have been suffering from the same things.
    Only difference = I live in Florida.
    My black lab is shedding like crazy.
    My electric bill is killing me.
    We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend in shorts.
    I'm ready for this weather to be over with.

    Dear God,
    Please turn off summer.
    With love and admiration,

  6. Heather- I guess it's all in perspective. To me, snow sounds amazing (though I'm sure I'd be whining after a day or two)

    Juju- Yes-someone who understands! Maybe if we combine our efforts the weather will cooperate! (Hey, it's worth a shot, right?)

  7. We have the opposite weather in Philadelphia. It's gotten really cold and skipped Fall almost altogether. Except for the days that it jumps back to summer. Lovely.

  8. Donna-That doesn't sound fun. I hate when the weather changes dramatically over a short period of time. I always get sick. Thanks for the comment--I really enjoy your posts!


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