Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mission: Failed

Well, September is officially over, which means my "month of no editing" is technically over. So, as promised, here's an update of how it went:

First of all....I didn't finish my draft. Trust me, I'm far more disappointed than you are. And while part of that had to do with a couple of editing relapses (which we'll address in a minute), it also has a lot to do with some extenuating circumstances.

It started on August 29th with a frantic phone call from my mother-in-law at one in the morning, informing us that my husband's father was in the Emergency Room. From there is was back and forth to the hospital for nearly three solid weeks of emergency surgeries, tests, bad news, good news, bad news again, pneumonia, comas, stress, anxiety, disappointment, hope...basically it was Hell.

And as a small, unimportant side effect of all that drama, I lost pretty much all my writing time. I squeezed in a blog in every day, and usually found an hour here and there, but, yeah...not quite the same as my usual 5 hour days and 16 hour weekends. So yeah...I fell way behind on my writing schedule. But that's okay, because in the grand scheme of things what really matters is that my father-in-law pulled through and is now on the road to recovery.

But it means I still have some gaps between my scenes, so I can't call my draft complete.

I did still get quite a few new scenes written, though, and I found and corrected some major flaws with my plot, so I made some good progress.

But I did also break my resolution. I did edit. Several times, in fact. Some of those times I've already copped to. Some of them I'm confessing now. In all, I'd say I probably edited six times this month, and considering how much my writing time was reduced, that's not a good ratio. (What can I say, I'm weak!) So you guys have every right to scold me in your comments. (Go ahead, I can take it).

But I'm not giving up. I think September was just too weird and hectic of a month to really count for the experiment.


(drumroll please)

For the entire month of October I'm going to try it again. No editing. No revising. No touching anything I've already written until I fill in those holes and have a complete first draft.

And I'm going to try really hard to stick to it.

We'll see how it goes. I promise to be honest and confess any transgressions, but I'm hoping there won't be any. And let's all hope that there will be no more drama, that I'll find a way to exercise a little self discipline and I'll finally, finally have a complete draft.

And so it begins....

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