Saturday, October 10, 2009

Also...A poem

I made a foolish promise on Heather Zundel's awesome blog that I would provide a Limerick for National Poetry Day...which was a few days ago and I still haven't thought of anything good.

But a promise is a promise so I will now provide something...bad. (Poetry has never been my strong suit)

Brace yourselves...
*clears throat*

There once was a girl who loved Twitter
And anything covered in glitter
She tweeted all day
In her sparkly way
Till her family chose to commit her

Wow. That's even worse than I thought. Never the less...there you go.

The theme for National Poetry Day was actually Heroes/Heroines, but it seemed wrong to honor that with a Limerick, so I will also provide a Heroes/Heroines Haiku:

Some never give up
Always moving toward their dreams
They are the brave ones

And...that might be worse. Yikes.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Feel free to judge me now...


  1. I for one LOVE Limmericks! and I know who yours is about! Very nice!

    Haiku is a form I'm not real familiar with, Aren't you supposed to have a drawing with that?

  2. I loved it. Both rocked. I love thr rhyming pattern of a limerick. And yet the haiku was really beautiful.

  3. Sweet Older Sister- Thanks for the compliment. I'm actually not sure if a Haiku should have art (probably). All I know is it's supposed to be 5 syllables, then seven syllables, then 5 syllables. But poetry expert I am not.

    And Kate-you are too sweet and it's really nice to meet you. I loved your poem as well.


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