Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've already admitted to my obsession with Twitter, but now I have a reason to love it even more--if that were possible!

Thanks to this wonderful, amazing website I received a compliment--yes, you heard me right--a real, personal compliment from one of my favorite writers.

How did this miraculous event happen?

Well, this might not make a whole lot of sense if you don't use Twitter (which you seriously need to start doing) but essentially, if you like someone on Twitter you can choose to "follow" them--very much the same way you can follow this blog if you want to (though some of you seem to be afraid to click that little follow button!). So naturally I follow any of my favorite writers who use Twitter, which means I can see anything they tweet on my homepage (are you with me so far?).

But just because I'm following them doesn't mean they'll follow me (after all, they're big, famous writers and I'm So I try to @reply them occasionally to see if they'll notice me (an @reply is basically Twitter's version of email. It sends your tweet to a separate place in the person's account that they can choose to read or not. Make sense?). I don't do it very often because I don't want to be annoying, but sometimes it gets them to start following me (I now have 4 of my favorite writers following me because of this). And by following me, they're now getting all of my tweets.

So when Michael Buckley (he writes the Sisters Grimm books I recommended a few weeks ago) tweeted that his new book N.E.R.D.S. (National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society) had been released, I took the opportunity to @reply him that I had just finished reading it and loved it.  Within a few hours he was following me, and I was happy dancing around the room.

But I figured that was the full extent of it (that's all I've gotten from the other authors who follow me). So you can imagine my surprise when the next day I found an @reply from him on my homepage, complimenting me on how funny my tweets are. I won't quote his tweet directly, because he said something about peeing his pants and told me not to tell anyone (you guys can keep that secret right?) but I've read it so many times I totally have it memorized.  And it makes me smile every time.

Now, I know, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't mean a whole lot. It's not like he said he likes my book or my writing, and it's certainly not like he offered to help me find an agent or a publishing deal. Nor do I expect him to ever @reply me again. But still...

A New York Times Best Selling Author told me he thinks I'm funny!

That has to mean something.

If nothing else, it sure motivates me to keep going. Because if I can earn a compliment for the silly things I tweet about...surely I can do the same with a book I've poured my heart and soul into.

So whenever I start to feel blocked, or frustrated, or tired of spending all my free time working on this book, I'm going to reread that tweet and remind myself that someone likes what I have to say. It's a teeny, tiny, insignificant first step. But it's still a step in the right direction.


  1. Sweet! That is so cool. Got to be a highlight for you. :) And I'm so glad he had such nice things to say.

  2. Yay!!!! Attention from a writer! Someone who understands the writing process! Someone whose books you enjoy!!!

    I do happy dances too!

  3. Thanks for celebrating with me guys. You have to celebrate whatever little victories you get, cause I'm sure I face TONS of rejection in the future. (That's the nature of this business)


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