Tuesday, September 29, 2009



It appears I have a three way tie going for naming my mysterious bird...something I never considered. (Leave it to you guys to throw me for a loop).

I considered cheating and just voting for my favorite to break the tie, but I decided that would defeat the whole purpose. After all, I wanted your feedback, not mine.  Which means you guys are going to have to help me break the tie.

So I've created another poll widget with the 3 finalists  and I'm hoping you'll take a second to vote for your favorite (and again, feel free to tell your friends, family, and total strangers to cast their votes). Sorry if your first choice didn't make it...sometimes that happens in a democracy.  And in case you can't remember the details of the bird's description, I'm pasting them below.

Thanks for taking the time to vote. Can't wait to see which name wins!

This is a species of bird that's part swan, part peacock, part crane and has silvery feathers and black eyes (wish I had a picture to show you but sadly it only exists in my brain). It only lays one egg in its entire lifetime, and it lays it on the first full moon of the fifth year of its life. But instead of laying it in a nest like other birds, it lays it in the ocean and lets the tide carry the egg away. The babies then hatch as orphans, having to survive on their own from birth and never knowing who their real parents are. They're also extremely beautiful and extremely rare and are famous for the mournful cry they make every time there's a full moon. I'll be using them as a metaphor for my main character, so it's really important for the name to be just right.

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  1. First, of all I must protest! I know, I know, you said sorry if the name you voted for is not in the finals. However, since this is an important name, and I thought about it at length before I voted the first time, I feel I must express my sad disappointment and Why... (after all, a person must have a reason..)

    From your description of this rare, beautiful bird, I could see it in my mind's eye, under the moonlight, it's wings shimmering silver, it is wading in the ocean surf. How, beautiful it looks, yes breath taking, standing in the seafoam, taking in the fresh salty air! At times, this bird gives out a mournful tune, showing us a sorrowful trait.

    I cannot picture this wonderful creature with cry in it's name because, while it may at times be melancholy, it is not weak, but strong, no crybaby here! This bird, does not assume to try to catch the faithful moon, but does enjoy it's nightly presence, therefore, no catcher should be in it's name. Also, this most regal bird, with it's headfeathers reflecting like diamonds, or stars in the night, cannot be referred to as a mere lark.

    So that leaves us with Moonwing, the most perfect name for this strong-willed, yet sensitive, beautiful, magical, glissening, regal bird. Yes, Moonwing, is really the only name that truly fits. However, you are the author, the name is ultimatly in your hands. I will accept what you decide, after all, "a rose by any other name is just as sweet". Please keep in mind, an author does not have to go along with the majority. (How many times are they right, anyway?)

    Against my will, Stomping my foot, and yes, even crying, I dutifully followed the direction from Miles and voted for the inferior name: Moonlark


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