Friday, September 25, 2009


Writing is all about making decisions, which is bad for me because I'm a very indecisive person. So I've enlist your help.

I've been obsessing over a particular creature's name for months now, and have finally realized I need more input. So that's where you come in. Below you'll see a poll I've created with my favorite options. Please vote and let me know which name you like best.

But before you can decide, you probably need a little more info.

What you're helping me name is a species of bird that's part swan, part peacock, part crane and has silvery feathers and black eyes (wish I had a picture to show you but sadly it only exists in my brain). It only lays one egg in its entire lifetime, and it lays it on the first full moon of the fifth year of its life. But instead of laying it in a nest like other birds, it lays it in the ocean and lets the tide carry the egg away. The babies then hatch as orphans, having to survive on their own from birth and never knowing who their real parents are. They're also extremely beautiful and extremely rare and are famous for the mournful cry they make every time there's a full moon. I'll be using them as a metaphor for my main character, so it's really important for the name to be just right.

So please take a second to vote. Have your friends vote. Have your family vote. Shoot, have total strangers vote--I don't mind. I just need input people.

Can't wait to see your answers!


  1. I like one of the ones with "crier" in the end for some reason. Love the idea of the bird!

  2. Lisa, thank you so much for the input. It really means a lot coming from you! (So glad you like the idea for the bird. Imagine me going *phew*)

  3. I too, like the idea of a bird. (Remember the Russian fairy tale with the beautiful bird in it?) I can see, your bird's feathers shining in the moonlight just like silver and diamonds! Breathtaking and magical under the moonlight. That's why I voted for: moonwings.


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