Saturday, September 12, 2009


Things didn't really go as planned at the hospital today, and there was a point when we were thinking of staying the night even though we hadn't packed an overnight bag. And while my husband immediately started listing off conventional concerns like toothbrushes and clean underwear, my mind went to something far more essential (and far more embarrassing): Ella. What would I do without my Ella?

For those of you who don't know, Ella is a bright blue stuffed elephant wearing a hawaiian shirt that I cannot sleep without. I've had her since I was four, and yes, I realize that being blue...the toy makers probably intended for her to be a boy. But she's my Ella--how did I come up with such an inspired, original name?-- and I say she's a girl. So there. And yes, I know it's ridiculous (and more than a little pathetic) that I still sleep with her. And I realize that being 27--and married--I should be able to sleep without my silly toy. But I can't. Believe me...I've tried.

In fact, I tried to give Ella up for good, and it didn't go so well. On the day of my wedding I intentionally left Ella out of my suitcase, figuring my new husband would be none to happy to spend the Honeymoon with me and a stuffed elephant. And I thought I was okay with the decision. But then my mom came to pick me up. She was trying to help me figure out if I'd forgotten to pack anything: toothbrush? hairbrush? sunscreen? shampoo? And I was nodding along, making a mental checklist. And then she turned to me and said, "Oh, what about Ella?"

Just the sound of the name made me break down in tears in the middle of my living room. I tried to explain that I was leaving her behind, growing up, becoming an adult--all that jazz. But the speech kind of lost it's impact as I sobbed through the whole thing. So when I was done my mom sighed, grabbed Ella from the bedroom and told me to stop being ridiculous and just take her. And so help me, I did.

Fortunately my husband is a very understanding man, and he has never complained about having to share the bed with Ella. And it's a good thing, because I really don't think I could sleep without her. I wouldn't know what to do with my arms. Where do I put them if they aren't hugging Ella? And what do I lean my face against? How do people do it? (No really, how do you do it? Isn't it weird?)

So I got very lucky that we ended up being able to go home tonight, and I'm thinking I might bring her with me if we have to go back the the hospital again. I'm not sure what would have happened if we'd had to stay...but I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

And, in case you were wondering what she looks like, here she is:

Isn't she precious?
Okay...maybe I'm a little biased. But I think she's adorable.
And tomorrow I'll tell you about the time I thought I lost her. It was not a good day.


  1. Ahhhh yes, I still remember how she travelled all over Europe with us. Even though we were limited to 1 medium-size suitcase for 19 days of travel, Ella was the most important item packed. I thought it was precious!

  2. Too cute! (Of course, Ella went to Europe! Not many stuffed toys can say that I bet)


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