Friday, August 14, 2009

Magical McMuffins

It was 10:48 am today when my boss (who also happens to be my dad) decided he could simply no longer ignore his craving for the Almighty Egg McMuffin. In a rush of enthusiasm, he burst out of his private office into the main room and offered to treat everyone to the greasy breakfast sandwich of their choice. You should have seen the way his face fell when we informed him that the magical time period called McDonald's breakfast had already ended 18 minutes earlier, and he either had to lower his standards and head to one of the fast food chains who serve breakfast all day--or get in the mood for a cheeseburger.

He was disheartened...but not deterred.

My dad has many philosophies (don't make the mistake of asking to hear them unless you have a few hours to spare) but a major one is this: "It never hurts to ask." It's a philosophy I wish I could live by, but I have too much fear of rejection. I'd rather risk missing out on something great than put myself out there and then be shot down. I like to play it safe. Go for the sure thing.

So when he left with two different orders (one wish list full of breakfast sandwiches and one for--ugh--cheeseburgers) I knew full well what was going to happen. He was going to be the guy in the Drive Through line everyone hates because he takes forever to order. He was going to try to schmooze the bitter, minimum-wage fast food employees, not realizing that they simply aren't paid enough to care whether or not he would like breakfast hours extended. And he was going to come back bearing cheeseburgers. That's the way the Universe is supposed to work.

So imagine everyone's surprise when he showed up ten minutes later bearing McMuffins.

Don't ask me to explain it, because I can't. My dad rarely ever eats McDonalds, and yet for some reason the lady who works there remembered him. And when he asked for breakfast sandwiches with a charming smile and a funny story about how all his employees told him it was impossible, she did the unthinkable--she said yes.

So here's the real question. Is this startling proof of the validity of my dad's philosophy enough to change my behavior? I'm...still deciding. I refuse to redefine my lifestyle because of McDonalds. But I will tell you this: those were the best Egg McMuffins any of us had ever had.


  1. They really WERE the best egg McMuffins ever!

  2. Wow I managed to clicked the button back over 6 years into the past....😊Looks like you have always been awesome! Thanks so much for being such a amazing person!


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